November 1st thru November 30th – 2017


Practicing her Biellmann 11-1-17


Biellmann 11-1-17

4th Grade

4th Grade 11-1-17

11-1-17 She brought home her 4th Grade school picture, then we went to my kids yoga class, where she practiced her Biellmann move for ice skating.
11-2-17 Picked her up from school and she was complaining of being tired and didn’t want to go to her ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan. We went anyway.

Parking Lot

Wrong Way 11-3-17

11-3-17 Started snowing today…guess that means all the rules of the school parking lot no longer apply…the car is driving the opposite way of the arrows…if  a car whips in the entrance to the right…crash! She had her ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan in the afternoon.
11-4-17 Daddy took her to her Free Skate 6 lesson, then swimming lesson.
11-6-17 Started taking the neighbor kids to school again this morning…couldn’t wait to drop them off for breakfast at school. She had STEM after school, then ballet later in the evening.
11-8-17 Kid’s yoga class after school. Since I’m the teacher, she doesn’t listen and attempts to control the class.
11-9-17 When I picked her up from school, she said she missed her best friend from last year, Poppy and started crying because she thought Poppy forgot about her. She has been trying to FaceTime her, but hasn’t been able to get in touch. Took her to her ice skating lesson and sent a text to Poppy’s mom to ask if she was still accessible. Poppy’s mom said she was and and that Poppy has been talking about her also. She practiced her Biellmann at ice skating today.
11-10-17 No school today due to Veteran’s Day. Ice skating with Coach Arlene in the morning, then ice skating with Coach Meegan in the afternoon.

disney on ice

Disney On Ice 11-17

Disney On Ice

Disney On Ice 11-11-17

11-11-17 Disney on Ice in the evening. She said she could do about 1/3 of what the skaters were doing and said she would like
11-12-17 She Facetimed her best friend from last year, Poppy that moved to South Carolina. She misses her so much! She’s been being a pill today. Every time I tell her to get off the iPad, she says in a minute, then doesn’t get off. She ‘s says I’m always getting mad at her and I said I if she would listen, I wouldn’t get mad. She said if I never had her, then I wouldn’t get mad. I had to bite my tongue because I wanted to kick my 9-year old out of the house!
11-13-17 Received a call from the school 25 minutes after the final bell saying she was waiting for me to pick her up. She forgot she had STEM right after school. She made it for the last 30 minutes. Had ballet in the evening.
11-14-17 PTA Roller Skating Night. I had to teach a yoga class, so daddy had the duty of taking her…yay!
11-15-17 She woke up last night around 3am with diarrhea. She got up at least 5 times to use the bathroom and made me go into the bathroom with her every time. She stayed home from school today. Made her Cream of Wheat twice! Once with water and the other with burnt milk. Apparently, I don’t make it like daddy because she said it tasted like barf! Cooking is not my forte.
11-16-17 Picked her up at 12:30pm from school for her annual pediatrician’s check up. We’re waiting to be called back and when the medical assistant comes out and calls her name, she says, “Finally!” very loudly. The office staff started laughing while mommy’s looking at her in disbelief. She’s healthy, as usual. Just had to get her flu shot, which she was not happy about. Ice skating with Coach Meegan later in the afternoon.


Spoiled Cat 11-17-17

11-17-17 Face paint day at school. She drew a heart on her cheek with dark eye shadow. We spoiled the cat after school, then dropped her off at ice skating with Coach Meegan after school and daddy picked her up. She passed her A/R goal even after increasing the points.
11-18-17 Had her morning ice skating and swim lessons. She still working on Level 4.
11-19-17 Her Aunt Jenny bought her the L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise ball. I told her I wouldn’t buy it until after Christmas since it’s sold out everywhere and Amazon is charging double the price. I don’t know what her aunt paid for it from eBay. I did order her some Squishies she wanted.


Biellmann at Ballet 11-20-17

11-20-17 STEM after school, then ballet. She received a letter and school picture in the mail from Anna, her friend from her old school.
11-21-17 I was annoyed because she forgot to come to the school office 5 minutes early like she does on Tuesdays, so we can get to her ice skating lesson on time. She was having a good day until I started bitching at her. I threatened to take the iPad away. Made it to the rink with 5 minutes to spare and realized her skates were not in the car…ended up turning around and going back home in rush hour traffic. I tried to be less bitchy, but it wasn’t working.


Rainbow 11-22-17


Yoga 11-22-17

11-22-17 Daddy took the day off, so he took her and the neighbor kids to school and picked her up at 1pm for early release. She went to my afternoon kids yoga class with me…saw a bright rainbow on the way.


Cousins 11-23-17


Turkey Cupcakes 11-23-17

11-23-17 Thanksgiving. She made turkey cupcakes to take to  Aunt Cindy’s & Uncle Dan’s. She played with her cousins and mom & dad wanted to go home asap.
11-24-17 Ice skating with Coach Meegan. Daddy took her and there was a hockey tournament at the rink, so they did off ice training today.
11-25-17 I taught yoga all day. I think she played on the iPad for 8 hours…not sure, but she couldn’t tell me what she did all day except for the iPad. Her Squishies she asked me to order from Amazon arrived this afternoon. The only thing I’m letting her open before Christmas.
11-26-17 Daddy took her to Wendy’s for lunch, then ice skating in the afternoon since she didn’t get her Tuesday & Thursday lesson’s this week.
11-27-17 She had ballet at 6pm.


After 2.5 years, I found my USB port in my car! 11-28-17


Wow! Had no idea! 11-28-17

11-28-17 I bought my new car in 2015 and never realized it had an aux/USB port in the console…there’s a tray that sits on top and I never looked under it…should probably read the owner’s manual occasionally! Her dad found it after I insisted I didn’t have one…was going to take it to Car Toys to get one installed. Lol! I made her a playlist on my phone so now whenever she’s in my car, she insists I play HER music. Top 40 music is very different from when I was a kid! Never knew I had these features in my car!
11-29-17 My sister (Aunty Jenny) sent her another American Girl doll, so this is the 3rd…STOOPID! I’ve told her from a very young age that I would not spend money on American Girl products, so Aunt Jenny spoils her and buys her anything she wants.
11-30-17 Ice skating with Coach Meegan after school.

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October 1st thru October 31st – 2017

10-1-17 Daddy is sick and I’m tired, so I let her play on the iPad way too much today.
10-2-17 Couldn’t drop her and the neighbor kids off at school fast enough…when the three get together, chaos happens.
10-3-17 Coach Arlene had to get ready for regionals so she didn’t have her after school ice skating lesson today…not sure it’s a good thing that I was a little too relieved that it was canceled and I didn’t have to taxi her there.

Color Run

Color Run 10-4-17

Color Run

Color Run 10-4-17

Half Scorpion

Half Scorpion 10-4-17

10-4-17 PTA Cougar Craze Color Run today. There were 3 chalk stations they ran through on the field (4x around). The entire area was covered in chalk dust. She’s like me…said she didn’t like it because the dust went up her nose and in her mouth. I can’t stand dust! We went to my kids yoga class right after school and a couple of the kids were doing Half Scorpion pose.
10-5-17 Picture Day at school. She walked out of school crying because her best friend from class, Ava is being transferred to another teacher. She was crying all through her ice skating lesson and was talking about Poppy, her best friend from last year that moved away. She said she didn’t like change. Coach Meegan had tears in her eyes too.
10-6-17 I have been taking the neighbor kids to school every morning this week because their mom had surgery and can’t drive…I may lose my frickin’ mind! As she is working on her Artist’s Statement for the Art Reflections Contest, she tells me play by play what she is writing as I’m trying to get some work done…she caught me rolling my eyes at her…oops, I’m supposed to stop and be attentive and supportive! Then we proceeded to her ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan…1st her group lesson with 2 other girls, then her private.


Target Message to Moms 10-7-17

10-7-17 Bought her some new size 6x jeggings at Target because I had bought her size 7 and they are falling off of her. Looked down at the Target basket and it’s like the sign was speaking to all moms!
10-8-17 Daddy took her to a Salmon festival while I went to a yoga class then taught a class.


New Jeggings 10-9-17

10-9-17 She wore her new jeggings and they were still a little big on her. We were having a discussion in the morning about kindness. I asked her how would people treat each other to create peace…she said, “like Anna does. Anna is her old friend from her old school. First day of STEM after school. Picked her up and she says, “Mom, I want to be in the highly capable program.” Me: “Ok, do your homework.” Kid: Can you get me a pencil? Me: You want to be highly capable, but can’t get your own pencil?!? When she finished her homework, the neighborhood kids came over and were playing in our garage. Some kids were playing soccer in the street and her dad kept going out to check on his new car…he was worried they would hit the car with the ball. Then, I hear…”not the glitter!” Gold glitter all over the garage! Lol! After awhile she came in and said she didn’t think her friends liked her anymore because they were picking her last to play a game. I told her they wouldn’t come over if they didn’t like her and she said she didn’t think they would be coming over anymore.
10-10-17 She met her mentee, Kira today. Very proud that she happily gives up 10 minutes of her recess to mentor a Kindergartener. She played a tic tac toe game with her and said she was shy. No ice skating with Coach Arlene today.
10-11-17 She went to my kids yoga class after school then played with the neighborhood kids that came over when we got home…apparently, they still like her. We decided she would start taking ballet classes again, so scheduled a trial class for next Monday.


Brunch 10-13-17

10-13-17 No school today, so I took her to brunch at her favorite pancake place after I taught my morning yoga class. Had her group ice skating and private lesson in the afternoon with Coach Meegan.
10-14-17 Daddy took her to her swim lesson.


1st Day Starting Ballet Again 10-16-17

10-16-17 STEM after school, then first day starting ballet again. She said she had fun after the class, so we signed her up for the semester.
10-17-17 Ice skating with Coach Arlene after school.

Scorpion Pose

Scorpions 10-18-17

Wheel Pose

Wheel Pose 10-18-17

10-18-17 My kids yoga after school…I always have to threaten to take the iPad away if she doesn’t behave and participate in the class. Lol. I have a lot of younger kids in class and if she starts messing around, then they do too. She always rolls her eyes, when I start singing…today, I sang this during Boat Pose…may have to try this in an adult class:
“Row, row, row your boat.
Sing it if you please.
Keep your feet up off the ground,
And don’t forget to breathe!”
10-19-17 Picked her up at school at noon just so we could get to the ice rink before any other kids arrived. Needed to video her routine to submit it for the National PTA Art Reflections Contest.

Highly Capable

Highly Capable Questions 10-21-17

10-20-17 Early release at 1pm from school, so the teachers can get ready for conferences starting tomorrow. She pestered me into downloading practice CogAT tests for the highly capable program after looking at some sample questions. I only was able to answer #2 correctly…I’m definitely not smarter than a 4th grader! Paid $69 for the tests, she better get in! Lol.


Playdate with Friends 10-21-17

10-21-17 Free Skate 6 lesson in the morning, then swim lessons. Her friends, Ivory & Riley came over in the afternoon and daddy watched them while the mom’s had other stuff to do.
10-22-17 Daddy took her to the YMCA to play ping pong and swim.
10-23-17 Early release at 1pm this week due to teacher conferences. Her conference today went well, as usual. Her teacher said she was a good candidate to test for the highly capable program.
10-24-17 Rinks are closed today, so no ice skating lesson.
10-25-17 Daddy took her to school because I had to leave early to teach a yoga class. She went to my kids yoga class with me. She’s starting to complain less about going.


Drawing for Yearbook Cover 10-26-17

Fall Dance

Fall Dance with Neighbor 10-26-17

Fall Dance

Fall Dance 10-26-17

10-26-17 She finished her drawing to enter into the Yearbook Cover contest. She drew it in the wrong orientation, so I doubt she will win. Daddy took her and our neighbor to her school’s fall dance since I had to teach my yoga class in the evening.
10-27-17 Daddy picked her up at school because he wanted to take her to the last day of the book fair at school. They came home with four more books. He went back to work and we went to her afternoon ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan.
10-28-17 She had her Free Skate 6 lesson in the morning. Will take FS 6 again. Swimming at noon, then daddy dropped her off at her classmate, Holly’s 10th birthday party until 7pm. She said someone from America’s Got Talent was there doing magic tricks.

Carving Pumpkins

Carving Pumpkins 10-29-17

10-29-17 The neighbors came over in the evening and carved pumpkins.
10-30-17 I picked her up at 1:45pm for her 2pm dental appt. No cavities yet…yay! They gave her a couple pieces of gum in her goody bag. She says, “Mom, I think you have been lying to me, telling me gum is bad for me so you don’t have to buy it.” She’s getting older, I’m going to back up my statements with facts. She went back to school because she had STEM at 3:30pm.


Halloween 10-31-17


Halloween 10-31-17

10-31-17 Ice skating with Coach Meegan after school, then dropped her off at home with daddy while I went to teach my yoga class. Daddy took her to our good friends house to trick or treat in their neighborhood and I joined them after my class.

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September 1st thru September 30th – 2017

9-1-17 Hanging out at home with the windows open. We have a clarinet player practicing in the neighborhood…thank goodness we are leaving soon for her ice skating lesson.


IKEA 9-2-17

New Bed

New Bed 9-2-17

9-2-17 Went to IKEA to get her new bed. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I knew we were in trouble. They had lot attendants directing traffic. When we finally figured out the items to pick up from the warehouse, there was a line to get a flat cart. Then, we had to wait in checkout and another wait at furniture pickup. At least the kid is happy!
9-3-17 I was looking for the iPod because I wanted the music on it to make a new playlist for my yoga class. I asked her where it was and she said she didn’t know. I told her to look for it, but found out, she took it to someone’s house months ago and forgot it there. She doesn’t remember which friend or when it was and said she didn’t tell me because she was afraid I would be mad…she was right!!! I yelled at her and told her to find it! I’m so annoyed! I understand that she just turned 9, but she leaves shit everywhere…she lost her thermal bathing suit and goggles at the pool because she ran into a friend in the dressing room and got distracted. Daddy had taken her, so I wasn’t there to remind her to get her things. It’s partially my fault for thinking that she can be responsible with expensive crap…need to quit reminding her and not replace things when she loses them. She went to bed upset and I made her cry…slightly felt guilty and wondering if I needed to find her a therapist. Lol.
9-4-17 I decided this morning that she is no longer allowed to take items to her friend’s homes because every time she does, she leaves something there then gets upset. Until, she shows she is responsible to remember items for school, etc., she no longer can take things to her friends. She apologized and I told her I was more mad that she tried to hide it from me. Today is Aunt Jenny’s birthday, so she FaceTimed her while she was in Vegas. We went to Target then Sears looking for school clothes. Everything is seriously picked through. We found a couple of T-shirts she liked, but there wasn’t much to choose from.

Meet & Great

Meet & Greet at School 9-5-17

9-5-17 Went to a yoga class at 10:30am at the gym. Wanted to check it out since I’m taking over the class next week. She had to go to kids club and wasn’t happy about it. After class, the kids club attendant said she was sooooo good…I said, “With other people!” Lol. She was having fun when I picked her up. Took her to get a back to school haircut and she had her ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene. Then, we went to her teacher Meet & Greet at school. Can’t believe she will be in 4th grade tomorrow. The parent in front of us was asking tons of questions and drilling the teacher…I was getting impatient because I just wanted to say hi and get the heck out of there! The teacher said she had heard from all the other teachers how sweet my daughter is. She can be sweet and also can be a major pill at home! Ran into her friend, Max from 3rd grade; they did not get put in the same classroom this year. Then, the neighbor kids came over and decided to come inside to play in her room. They started screeching and running up and down the stairs, so I told them to go outside. They quieted down and stayed in her room. Sent a text to her dad to hurry up and get home because the kids were driving me nuts…thank goodness school is starting tomorrow! As soon as he walked though the door, I grabbed my stuff and left to go teach my yoga class.


Eagle Drawing 9-6-17

9-6-17 First day of school! I think I was a little too happy! Then, I experienced the parking lot zoo again…people driving the wrong way, backing up with cars behind them, passing each other. Kids yoga started again after school, so she went with me a took the class…begrudgingly. I have the kids draw and color for the 1st ten minutes of class to get settled in and she picked up one of my kid yoga books and drew a character from the book.
9-7-17 She met a new friend in her class, Ava.
9-8-17 Picked her up from school. She said she almost accidentally kicked Matt when she was swinging on the monkey bars, then she said, the boys really don’t change from 2nd grade…ever. She had practice ice in the afternoon for her exhibition skate tomorrow.
9-9-17 Her Free Skate 5 exhibition was after 6pm. She fell doing a Waltz jump, so Coach Meegan told her she had 2 weeks to perfect it.
9-10-17 Daddy wanted to go bike riding, so she went with me to my morning class and played on the iPad while I taught. Lilly came over at noon for an all day playdate until after 7:30pm!
9-12-17 Ice skating with Coach Arlene after school.
9-13-17 She came with me to my kid’s yoga class right after school. She followed along better today then she usually does. Her and daddy were playing Simon Says before bed and she said, “Simon never says curse words!” Daddy asked her how she knew about curse words and her response, “Mommy says them all the time!”
9-14-17 Ice skating with Coach Meegan after school. She practiced her Camel Spin and Waltz Jump with a Loop.

9-15-17 Ice skating with Coach Meegan. She has a group lesson for 30 minutes with 2 other girls, then a private for 30 minutes.
9-16-17 Daddy took her to her group Free Skate 6 lesson, while I worked all day.


Momism’s 9-17-17

9-17-17 I taught my morning class and she came with me and played on the iPad. Then, daddy took her to her cousin, Alyze’s 5th birthday party.She said she didn’t have anything to read, so I told her to go into my office and pick a book from my bookshelf. 10 minutes later, I hear belly laughing from her room. She was reading, “Momisms…what she says ad what she really means”.
9-19-17 Picked her up from school and she was excited that she could be a mentor to a Kindergartner or 1st Grader this year. She has to answer a questionnaire and has to be chosen. Had her ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene.

Cat Drawing

Yoga Cat Drawing 9-20-17

9-20-17 Arrived 30 minutes early to get a parking space in the school lot, otherwise, you’ll end up parking a few blocks away for pickup. It got a little real today…Lots of honking then a mom yelling at a guy, calling him an idiot to get the fuck out of the way. People getting out of their cars yelling, more honking! Yep, my kids goes to a Rated 10 school! After successfully making it out alive, we proceeded to my kids yoga class. She picked out a cat from one of my kids yoga books and just drew it. I’m pretty impressed! Stopped at the store to get her new sneakers and fall boots, then headed home to safety.


Fashionista 9-21-17


Lilly Spent the Night 9-23-17

9-21-17 Wore her knew boots to school today…quite the fashionista!
9-22-17 Career Day at school. She dressed up as a figure skater, of course…wore her performance dress. Had ice skating with Coach Meegan after school.
9-23-17 Daddy took her to her Free Skate 6 lesson while I worked all day showing houses and teaching yoga. Her friend, Lilly spent the night.
9-25-17 Played with the neighborhood kids in the garage after school, then Lilly came over to pick up her stuff from Saturday and wanted to stay when she saw all the kids playing. Her mom dropped her off and after awhile Lilly wanted to play something different than the other girls, so my kid asked if they could take turns. Lilly said no. My kid was trying to include everyone, but Lilly said she came over to just play with my kid. I was thinking, she joined in after the fact, so maybe she should go with what was going on before she arrived. I told my kid she was doing the right thing and not everyone gets there way all of the time.


Crazy Neighbor Kids 9-23-17

9-26-17 Ice skating with Coach Arlene after school. Measured her foot for new skates tonight, her current ones are 2 sizes too small…no wonder she says her little toe feels crammed into her skate. $369 for new Riedell skates! I take the neighbor kids to school 2-3 days per week because their mom goes to work early. When the 3 of the kids get together they act like siblings and start bickering and teasing each other. I told them to try to act like they like each other and took a photo.

Frog Pose

Little Frogs 9-27-17

9-27-17 Kid’s Yoga class after school. Captured them in Frog Pose. She was in a mood after school…I told her to clean up her stuff and she got mouthy, then started crying. As soon as she was done, the neighborhood kids knocked on the door to play. Within 10 minutes, she was happy again.
9-28-17 She was chosen to be a mentor for a Kindergartener or 1st Grader at school and was very proud. Went to ice skating with Coach Meegan and I was about 5-7 minutes late coming into get her (sitting in my car) because I figured she would practice after. She was crying because I wasn’t there and she thought something happened to me. Started complaining of a sore throat before bed.
9-29-17 I called her in for a sick day, but when she woke up she wanted to go to school because they were having a Cougar Pride assembly and had a couple of other fun activities planned. She skipped ice skating after school, though.
9-30-17 Daddy took her to her Free Skate 6 lesson, then she played with neighborhood kids the rest of the day.

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August 1st thru August 31st – 2017

Green Day

Mom & Dad went to Green Day 8-1-17

8-1-17 She went to a new yoga studio with me that I’m trying to teach at and sat in the lobby while I took the class because I wanted to check out their classes. Then I took her to lunch at Applebee’s because she loves their sliders. Ice skating with Coach Arlene in the afternoon. Daddy & I went to the Green Day concert tonight, so she spent the night at Aunt Cindy’s.
8-2-17 She went to the studio with me again and played on the iPad, then we went to lunch again.
8-3-17 She sat through my class in the morning while I taught. I’m most likely rotting her brain with all the iPad time I let her have while I’m teaching or taking yoga classes.
8-4-17 Ice skating with Coach Meegan.


Playdate 8-5-17

8-5-17 She had her Free Skate 6 lesson in the morning, then swim lessons at noon. We went to our friends house from her old school in the afternoon, Grayson and Simone. Coach Meegan is their aunt, so she joined the grownups with her son.
8-7-17 Typical summer days lately…she’s driving me crazy by arguing with everything…when does school start?!?

Mom Laughing

Mom is Laughing 8-8-17

8-8-17 Her: “Mom, what are you laughing at?”
Me: “Nothing…nevermind…:)”


Swimming 8-9-17

8-9-17 Took her to the outdoor pool at the gym even though the wildfire smoke is making the skies still hazy…she says she loves to swim.
8-10-17 Met our friends, Ivory & Riley at the pool, then went to dinner to celebrate their mom passing the RN state boards.


Girls Night Out 8-12-17


Friends 8-11-17

8-11-17 Daddy left to go see grandma in Michigan. I took her to her afternoon ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan.
8-12-17 She had her swim lesson at noon, then she played on the iPad while I took a yoga class.We had a girls night out…I took her to Despicable Me 3 and out for sushi.

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga 8-13-17

8-13-17 She came with me to my morning yoga class I taught, then I stopped and id a Zumba class, then received a message asking me to teach a kids class at the old studio I used to practice out. They were in a bind, so we stopped at the studio and I taught.
8-14-17 She complained because she had to go to the Kids Club when I taught my morning class at the gym, but when I picked her up, she said she had fun. Then, she had her ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene, then came with me to my evening class I taught at another gym, but could play on the iPad at this location.
8-15-17 Dropped her off at our friends, Ivory & Riley’s house all day while I went to an all afternoon training session. Their mom took them swimming at the club. When I picked her up, she didn’t want to go home yet, so my friend, Genn & I visited while the kids continued to play.
8-16-17 Lily’s mom picked her up for a morning playdate and I picked her up at 1:30pm.
8-17-17 She had to come with me to my morning yoga class and evening class I taught. Daddy arrived home around 9:30pm.


Sushi 8-18-17

8-18-17 Daddy had to go to work, so she came with me to get a haircut, then I took her to her favorite sushi restaurant for hanging with me at all my yoga classes I had to teach while daddy was out of town. Then, she had her ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan.
8-19-17 Daddy took her to her morning ice skating lesson, then swimming lesson, then as soon as I was through teaching my yoga class, I relieved daddy at her swim lesson, so he could go bike riding. Then, I dropped her off at the roller skating rink for a playdate with her friend, Halo from her old school.
8-21-17 Dropped the cat off at the vet in the morning to get a urine test. He wouldn’t go, so they sent a kit home so I could get a urine sample at home…joy! After getting the sample, I dropped it off at the vet then dropped the cat off at his cat boarder that he has been going to for over 10 years. Getting ready to go on a 4 day mom vacation by myself…we have never been apart this long. She’s a little nervous.
8-22-17 Left early for the airport before she was up. Talked to her on the phone that evening. She went to day camp at the gym while daddy was at work.
8-23-17 Daddy took Tuesday through Friday off to take her to a couple of water parks this week while I’m out of town. Sounds as if they are having a blast.
8-24-17 Another day at the water park. She’s finally 48 inches, so can go on the big slides.
8-25-17 Daddy took her to another water park, but I guess they were getting tired and started getting annoyed with each other, so Daddy decided to make the long drive home. I arrived home at about 11pm. She was asleep, but I woke her up to give her a hug.
8-26-17 The cat has a urinary tract infection, so have to take him to the vet in the afternoon to get a shot. Picked him up at the cat boarder and he puked and pooped in the carrier…welcome home Mom! The kid and I spent the day together while daddy went biking.
8-27-17 Relaxing from our vacations. Her neighbor friend, Ki Ki arrived home today after being in California for 3 weeks. She was happy to have someone to play with again.
8-29-17 I took her to the gym with me in the morning and she had to go to the child care. She pissed and moaned the entire way there…I’m ready for another vacation by myself already! After the class, we went by Lowe’s to pick out paint for her bedroom. She wanted a new bed for her 9th birthday because apparently her current loft bed is for babies. We agreed, but her new bed will fit better in my office due to the configuration, so I’m painting it light purple (like she wanted) before we get the bed. Taped off my office to prep for paint.

Before Painting

Before Painting 8-29-17


After Painting 8-30-18

8-30-17 Painted her room “Sassy Lilac” this evening…fitting.
8-31-17 Had to teach early, so she came with me to my class. On the way home, the sign on the freeway said, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over, Patrols on Now”…it’s 11:30 in the morning!!! She had ice skating with Coach Meegan in the afternoon.

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July 1st thru July 31st – 2017

Swim Lessons

1st Day of Swim Lessons 7-1-17

7-1-17 First day of summer swim lesson.
7-2-17 Aunt Jenny, Uncle Jason and Bachan arrived from Texas! She’s so excited! Aunt Jenny brought her a huge makeup set…I’m not thrilled about this. They took her to the park. Uncle Jason couldn’t figure out the water fountain, so she played a trick on him.

You Have to Eat

You Have to F*cking Eat 7-3-17

7-3-17 Went to one of the local malls and of course, her Aunt Jenny bought her 6 choker necklaces. I found a book to buy her for her birthday to help her eat her vegetables. Then we went back to their hotel to swim.

July 4th

July 4th 7-4-17

July 4th

July 4th 7-4-17

7-4-17 I let her wear her new makeup for 4th of July…a little too much eye shadow. She asked me to help her put eyeliner on and I told her no way…she’s too young. She started crying, which is unusual for her. I asked her why she was crying and she said because she missed Poppy. Aunt Jenny stopped by in the afternoon and brought her more stuff she doesn’t need, then they went back to their hotel and we went to our friends (Ivory & Riley) for 4th of July, like we do every year.

Having Fun

Having Fun with Aunt Jenny 7-5-17

7-5-17 Despacito came on the radio…she told me to change the channel. I said, “I like this song!” She responds, “Justin Bieber? Wow! (in a condescending unbelievable tone). Went to Aunt Jenny’s hotel, then we went downtown to sightsee, came back to the hotel so she could swim and I left her there while I went to teach my yoga class. When I got back, her aunt had bought her more stuff…Animal Jam toys, play earrings, etc. Ugh! She had fun, though!


Lunch with Aunt Jenny 7-6-27

7-6-17 I had to teach a yoga class in the morning, so her dad dropped her off at her Aunt & Uncle’s hotel and she spent the day with them. They took her to lunch and she met one of her Uncle’s friends 2-year old daughter. Apparently, they had a blast together, then they went swimming at the hotel pool and I picked her up after teaching my evening class.


Festival 7-7-17

Japan Gardens

Japanese Gardens 7-8-17

7-7-17 She had ice skating with Coach Meegan in the afternoon, then we went to a local festival so she could play the games and ride a few rides.
7-8-17 She had her Free Skate 6 class in the morning, then swimming lesson at noon. Then we met the relatives and went to a Japanese Festival then proceeded to the Japanese Gardens.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing 7-9-17


Cried All the Way Home 7-10-17

7-9-17 Met the relatives in the afternoon, then went to another local festival, then the relatives came back to stay at our house since they are leaving tomorrow.
7-10-17 Dropped the relatives to the airport in the afternoon and she cried the entire way home (about an hour) because her Aunt Jenny was gone. Daddy got home and they made slime.


Kids Yoga 7-12-17


Pink Slime 7-11-17

7-11-17 Ice skating with Coach Arlene in the afternoon. Then she made pink slime.
7-12-17 Playdate with her friend, Lilly today. Dropped her off at 11:30am and I went to a yoga class. Picked her up at about 3pm and she started saying things like, “I was having fun until you came in a snarky tone, etc.” I let her know it didn’t make her sound cool in front of her friends when she talks to me in a disrespectful manner . Took her with me to my 4pm kids yoga class. While waiting for the other kids to arrive, she drew a picture of a local yoga studio’s logo…thinking she should get paid to advertise for them. When we got home, she showed me what she wanted for her birthday…a new bed and redecorate her room…why can’t the kid just want a new shirt or something?!? New Bed for Her Birthday!


The Cat 7-13-17


The Cat 7-13-17

7-13-17 She had to get up at 6:30am to come with me to my yoga class I was teaching. I walked into her room and her and the cat were having a moment. Then she started working on her cursive, so he joined her. He loves her!

Wiped Out

Wiped Out after Yoga Classes 7-14-17

7-14-17 I had to teach 3 classes…7am, 9:15am and 12pm. She was wiped out after sitting through 3 classes…I’m lucky she’s a good kid! Then, she had her ice skating with Coach Meegan at 3:15pm.
7-15-17 Daddy took her to her morning ice skating lesson and I took her to her noon swimming lesson.
7-16-17 We went to a family team BBQ at one of the studios I teach at.
7-17-17 First day of morning Science camp. Her friend from school, Kaitlyn is enrolled in the camp also.
7-18-17 I decided we would walk to Subway for lunch before camp and locked us out of the house…daddy had to come home from work and let us in. Second day of camp; had to pull her out an hour early because she had to come with me to my yoga class I was teaching.


Neighbor Friend 7-19-17

Ice Skating

Ice Skating Practice 7-20-17

7-19-17 Third day of camp. After camp, we went to my kids yoga class I was teaching. Then our neighbor Kai Kai came over.
7-20-17 Ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan after science camp. She’s getting ready for her competition next week.
7-21-17 She had to come with me to the 7am class I was teaching, then stayed for the 9:15am. She’s a trooper…she get’s to play on the iPad, so I don’t think she minds too much. Last day of camp, then ice skating with Coach Meegan. She was tired by the end of the day.
7-22-17 She had swim lessons at noon, then she played outside with the neighborhood kids.
7-23-17 We went out for dinner at a nice Indian restaurant. She asked what the occasion was…I said because I flat ironed my hair and actually changed out of yoga clothes.


Lilly & The Neighbor Girls 7-24-17

Sun Drawing

Sun Drawing 7-24-17

7-24-17 First day of morning Art camp. The instructor is her friend, Lilly’s mom. Her mom is an art teacher at a local high school. When I picked her up, they asked if they could spend the night with each other. We decided to have Lilly stay at our house, so she came over around 1:30pm and stayed the entire day and played with a couple of neighbor girls. By the time daddy came home, they were getting tired and both wanting to do different things. I had to leave to teach a 7:30pm yoga class. I get a text 20 minutes after I left from daddy to come home. She had hit her friend with a fly swatter and her friend took off on her roller blades. Apparently, daddy became really angry when she wouldn’t put the fly swatter away and made her feel extremely bad, so she scratched her arm. Of course, I can’t just leave my class and come home, so I called her before my class started and found out it was an accident, she didn’t mean to hit her friend that hard. Daddy was overreacting. So, I had to remind daddy who the adult was and told him to bring them both inside to watch a movie until I came home. I spoke to her about not harming herself when she feels bad about herself. I’m trying not to freak out before my class. Hopefully, this is an isolated incident.

Rocket Painting

Rocket Painting 7-25-17

Vintage Camera

Vintage Camera 7-26-17


Lilly’s Playhouse 7-26-17


Jellyfish 7-27-17


Lightbulb 7-27-17


Owl 7-27-17

Flashlight Art

Flashlight Art 7-27-17

7-25-17 Second day of Art Camp in the morning, then she stayed and played with Lilly for an hour after. She brought home a Rocket painting.
7-26-17 Third day of Art Camp.  I picked her up and then her and Lilly wanted to spend the night, so Lilly came to our house for awhile to play, then dropped them off at Lilly’s house for a sleepover. They slept in Lilly’s playhouse in the backyard.

Art Camp

Art Camp 7-27-17

Art Camp

Art Camp 7-27-17

7-27-17 Picked her up at Lilly’s after art camp, then we came home to relax.  She brought home several pieces today. The owl was her favorite. She had an ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan to practice for her competition tomorrow. When I asked her to go to bed, she kept trying to get a few more minutes, I gave her 15 minutes, but when that was up, she tried for more, so I said no. Then, she started getting angry and saying she’s having fun until I make her do something and it’s her birthday tomorrow…blah, blah blah. I told her to pick up her play doh, so she kicked it, so I bagged it up and told her I’m not sure what I was going to do with it. I think she’s nervous for her competition tomorrow. She brushed her teeth, gave me a hug and went to bed.

9th Birthday

9th Birthday 7-28-17


2nd Place

Summer Sizzler 7-28-17


Neighborhood Party 7-28-17

Soda Shop

Soda Shop Maker 7-28-17

7-28-17 She turns 9 years old today and had a ice skating competition in the afternoon. She fell on one of her jumps, so she placed 2nd. When we got home, we invited the neighborhood kids over for a Pinata party. I gave her the soda shop maker that she wanted even though I’m against her drinking soda.

Bday Party

9th Birthday Party 7-29-17

Bday Party

9th Birthday Party 7-29-17

Bday Party

Bday Party 7-29-17

Bday Party

9th Birthday party

Tree Pose

Tree Pose 7-31-17

7-29-17 She had her morning Free Skate 6 lesson this morning, then had her 9th birthday party at the rink.
7-30-17 Day of relaxation.
7-31-17 I taught a morning yoga class, so she came with me to hang out at the studio.

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June 1st thru June 30th – 2017

6-1-17 Trump backed out of The Paris Agreement (French: Accord de Paris). are
6-2-17 I canceled her afternoon ice skating lesson today so I could attend Street Yoga Training. It started at 5:30pm at the other end of the city. I was trying to take a shortcut during rush hour, pulled into a parking lot and was backing out to turn around and hit a railing that was close to the entrance I was backing out of. I’m not sure how people deal with rush hour every day! Daddy sent a text saying to cancel one of her lessons with Coach Arlene because he got irritated when he took her to the rink to practice and after 15 minutes, she was done and wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be practicing. He doesn’t want to pay for it if she’s not going to take it seriously. So, I canceled one of her lessons, but haven’t told her yet.
6-3-17 I had Street Yoga Training all day today. When I got home, her friend, Poppy was at our house and she ended up spending the night. I let them stay up past 11pm.
6-4-17 Dropped Poppy off at 7:30am on my way to teach a yoga class before Street Yoga Training.
6-5-17 After school I told her that we canceled one of her lessons with Coach Arlene and she became really upset. After explaining to her why, I told her that if she practiced more this summer, we would revisit it in September.
6-6-17 The neighbor kids came at 7am today and I dropped them off at school. She had her weekly lesson with Coach Arlene today and her coach agreed that she should take it a little more seriously if she wants to continue.

Hugging Cat

Hugging her Kitty 6-7-17


My Yoga Assistant 6-7-17

6-7-17 The neighbor kids came again at 7am…the brother pushed his little sister off thew couch and she was fake crying and screaming…I couldn’t drop them off at school fast enough! Before school, my kid was hugging the kitty “good morning”. After school, we went to a kid’s yoga class at a gym I teach out because I’ll be taking over the class for the rest of June. I had to prod her to go because she doesn’t like yoga as much as I do. I told her she would be my assistant during the classes I teach and help the younger kids.
6-8-17 Daddy dropped her off at school since I have to leave early on Thursday’s to teach a yoga class.
6-9-17 Getting ready for school, she tells me she’s having an issue about Halloween because she usually knows what she wants to be by now, but doesn’t know yet. I told her when the Halloween stores open, we can go shopping and decide then.
She said ok…but no more of that princess stuff, yuk! Maybe a black cat with eyeliner and mascara dressed all in black. I’m thinking…should I be scared…when did this happen?!? I received a call at 1:15pm from the school telling me that my kid was in the office because they were released at 1pm today…I didn’t have a clue. I was heading home from the store, so was right at the corner of her school. Then, we had afternoon ice skating with Coach Meegan and proceeded to Target to get her friend, Anna, a birthday gift for her party tomorrow. She started being a pill in the store and became argumentative because I bought Anna a soda maker and she wanted one. My relentless daughter kept pissing and moaning about it. I’m already exhausted and she’s just sucking the last bit of life out of me…she’s only 8! We get home, I make dinner and have her try one green bean…just one! She gets dramatic and starts yelling and gagging and runs to the trash can to spit it out. Then, she starts complaining that she’s bored. Her dad needs to get home because I am done for the day! He gets home and starts complaining about his job. The kid went outside.

Anna's Birthday

Anna’s Birthday 6-10-17

6-10-17 Daddy took her to her ice skating lesson in the morning, then I dropped her off at her friend Anna’s birthday party while I went to a yoga class. I had a yoga event in the evening. When I arrived home there was a new Lego set all over the living room floor.
6-11-17 I decided it was time to organize her Lego’s because I can’t take them being thrown in a cardbox box in her room and her sets are put together all over the floor of her room. I went to Storables and found some containers that work and proceeded to sped at least 2 hours organizing her pieces and taking apart all but 3 sets. At bedtime when she went to look for something, she could’t find an important piece and was accusing me of throwing it away. I was calm, at first, reassuring her that everything was there and I had not thrown anything away. She proceeded to escalate and start screaming and crying because she couldn’t find it. I tried to ignore her because I’m not engaging when she’s acting like this. I finally lost it and yelled at her to quit whining and start her 20 minutes of night reading. She got quiet really quickly and after about 5 minutes, I asked if she was reading. She said she wasn’t, but she knew I was going to be mad when she told me something. I said I probably would be, but what? She said she found the piece she was looking for because I hadn’t taken that set apart, it was still sitting in her room. OMG! She asked for a hug. I gave her one and told her to get to her room to read, then she started whining that she wanted to sit with me in the living room to read…ABSOLUTELY NOT! Go to your room and read! Then, I was told I was the worst mother ever. I sure hope this stage passes!
6-12-17 I volunteered in her classroom for the last time this year!

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 6-13-17

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 6-13-17

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 6-13-17

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 6-13-17

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 6-13-17

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 6-13-17

6-13-17 She didn’t want to go on the field trip to the zoo today, so she stayed home and I took her to the ice rink and the mall. Then, she had her ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene.

I Love Mom

I Love Mom 6-14-17

6-14-17 Taught my first kids yoga class. I envisioned all the kids engaged and participating in this wonderful story I came up with last night doing yoga poses. 6 and up were good. 4 and 5 year olds…not so much. I told my kid, she was my assistant, so she kept getting up and trying to get the younger kids back to their mats…I kept telling her to just stay on her mat. She was playing with some baking soda concoction and she made sure to take a picture of what she wrote in it.
6-15-17 Field Day at school, so they played all day.

Ice Skate Drawing

Ice Skate Drawing 6-16-17

6-16-17 Ice skating with Coach Meegan after school. Then, she had to run some errands with me. Over 2 hours in the car with her and the only song we agreed upon was “We Are Young” by Fun.I went through her backpack and found a cool ice skate she drawing.
6-17-17 I was in a workshop all day, so she was with daddy all day…not sure what they did.
6-18-17 Father’s Day. Took daddy to lunch.
6-20-17 Ice skating with Coach Arlene.

Sun Circles

Sun Circles 6-21-17

Sun circles

Sun Circles 6-21-17

6-21-17 Little Sun Circles in Kids Yoga today. The 9-year old wanted to play a game so I let her lead it…I could probably just let her teach the entire class and she would do better than I would! I told my kid that she needed to stay on her mat and show a good example for the younger kids.

Lilly's Bdat

Lilly’s Birthday 6-22-17

3rd Grade6-22-17 Last day of school! They were released at 1pm, then she went to her friend, Lilly’s birthday party.


1st Day of Summer Vacation 6-23-17

6-23-17 Day 1 of Summer break…kid is on the couch with electronics…adult is ready for a nap at 9:30am. We were in the car and she said when she was in the car with daddy the day before, they saw a couple of driver’s in a parking lot getting into an argument and one blocked the other car from leaving. She said they had anger issues…lol.

Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Festival 6-24-17

Strawberry Festival 6-24-17

Strawberry Festival 6-24-17

6-24-17 She went to Poppy’s house to give her a matching bookmark so they could both have the same one before Poppy moved. We went to the Strawberry Festival in the afternoon.
6-25-17 Her best friend from school and the neighborhood, Poppy, moved to South Carolina today.

Missing Poppy

Missing Poppy 6-26-17

6-26-17 She is sad that Poppy left and when we drive by her house on the way home, she says she doesn’t like that house anymore. She said she is never going to play outside again because Poppy is no longer in the neighborhood. She stayed inside and painted.
6-27-17 First day of ice skating camp. Neon Day.

Hawaiian Day

Hawaiian Day 6-28-17

Most Creative

Most Creative 6-28-17

6-28-17 I had to teach an early class, so we left at 7:30am and she played on the iPad while I taught before ice skating camp. It was Hawaiian Day…she finally fits into the moo moo that Bachan made for her years ago. She was voted “Most Creative” today. I was at the store in the evening and I get a text…“She swallowed her gum, will she be ok?” I should of responded that we needed to go to ER and to get it surgically removed.

Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair & Pajama Day 6-29-17

6-29-17 Pajama & Crazy Hair Day at camp; the best we could do is put a red streak in her hair. When we got home, she didn’t want to go outside because Poppy isn’t here. I had to kick her out of the house and go play instead of sitting on the couch playing on the iPad.

Assembling Table

Assembling the Table 6-30-17


Selfie 6-30-17

6-30-17 The camp splits up into several different groups depending on the kid’s skills. She’s always in the highest skilled group because some kids attend the camp, but have never skated before. She was on the yellow team, so each team wore their team colors today and each team performed a program at the end of the day for the parents. Our friends, Matt, Genn, Ivory & Riley joined the fitness club that I teach hot yoga at and they have and indoor and outdoor pool, so now the kids can hang out at the pool this summer. I kept telling her dad to put together my new sofa end table that has been sitting on the floor for 3 weeks. She says, “If you want it put together, then why don’t you just do it yourself?” She opened it and said the instructions were easy, so she put it together. 


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May 1st thru 31st – 2017

5-1-17 Volunteered for the last half hour of school today.
5-2-17 Daddy picked her up at school and took her to her ice skating lesson because I had orientation for the gym I’m going to start teaching yoga at.
5-3-17 As soon as I picked her up, she started whining about being hungry, etc. and I couldn’t get a word in, so I raised my voice at her…a dad looked at me like I was the wicked witch. Once we got in the car, I just didn’t say a word so I could chill out…I usually ask her how her day was, etc. After a few minutes, she tells me that she got 100% on AR test. I felt slightly guilty for having no patience. Proceeded to ice skating with Coach Arlene and I stopped to get her a snack, so guess I’m not that wicked. Lol.
5-4-17 Picked her up from school and she started talking to me with acronyms…”Mom, BTW there’s this mom thing at school…” I had to think about what she was saying.

Old Friends

Old Friends 5-5-17

5-5-17 After her ice skating lesson, she went to her friend from her old school, Rebecca’s house to celebrate Rebecca’s birthday. Anna was also there…she misses her old friends. I dropped her off for 3 hours while I went shopping.
5-6-17 Daddy took her to her Free Skate 6 class.
5-8-17 Volunteered at school today.
5-9-17 Ice skating after school with Coach Arlene.
5-10-17 Ice skating after school with Coach Arlene.
5-11-17 Daddy took her to school this morning and will be every Thursday since I have to teach a yoga class in the mornings. When I picked he up from school, she said she & her friend, Poppy broke up but didn’t know exactly why. Poppy told her at recess that she was moving in June and she asked her why or something, then Poppy because upset and was crying on the playground. After recess, Poppy wouldn’t talk to her, but was talking to everyone else. After about 30 minutes at home, the doorbell rang and it was Poppy…apparently, they made up and all is good again.

Breakfast with Mom's

Breakfast with Mom’s 5-12-17

The cat

The Cat 5-13-17

5-12-17 Breakfast with Mom’s at school for Mother’s Day…so many kids running around!
5-13-17 Daddy took her to her morning Free Skate 6 class, then she was complaining of a sore throat, so we stayed home the rest of the day. I fell asleep on the couch, then the cat decided to climb on me and so she snapped a photo.

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 5-14-17

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 5-14-17

Mother's Day Yoga

Mother’s Day Yoga 5-14-17


Spicey 5-14-17

5-14-17 Mother’s Day. I made her go to yoga with me today, then we had sushi for lunch. Then we went outside and had a visitor in our bushes.





Aquarium 5-16-17


Aquarium 5-16-17


Aquarium 5-16-17

5-16-17 I was a chaperone for her 3rd grade class to the aquarium. The only reason I go on these trips is because I know how chaotic it is and I want to keep an eye on my own kid. She likes it when I go on the trips too. Ice skating with Coach Arlene after school.


Poor Kitty 5-17-17


Daddy’s Mess 5-18-17

5-17-17 Poor 14-year old kitty had to go to vet and was trying to find a hiding place. He has a urinary tract infection. Had 4 accidents outside the litter box in the past 3 months…was about ready to banish him to the garage! And an infection in a tooth, so has to get dental work next week. Ice skating after school.
5-18-17 Daddy took her to school so I could teach my morning yoga class.
5-19-17 Coach Meegan is out of town so she didn’t have ice skating after school, which I was happy since I was going out with friends at 6pm and needed to get ready!
5-20-17 Stars on Ice! She met Gracie Gold for the first time! She was so excited!

Gracie Gold

Gracie Gold 5-20-17

Karen Chen

Karen Chen 5-20-17

Adam Rippon

Adam Rippon 5-20-17

Madison Chock & Evan Bates

Madison Chock & Evan Bates 5-2-17

Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue

Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue 5-20-17

Meryl Davis & Charlie White

Meryl Davis & Charlie White 5-20-17

Ashley Wagner

Ashley Wagner 5-20-17

Nathan Chen

Nathan Chen 5-20-17

Stars on Ice

Stars On Ice 5-20-17


Friends 5-21-17

5-21-17 Met our friends for lunch, then asked Ivory & Riley if they wanted to come to our house. Riley at first said she didn’t. She’s the little sister and sometimes gets excluded, so I told my kid that if they came over, she had to include her and asked if she had ever been excluded and how did that make her feel. My kid responds, “Yeah, I’ve been excluded, but I get over it in 5 minutes.” She’s definitely my kid!
5-22-17 The neighbor kids came over at 7am and I took them all to school at 9am.
5-23-17  Watched the neighbor kids again this morning before school…one kid is calm and quiet…three kids are crazy…kicked them out to the backyard because they decided to play war…my head was exploding! Ice skating with Coach Meegan after school.
5-24-17 The neighbor’s mom dropped her kids off again at 7am unexpectedly. I dropped them off at school for breakfast at 8:45am to get rid of all them earlier.
5-25-17 Daddy took her to school this morning since I teach yoga on Thursday mornings. Was just thinking about how much she is SO my kid! A couple days ago picking her up from school, she was just sitting on the ledge reading a book with kids running all around and chaos. Another day, I told her not to exclude another kid and asked if she had ever been excluded & how did it feel…she said, “yeah, but I got over it 5 minutes.” I’m not looking forward to the teenage years when I was a little, stubborn *sshole!

Mental Health Day

Mental Health Day 5-26-17

Mental Health Day

Mental Health Day 5-26-17

5-26-17 Dropped the cat off at the vet for dental cleaning at 7:30am, then we decided to take a mental health day. I let her skip school and we went to a local lake with her scooter and went around the 2.5 mile loop. Had sushi for lunch, then fro-yo for desert.
5-27-17 Holiday weekend. Daddy took her to the park to play frisbee.
5-28-17 Daddy took her swimming, then she played outside with the neighbor kids. She left her bike at a neighbor’s house, so daddy took it away for a couple of days trying to teach her to take care of her things. Of course, she told him she didn’t like him anymore. e
5-29-17 We told her to come in from playing at 7:30pm and she stormed up to the house stating we ruined all her fun. I told her that was our jobs.
5-30-17 Ice skating with Coach Arlene.
5-31-17 Car conversations on the way to her ice skating lesson:
Me: What did you do in school today?
Her: We burned chemicals.
Me: What did you learn from burning chemicals?
Her: To not touch the bottom of the tin foil.
Me: But what did you learn from burning the chemicals?
Her: Science.
Me: But why were you burning the chemicals?
Her: I don’t know.
Me: So you learned nothing?
Her: (silence)

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April 1st thru 30th – 2017

4-1-17 Daddy took her to her morning ice skating lesson. Went to our friends house in the afternoon, so she was able to play with Ivory & Riley.


Smoking Charger 4-2-17

4-2-17 Daddy wanted to go for a bike ride, so I took her into the yoga studio with me. On the way there, I hear screaming from the backseat and I’m ignoring what she’s saying until she says to stop the car. I glance back and see smoke and red coming from the charger to her iPad. Pulled over and unplugged it almost burning my hand. The whole wire was hot…crazy! It could have caught on fire.


Sushi 4-3-17

4-3-17 First day of spring break, so I took her to her favorite sushi restaurant. The picture looks as if there is a halo above her. Lol.
4-4-17 I had yoga teacher training, so I dropped her off at a day camp at a local gym. Picked her up from camp at 4pm, went by the store, home by 4:30pm, sat on the couch with a sandwich to relax at 4:40pm. Oh crap…forgot about her 5pm ice skating lesson that she has EVERY Tuesday. Called her on her Gizmo Pal to get back home, raced out the door with me yelling at her to hurry up. She glares at me and goes slow. Made it there by 5:10pm.
4-5-17 She went to camp all day again while I was at yoga teacher training, had her afternoon ice skating lesson, then started to get a sore throat in the evening.
4-6-17 She’s sick, so stayed home and relaxed with daddy while I finished my 2nd Yoga Teacher Training today and received my RYT200  Certified Yoga Instructor. She was trying to will herself well because Riley’s birthday party is tomorrow.
4-7-17 Daddy took off work again today. I decided to let her go to Riley’s party even though she still was a little sick.
4-9-17 She pretty much relaxed all weekend because she still had a sore throat and congestion.
4-10-17 Spring Break is over, but made the call even though I’m ready to get back into a regular routine…letting her take a sick day…still congested with a slight sore throat. In the evening, I started to feel like I was coming down with her cold.


Lunch 4-11-17

4-11-17 She went back to school today…still congested. Messaged her teacher that if she started to feel bad, she could send her home. I had a couple of errands to run and was getting closer to the time to pick her up…still needed to eat lunch, so figured I better eat a huge bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream before I pick her up. Skipped her ice skating lesson after school.

New Dentist

New Dentist 4-12-17

4-12-17 She had a dental appointment at noon with a new dentist. They were so much better than Gentle Dental. They have TV’s mounted on the ceiling, so she was able to watch a movie during her check up. She has to have 2 baby teeth pulled next week due to over crowding. No ice skating again today. I made brussels sprouts for my dinner and she started whining, complaining and being overly dramatic because she says they stink. I told her to go to her room because I couldn’t take her yelling about it. Her dad said something to her upstairs and she called him a “turd”. He got mad and took her Animal Jam away for a month. She was apologizing and said it was a joke. I looked at him like he was being a “turd” and said for a couple of days. After she went to bed, I told dad, she could have it back in the morning.
4-13-17 I was offered a yoga teacher position today teaching 1 day/week, so I was in a good mood when I picked her up from school. She was hungry, as usual, so I asked if she wanted ice cream. After a couple of minutes, she asked why I was in such a good mood. I asked her why she thought that…she said because I offered her ice cream, which I rarely do. We both started laughing.

Easter Gift

Easter Gift from Max 4-14-17


Reading Before School 4-14-17

4-14-17 Before school, she was reading a book instead of watching TV…there are 1st’s for everything! When I picked her up at school, she came out with a cute Peeps that her friend Max gave her for Easter, then we went to her ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan.

Coloring Eggs

Coloring Eggs 4-15-17

4-15-17 Daddy took her to her morning ice skating lesson and they want shopping for Easter stuff.
4-16-17 Daddy hid easter eggs around the house for her to find in the morning, then she played outside with the neighbor kids in the afternoon.
4-17-17 Dropped her off at Daddy’s work after school, so I could check out a new yoga studio I’m considering teaching at.
4-18-17 Coach Arlene is out of town this week, so no ice skating today and tomorrow.

Spanish Program

Spanish Program 4-21-17


Flamenco! 4-21-17

4-21-17 Ice skating after school with Coach Meegan. She’s starting a new Spanish style program. Then, we went to my gym so I could do a Zumba class, but then I had to take her to the mall as a compromise because she does not like going to the gym child care.

New Bike

New Bike 4-22-17

4-22-17 I had to leave early in the morning and was busy all day. When I got home, daddy had bought her a new bike that cost $300…I think he likes it more than she does! And, she passed Free Skate 5 at her group ice skating lesson this morning.
4-23-17 Daddy took her swimming and the cousins, Zarah & Alyze met them at the pool.
4-24-17 When I picked her up from school, she was almost in tears because she said she had a bad day. She lost her science notebook, didn’t play with anyone at recess (nobody asked and she said she didn’t want to play with anyone anyway), she has to retake her perimeter test and she almost got sick during her Pacer’s in gym class. We went home and just relaxed. I think she’s stressed out about getting her teeth pulled on Wednesday.
4-25-17 When we were coming home from school, there were cops are sitting at both entrances of your neighborhood and they were handcuffing a guy a couple of blocks from our house and I accidentally left the garage door open all day. She said, she wasn’t sure about the neighborhood.


Teeth to be Pulled 4-26-17

Getting Teeth Pulled

Getting Teeth Pulled 4-26-17

4-26-17 Picked her up at 10:45am from school to go to the dentist to get two baby teeth pulled due to overcrowding, so her permanent teeth will move forward. She was very nervous, but her dentist is amazing…she didn’t feel anything.
4-27-17 She keeps asking me what I want for my birthday tomorrow and I have no idea.

New Dress

New Ice Skating Dress 4-28-17

4-28-17 Today is my birthday. Think she’s more excited than I am. She wanted to take the day off from school, but that wasn’t happening. After school, I took her to her ice skating lesson, then we went to Applebee’s for my birthday because she wanted to go there, so I told her I wanted to go there too. When we got home, we tried on her new ice skating dress.

Animal Jam

Animal Jam 4-29-17

4-29-17 Daddy took her to her first Free Skate 6 lesson today. I bribed her to go furniture shopping with me by letting her stop by Toys R Us to get an Animal Jam toy.

Birthday Party

Birthday Party 4-30-17

Birthday Party

Birthday Party 4-30-17

4-30-17 I taught a yoga class and 2 of her friends moms wanted to go, so daddy babysat while we went to class. Then, we went to her friend’s cousins 1st birthday party.

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March 1st thru 31st – 2017

3-1-17 I put the new wall decoration in her room this morning, hoping she’ll read it every day. Ice skating after school with Coach Arlene, then she came with me to the gym so I could take a Zumba class. I bribed her to go with Chicken Katsu, her favorite food!
3-2-17 She showed me a math project she worked the night before because she had some free time…just like her dad. PTA Fundraiser after school at the indoor trampoline park.

Rainbow Day

Rainbow Day 3-3-17

3-3-17 Going out the door for school, she hands me face paint because it’s Rainbow Day, so I painted a quick rainbow on her cheek…of course she tells me as we’re going out the door! After school ice skating with Coach Meegan.

Morgan's Birthday

Morgan’s Birthday party 3-4-17

3-4-17 I was going to take her to a yoga class, but she said, Please don’t make me go to yoga, it’s an hour of quiet. Dropped her off at Morgan’s 9th birthday party. Her, Morgan and Lily went to get a mani/pedi, then had a party at their house. Lily spent the night. I picked her up at 9pm because I had never met Morgan’s parents and she wasn’t allowed to stay over.
3-5-17 I had yoga teacher training all day, so I don’t know what her & daddy did all day.


1st Orthodontist Appt 3-6-17

3-6-17 First orthodontist visit this morning. I thought she would want Invisalign when it’s time to get braces, but she wants the ones with colors. I volunteered at her school for the last 30 minutes.
3-7-17 Ice skating with Coach Arlene.

Hair Bun

Hair Bun 3-8-17

3-8-17 Ice skating with Coach Arlene again…Arlene put her hair in a cute hair bun because she got to fly on the rope that helps her learn how to jump. When we went to the grocery store, she says, “I know it seems like I’m angling for something, but I just want to see what the Easter treats look like.”

Note to skip school

Note to Skip School 3-9-17

3-9-17 Instead if whining that she didn’t want to go to school, she attempted a different approach with a nice note. If I didn’t have yoga teacher training today, I may have let her take a day off.
3-10-17 Ice skating with Coach Meegan. She tells me that Brussels Sprouts smell worse than my farts. Wasn’t sure if I should laugh or scold her, so I said nothing.
3-11-17 First day of Free Skate 5 started today.

Friends & Cousins

Friends & Cousins 3-12-17

3-12-17 I taught a yoga class to some friends. My friend, Genn dropped Ivory & Riley off so she could come to my class. When I got home, the two cousins were here too, so daddy was watching five little girls.
3-13-17 As I was at the school parking lot zoo dropping off her off, I saw the parking lot police were out. Saw a mom with a scowl on her face taking a picture of a license plate parked in a handicapped spot (apparently, the person was not handicapped). Someone’s going to get in trouble! We’re all just trying our best to get our kids to school on time.
3-14-17 Ice skating with Coach Arlene.
3-15-17 Skipped ice skating because she had to come to a walkthru with me after school for a client.
3-16-17 Picked her up 1/2 early from school because I had an appointment I had to get to, so she came with me. At bedtime, her dad asked her if she knows what she gets when she reads. She asked what…her dad said, “smart!” She says, “I don’t want to be smart.” Dad says, “Ok, you get money!” She says, “You’re smart and you don’t get money!” Dad says, “That’s because mommy gets it all!”
3-17-17 There was an ad from Costco on the table. She  asked if people that weren’t members could shop at Costco. I said you have to enter the store with a member but I don’t think non-members can buy anything (not sure). She says, “Then why does this say ‘members only savings’, this is for everyone that can shop there?!?” ….I don’t know, it’s just advertising, eat your breakfast! She had me paint a 4 leaf clover on her cheek for St. Patrick’s Day. Ice skating with Coach Meegan after school, then her & daddy went with me to dinner with a client.
3-18-17 Daddy took her to morning Free Skate 5 lesson with Steve. She really likes him as a coach. I stayed home to recuperate from yesterday. The cat decided his water bowl wasn’t couldn’t enough! I went to yoga in the afternoon and when I got home they weren’t home. She had actually picked up her crap in the living room that’s been sitting on the floor for a month! Miracles do exist! They arrived home shortly after and it didn’t last long. Daddy took her to Target to get a new Lego set and she proceeded to put it together on the living room floor.
3-20-17 I volunteered for the last 30 minutes at school.


Giving Her Baby a Hug 3-21-17

3-21-17 Trying to get out of the school parking lot…it’s like a major event! Coach Arlene was sick today, so we went to get FroYo after school. Britney Spears “Toxic” came on so I started dancing. She said, “Mom, stop it! You’re embarrassing me!” When we got home, she helped me practice teaching yoga…she was wired and acting out the poses. She had to give the cat a hug before we got started.
3-22-17 She lost Animal Jam for the day for not listening and talking back in the morning. Coach Arlene was better today, so she had her ice skating lesson after school.
3-23-17 She lost Animal Jam and TV at bedtime for not getting her reading homework in time. She’s been procrastinating for a couple of weeks now to stay up later, so we nixed it tonight.
3-24-17 Donuts with Dad’s at her school this morning. I turned pretty orange from my spray tan last night. Leave it to an 8-year old to be honest. Picked her up from school and she says, “Mom, no offense, but your spray tan doesn’t look so good!” After her ice skating lesson, she went with me to a yoga teacher audition at 24-Hour Fitness. It was a group audition of all different types of fitness instructors, so we each were allocated a certain amount of time. I got a 2 hour workout of Zumba, body pump, cycle, etc. She sat there for 3 hours…most of the time texting her Aunt Jenny, but she made it through…she’s a rock star!

Fiesta Skate

Fiesta Skate 3-25-17

Fiesta Skate

Fiesta Skate 3-25-17

3-25-17 Skipped her Free Skate 5 lesson this morning because she had Practice Ice for Fiesta Skate at 11:30am. She performed an exhibition skate at 4:30pm. Saw her friend from her old school, Simone. Simone is Coach Meegan’s niece. She fell during her spin, which is rare, so she needs to work on building strength on her right leg. But, she got right back up and finished her performance.

3-26-17 In the morning, I told her to go clean her room. She says, “Mom, why are you so lame?” Not sure how to respond to that.


Teaching Origami 3-27-17

3-27-17 Early release at 1pm this week due to parent-teacher conferences. Our conference was at 2:05pm. Lasted about 5 minutes…she’s doing great and getting along with everyone. I was teaching her how to make an Origami crane. I could never home school. She wants me to show her how to do something but then complains that she can do it herself. We would kill each other!
3-28-17 Picked her up at 1pm and she came back to teacher training with me. She played on the iPad for 90 minutes. She posed in a group photo with us doing her Wheel Pose.


Lily & Poppy Playdate 3-29-17

3-29-17 Back to yoga teacher training after school. When we got home, I walked her over to her friend, Poppy’s. Then, her friend Lilly’s dad called and wanted a playdate, so they all ended up back at our house. 3 giggly girls playing upstairs.

Origami Sales

Origami Sales 3-30-17

3-30-17 She and a couple of her school friends have started a business. They are selling items they make. Her 1st sale of Origami cranes at 50 cents each.

Mom Mug

Mom Coffe Mug 3-31-17

3-31-17 Just saw a mom driving thru the school parking lot holding an open coffee mug…just thought it was funny that she had to bring it with her to drop off her kid.

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February 1st thru 28th – 2017

2-1-17 Had to cancel her ice skating lesson after school because a client wanted me to meet her, so she went with me again.

Ice Yoga

Ice Skating Yoga 2-3-17


Day with Friends 2-4-17

2-3-17 Ice skating after school with Coach Meegan. She came up with a new sport, Ice Skating Yoga. After her lesson, I took her to the mall because she told her friend, Holly that she would by her beanie boo with her allowance. I let her buy a small one and told her to quit telling her friends she would buy them stuff!
2-4-17 Her friends, Ivory & Riley spent the day with us. Their dad dropped them off at 7:30am, then she went to her ice skating class at 9:00am, then back home to play all day until 6:30pm. Grateful they are good kids and kept occupied.
2-5-17 At dinner I asked her if she wanted dinner now or wait? She said she would wait. So I tell her I’m going to sit down and have a salad. As soon as I sit down and take a bite, she asks: “Can you make my dinner, I’m hungry?”

Snow Day

Snow Day 2-5-17

Crow Pose

Crow Pose 2-5-17

2-6-17 Snow Day! No school today! She did some yoga in the morning, then played outside with her friend, Poppy.
2-7-17 Received a call that school was starting 2 hours late…Gah! This disrupts my entire day. I had to take her to school and my work appointment from yesterday got rescheduled to 2:30pm, so I had to miss my yoga teacher training. I picked her up at school, took her back to my appointment, then daddy picked her up and took her to her ice skating lesson. She said: We’re not allowed to have snow ball fights at school! Me: That’s because someone could get hurt. Her: That’s no my experience! Me: (silence…I got nothing!). It’s her cousin Zarah’s 6th birthday.
2-8-17 Full day of school! After school ice skating lesson, then we decided to go through Taco Time drive thru on the way home. They always take forever! She says: “Now I know why they call it Taco TIME!” As we’re driving home, the conversation is this…I know why you could have snow ball fights at school when you were a kid…there wasn’t any technology…nothing to do. Did you have cars back in your day?

Health & Fitness Night

Health & Fitness Night 2-9-17

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing 2-9-17

2-9-17 Health & Fitness Night at school. As soon as her friend, Max arrived, they went off and played and visited the booths.
2-10-17 Ice skating lesson after school then dropped her off at her friends, Ivory & Riley because I took daddy to hot yoga for the first time. I don’t think he will be going back anytime soon! He was nauseous by the time we got home and had a headache the next day…probably from dehydration.
2-11-17 Ivory & Riley’s mom dropped them off at our house in the afternoon, so her & I could go to a yoga class while daddy watched all the girls.
2-12-17 Daddy took her swimming and Aunt Cindy, Uncle Dan and cousins Zarah & Alyze met them there. I went to a double yoga class.
2-13-17 Went and got her Valentine cards and candy to give her classmates tomorrow. Glad she’s old enough to do it herself now!
2-14-17 Daddy & I had to help my crazy client move at 5pm, so she spent Valentine’s Day playing on the iPad and talking to her Aunt Jenny.

Kissing Cat

Saying Good Night 2-15-17

2-15-17 Took her to her favorite sushi response after ice skating for a late Valentine’s dinner. This made up for last night. She gave Joi a kiss good night at bedtime.
2-16-17 She had a meltdown because we said “no” to spending the night with a classmate in a couple of weeks because we don’t know her parents. She can go to the birthday party, but no sleepover. According to her, we’re the worst parents ever and have ruined her life…she went to her room until she could child out. When she came out, she informed me that we were the safest and lamest parents ever.

Ice Skating

Getting Ready to Ice Skate 2-17-17

PTA Fundraiser

PTA Fundraiser 2-17-17

2-17-17 Ice skating with Coach Meegan after school. She was complaining that Meegan makes her do push ups on the ice sometimes and it embarrasses her…she didn’t have to do any today. On the way out, one of her ice skating friends said “bye”, but the didn’t hear her, so I told her. She said, “That girl has a quiet voice like me.” I’m thinking,  “Alternate facts!” Then, we went to the frozen yogurt place to support her school’s PTA fundraiser.
2-18-17 Daddy took her to her morning lesson, then her friend Poppy came over in the afternoon. Daddy took her for public skate in the evening.
2-19-17 I attended “Never Again: Japanese American WWII History and American Muslim Rights Today, a presentation and conversation examining Japanese American incarceration during World War II and how it relates to racism today.” I think some friends came over again while she was home with daddy.

Sick Day

Sick Day 2-20-17

Our Cat

Our Cat 2-22-17

2-20-17 No school today due to the holiday. I’m sick, so we stayed in PJ’s until after noon.
2-21-17 I’m sick again, so she’s whining even more today. Coach Arlene is sick too, so no ice skating today.
2-22-17 Back to school.  The cat has a good life! After school ice skating with Coach Arlene.
2-23-17 She asked if she could buy her entire class a candy gram (PTA sells candy grams for $1/each at her school that kids can buy for your friends). She didn’t want anyone to not get one, so I gave her $30 so she could do this plus a few extra friends in other classes.


Shopping at Claire’s 2-24-17

Aidan's Party

Aidan’s Party 2-24-17

Bumper Cars

Drives Like Her Mom! 2-25-17

2-24-17 Ice skating with Coach Meegan, then took her to the mall to get her glasses adjusted, then stopped by Claire’s to get hair chalk…Claire’s always makes her happy.
2-25-17 She passed Free Skate 4 today. Went to Aidan’s 8th birthday party at a family fun center. She had fun with the bumper cars…she drives like her mom!
2-26-17 Daddy took her swimming in the afternoon.
2-27-17 I volunteered for 1/2 hour at school, then she went with me to meet a client. It took an hour to get there because it snowed in the morning and traffic was horrible everywhere. She started getting annoyed halfway there…I don’t blame her!

Party Dress

New Party Dress 2-28-17

Party Dress

New Party Dress 2-28-17

Wall Art

For Her Room 2-28-17

2-28-17 After ice skating, we went to the mall so she could get a new party dress for her friend, Morgan’s birthday party this weekend. I bought her a new wall art that was on sale at the yoga studio this morning…I hope she reads it every day.

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