April 1st thru April 30th -2020

Bridge Pose 4-1-20

4-1-20 Off ice with Coach Meegan via Zoom, then Group Off Ice with Coach Susannah. Zoom Math and Science classes today. Her Coronavirus Journal entry: “Today is April 1, 2020. There has been a prediction that the coronavirus is now a plague. Over in Seattle, people are trying to get a field hospital up and running. This is for people with unrelated medical issues to take a burden off some of the other hospitals. New York is in the obvious lead for the most coronavirus cases as of today. It is April fools but it really doesn’t feel like it, but happy April Fools anyway.” She is participating in an 11-Day Online Yoga Challenge. 2nd Day of Challenge was Bridge Pose. One of the local rinks has turned into a quarantine site for the Coronavirus.

Cat Pose 4-2-20

4-2-20 Grace’s Zoom Birthday

4-2-20 History

4-2-20 Online Spins with Coach Kim and Off Ice with Coach Susannah. Zoom Math class. Her Coronavirus Journal entry: “Today is April 2, 2020, but on April 1, the biggest concern recorded was the need of safety supplies. Everybody is running low on different things needed to fight against coronavirus. I predict that the coronavirus will peak at its most deaths and cases, and then slowly get better, but I think that will take a long time. Today I don’t have any personal concerns. This is because I’m home safe, and i’m not going anywhere where there is a huge risk of getting coronavirus.” She told me she hated me because she’s not flexible. Everything is my fault! Lol. Listening to her beat herself up comparing her to other skaters is painful! This is why I make her stretch every day; she isn’t satisfied that she doesn’t get results in 1 day! Helped her with English assignment of reading an excerpt from Jane Eyre and answering questions of the meanings of certain passages. I have a difficult time reading the passages because it’s sooooo boring to me. She completed a history assignment I gave her…her answer about the “President” was funny! Joi was catatonic like the rest of us! His tummy got shaved last month when he got an ultrasound. 3rd Day of Yoga Challenge was Bridge Pose. Governor Inslee just extended the “Stay Home” order until May 4th!

4-3-20 Standing Bow

4-3-20 Biellmann

4-3-20 Dolphin Pose

4-3-20 Off Ice online with Coach Susannah, Online Spins with Coach Kim and Group Off Ice with Coach Meegan. Today’s journal entry: “Today is April 3, 2020, on Thursday, Governor Inslee extended school closure/stay at home order to May 4 2020. I feel good about being home.”Today’s yoga challenge pose was Dolphin.

Happy Baby 4-4-20

Locust 4-5-20

Puzzle 4-5-20

4-4-20 Day 5 of yoga challenge was Happy Baby. Dad took her for a bike ride, then we stayed home. She didn’t know what 9/11 was, so we watched a documentary.
4-5-20 Day 6 was Locust Pose. Played online games with her friend Ivory all afternoon. Still working on the 1,000 piece puzzle.

Electronics 4-6-20

Joi 4-6-20

Joi 4-6-20

Malasana 4-7-20

Plow 4-7-20

4-6-20 Day 7 was Low Squat (Malasana). Off Ice lesson with Coach Meegan in the morning and Coach Susannah in the afternoon. Governor Inslee canceled school for the rest of this school year. This week was supposed to be Spring Break and we were going to go to Colorado Springs to skate at the Broadmoor Arena and get a lesson with Tom Zakrajsek. Had her do some Math and English even though it’s Spring Break just to keep her off the electronics for awhile. Her and Joi enjoy being around each other because we’re stuck at home.
4-7-20 Day 8 pose is Plow. Off Ice with Coach Susannah in the morning. Gave her a Math and English assignment and she entered into her Coronavirus Journal today. Today’s entry: “Today is April 7, 2020. On April 6th, 2020, all schools in Washington got closed until the end of the year. I feel sad about not going back to school this year because this is the last time i’m going to see my friends this year. Also, i’m homeschooling next year, so i’m sad about that.” She Zoom chatted with her ice skating friends, MaddieGrace and Logan. Most of the day, I’m barking at her to get off the computer or phone and stop playing games.

Melting Heart 4-8-20

4-8-20 Her Coronavirus journal entry: “Today on April 8 2020, 1.4 million people worldwide have coronavirus. Also, there have been more than 80000 deaths worldwide. More than a third of the population is on lockdown because of coronavirus. Death rates are increasing dramatically now.” Today was Melting Heart Pose.

Joi 4-9-20

Pigeon 4-9-20

4-9-20 Her journal entry: “Today on April 9, 2020. Washington released an Army field hospital. It has 250 beds, three operating rooms, a lab and a pharmacy. The University of Washington predicts that the state death toll reached its peak on April 2. Washington has also been recognized nationwide for flattening the curve because of social distancing.” She had off ice Spins with Coach Kim and off ice training with Coach Susannah. Had her to some Math and English, then spent time playing online game with Ivory. Today was Pigeon Pose.

Joi 4-10-20

4-10-20 Her journal entry: “Today April 10, 2020, the total deaths from coronavirus reached 100,00, the total cases reached 1.6 million, and recoveries reached 370,000. The cases and deaths are still dramatically rising, and hospitals are still running out of space. The US is still in the lead for the most cases by over 200,000.” Online Off Ice with Coach Susannah, followed by Coach Meegan and a group Spins Class with Coach Kim.
4-11-20 National Pet Day.

Easter 4-12-20

Coding for Tech Class 4-13-20

4-12-20 Spent Easter inside eating chocolate. She did an exercise with toilet paper for Coach Susannah.
4-13-20 Journal entry: “Today is April 13, 2020. This weekend, Michigan’s recovery rate surpassed 433. Also, they are seeing a reduced number of Covid-19 cases, but it does not mean a true decline. Four Kroger employees in Michigan died from coronavirus. Over in Washington, there are now over 10,000 cases and over 500 deaths.” Off ice with Coach Meegan and Group Off Ice with Susannah. Spring Break is over. Sun is out, so we went out for 10 minute walk to get some Vitamin D. She made a simple game from “Coding Game in Python” with daddy in the evening for her Technology class.

Zoom Class with Jason Brown 4-14-20

4-14-20 Off Ice with Coach Susannah. Online Zoom class with Jason Brown, 2015 U.S. national champion and a two-time Four Continents medalist. Zoom Math class with her favorite teacher, Mr. D’Ault. Journal entry: “Today is April 14, 2020. The US is nearing a peak of coronavirus cases right now. In order for the stay at home order to be cancelled, cases and deaths from coronavirus will have to decline, also, we will probably have to have more supplies and a working test for the coronavirus.” Her attitude is that of a typical tween…whispers under her breath when I ask her to do something or acts as if my requests are going in one ear and out the other and always on her phone unless I take it away.
4-15-20 Off Ice with Coach Meegan and Coach Susannah in the morning. Group Off Ice with Coach Susannah. Journal entry: “Today is April 15, 2020. Coronavirus cases are continuing to rise. Washington hit 500 deaths. It’s getting hard to believe that this just started with one guy getting it in Washington, and now half of our population is on lockdown. I hope we find a vaccine or a cure or I hope the cases just go down in general.” She seems to be settling into homeschooling better and arguing less with me when I ask her to do something.

Yoga 4-16-20

4-16-20 Online Spins with Coach Kim, Math Zoom class and Off Ice with Coach Susannah. We did a Yoga class for figure skaters on You Tube. Earlier in the day, I did a hot yoga in the master bath with heaters, step aerobics and an ab workout…she says, “You’re the most active old person I know!” Thanks, I think!
4-17-20 Off Ice with Coach Susannah, Zoom Group with Coach Meegan and Coach Kim. Journal entry: “Today is April 17, 2020. Trump is now trying to reopen the states, even though coronavirus cases are still rising. Once the stay at home order is lifted for real, then the first thing I will do is go ice skating, then I will probably go to a friends house.” After homeschooling, she played Roblox and talked with her friend Ivory in the afternoon and evening.

Joi 4-19-20

Textbooks 4-18-20

4-18-20 I let her spend way too much time playing Roblox with Ivory today. She got upset because Ivory could do something on the game and she couldn’t…actually cried. She’s taking it too seriously, so putting strict limits on her device time. She can play for 1 hour per day and 1 hour doing something else online and that is it! Her homeschooling textbooks arrived that I can use for 7th grade.
4-19-20 Limited her time on her phone, the iPad and computer today. She found other things to do and we did a yoga and stretching class together.

Mermaid 4-20-20

All Black 4-20-20

4-20-20 I sent her an inspirational quote and she came downstairs and told me that she was a great kid and I should be lucky to have her! Off Ice with Coach Meegan, Group Off Ice with Coach Susannah and Zoom Math class in the morning. Journal entry, “Today is April 20, 2020, but on the weekend, there have been people protesting social distancing, and Trump has been calling them great people. Coronavirus cases are still rising with the total number of cases almost at 2.5 million. For now, I have no other thoughts about the coronavirus.” She did Mermaid Pose during yoga. Both of us dressed in all black today…she’s definitely my kid!


4-21-20 Off Ice with Coach Susannah on FaceTime and Zoom Math and Science classes. Journal entry: “Today is April 21, 2020. Right now, only 18% of people in Japan have stopped going to work due to Covid-19, Singapore reported a huge jump in coronavirus cases, over 1000, and Trump says he is suspending immigration over coronavirus.” She took a video while coaching from Susannah…she will be training me soon!
4-22-20 Journal entry: “Today is April 22, 2020. Right now, in Washington state, there are over 12000 coronavirus cases and over 600 deaths, but the state health officer believes the total coronavirus cases are declining. I believe that if the country were too open up right now, coronavirus cases would skyrocket, and so would the deaths.” Off Ice with Meegan, Group Off Ice with Susannah and Zoom math class today.

Joi Hugging Her 4-23-20

Roblox 4-24-20

4-23-20 Journal entry: “Today is April 23, 2020. Right now there are over 25 million people who are jobless and are trying to get money for unemployment. Fortunately, my dad still has his job, but my mom doesn’t.” Spins with Coach Kim, Off Ice with Coach Susannah and Zoom Science class. She got her morning hugs with Joi. She didn’t understand her History drawing assignment, so I helped her with it…after me being stern and her shedding a few tears, we managed to get it done on a positive note.
4-24-20 Off Ice Group with Coach Meegan, Spins with Coach Kim and Off Ice with Coach Susannah. I put 1 hour screen time limit on her phone (Roblox) for games with friends and she finds ways around it by getting on her dad’s computer while FaceTiming or Zooming her friends.
4-25-20 I gave her an expository writing assignment and she chose to write about cyber bullying. Love her last paragraph, especially the last line: “In conclusion, cyberbullying is not ok and needs to be stopped. It can hurt people’s confidence, and can cause kids to start doing horrible things for their health. If you are being cyberbullied, make sure to get help so it can stop. If you are cyberbullying someone, please stop, it will make them and you feel better.” She had an online Zoom class with Vincent Zhou – 2019 World & Four Continents bronze medalist and two-time US National silver medalist (2017, 2019).
4-26-20 The Xbox wireless remote just stopped working (I use it for Netflix). I changed the batteries…still wouldn’t work…she took it away from me to troubleshoot the problem…her dad genes are coming out. 😄

Slideboard 4-27-20

4-27-20 Journal entry: “Today is April 27, Trump has said that people should try using disinfectants to help treat coronavirus. In my opinion, that was irresponsible. If you were to put a disinfectant into your body, it could kill you. They are like poison and are dangerous to intake.” Off Ice with Meegan, Zoom Math Class and Off Ice with Susannah. In the evening, I got to listen to her laughing loudly & having fun interacting with her friends via Zoom/FT. Her new slide board arrived today for off ice training. I realized since we are around each other 24/7, she pushes herself hard! I just need to support & not push at times.
4-28-20 Today was my birthday in quarantine. Her dad brought home a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and sang happy birthday while she held up a big candle. Lol. Off ice with Coach Susannah. She’s going to need a little practice on her new slide board.

Joi 4-29=20

4-29-20 Journal entry: “Today is April 29, There is a change that the stay at home order might be lifted. In my opinion, it’s a little too early to lift the stay at home order, and I don’t think the governor will do it.” Off Ice with Coach Meegan, Zoom Math and Off Ice with Coach Susannah. The ice cream truck came through our neighborhood…she laughed because she couldn’t believe the truck was out during a pandemic. I think Joi the cat is even bored out of his mind!
4-30-20 Spins with Coach Kim, Off Ice with Susannah and Zoom Science class. The stay at home order has been extended past May 5th…will find out for how long on Friday. She took a picture of me and told me I was starting to look old…gotta love kids!

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March 1st thru March 31st -2020

3-1-20 Finally made a decision and voted today! Changed my mind 3x in 2 weeks so I’m glad I waited! Hand sanitizers are out of stock everywhere…looked on Amazon $41.95 for 2 Hand Sanitizers! I’ll take my chances!
3-2-20 Ballet after school followed by ice skating practice.

Arlene’s Gift 3-3-20

3-3-29 Ice skating with Coach Arlene and practice. One of my manager’s at the yoga studio went to see his naturopath yesterday and she gave him a list of things to counter the coronavirus…I ordered #3 from Amazon and am going to rub that sh*t all over my kid! Lol. Sage makes me want to gag (along with other scents), so that won’t work for me, but everything else sounds good!
1. Wash your hands with hot water, and you need to scrub your hands good, not just a quick rinse off. Do it right when you walk in the house. Not after you walk around and touch everything. Immediately.
2. Burn sage. Sage has been used for thousands of years as an antiviral and antibacterial. In actual scientific studies, sage smoke has been proven to kill 98% of all bacteria, fungal, and viruses.
3. Thieves Oil. In the 14th, 15th, and 16th century Europe, groups of bandits would rob corpses that had been killed by the plague. They rubbed this “Thieves Oil” on themselves, and defied the odds to keep the plague at bay. The first year he taught yoga, he had the flu 5 times. Now he almost never gets sick. I ordered it from Amazon. You can also buy it locally at supplement stores. Rub it on your hands, on the back of your neck, and put it on your solar plexus (pit of the stomach in front of aorta). What you should not do is use alcohol hand sanitizer. It actually destroys your immune system.
4. Disinfect door nobs and your steering wheel. Think about it. Where do dirty hands touch the most?
5. Take Astragalus-This herb is the king of all immune system protection herbs. -In Chinese Medicine, this herb is used to manufacture Qi. The belief is that it pushes your Qi, your prana, out…and strengthens the life force around you…to protect you. Also, Wellness formula, taken every morning, has a ton of immune system supporting vitamins and herbs in it.
6. Do Yoga in infrared heat. When we get a fever, it is our body jacking up it’s own heat to kill viruses and bacteria. Our studios run at over 110 degrees. Nothing survives that! No infrared yoga studio near you? Maybe an infrared sauna is.
7. Turn off the news, stop checking the internet, and go back to the top of this page and re read this. Anxiety and stress are the number one killers of your immune system. Don’t feed into this stuff. However, a little praying never hurt anyone.
8. Do your part. Come up with a plan of action to protect you and your loved ones. In the meantime, simply disinfect door handles and keyboards.

Joi 3-4-20

3-4-20 Just realized how jam packed our life is. She asked how much time we have before we leave for the rink..25 minutes. She responds: “Wow, that’s a lot of time compared to other days.” Lesson with Coach Meegan and 2 hours of practice. Joi the cat was waiting at the top of the stairs for us to come home.
3-5-20 One of the school districts next to us closed until the 14th. Just love it when we get to the rink & her skates are at home! Had just enough time to go home, get her skates and make it back for her lesson with Coach Meegan, practice and Power class. Thieves Oil is not a hit with her…I put a drop on the back of her neck and she’s washing it off. Can’t stand the smell…told her if it stinks that bad, then everyone will stay away from her, therefore, she won’t get sick! Lol. Out of hand sanitizer? Use Everclear!
3-6-20 She said that almost half of her history class was absent today…thinking parents are keeping their kids home due to the Coronavirus scare. Went to the rink for Coach Arlene’s lesson, but Arlene forgot to tell us she was out of town, so she practiced for 30 minutes, then we drove to another rink 30 minutes away so she could go to Coach Meegan’s lesson, but that lesson was canceled too, so she practiced for another 90 minutes.

3-7-20 Everclear

Joi’s 17th Birthday Month

3-7-20 Just realized it was Joi’s birthday month. He turns 17 this month…84 in human years. Went to FM and very little toilet paper in stock. Figured I should buy one! Went onto Amazon to see if they had any hand sanitizer since every retailer is out of stock…$42 for 2 bottles…might as well use Everclear!

Modeling 3-8-20

Out of Toilet Paper 3-11-20

3-8-20 Played with the neighborhood girls; they modeled for each other and took pictures with their phones.
3-9-20 Ballet and ice skating practice.
3-10-20 No lessons just figure skating practice today.
3-11-20 Ice skating with Coach Meegan. All Seattle Public School are closing for 2 weeks! Surreal! World Figure Skating Championships 2020 have been canceled! Stopped by FM…guess if I needed toilet paper tonight, I’d be sh*t out of luck!
3-12-20 Governor just ordered all schools closed until April 24th! Wasn’t quite ready to homeschool yet! Two years clean from Diet Coke today! My daughter takes credit when she asked me at lunch 2 years ago why I did yoga and ate healthy, but still drank Diet Coke…I quit the next day! Ice skating with Coach Meegan and Power Skating.

Should Not Carry This in Public 3-13-20

Rinks are Still Open! 3-13-20

3-13-20 The rink is still having Freestyle sessions! Spins with Coach Kim, lessons with Coach Meegan and Arlene. Waiting for her to finish skating…this lady should not be carrying this around in plain sight…she might get attacked!
3-14-20 Played with neighborhood kids.

Joi 3-15-20

3-15-20 Joi is going to love having her at home during the day!
– Colorado Springs trip canceled 4/5.
– Cirque du Soleil Axel canceled 4/11.
– Her ice skating competition will probably be canceled 4/11.
– Staying out of the gym.
– Let her play in the garage w/ neighbor friends today…she just asked if she could go to the store with her friends…NO!!!
Governor has ordered all restaurants, bars, entertainment and recreational facilities closed for 2 weeks! Ugh!!!!!!! All rinks are closed until the end of March!

Homeschooling 3-16-20

Home Workout 3-16-20

Joi Love Her! 3-16-20

3-16-20 I taught my yoga class at 6am, then the studio closed. My office is her new classroom. Thought she might need my support today with online classes, but she kicked me out of my office. I signed her up for classes from outschool.com. She took “Power of Emotional Intelligence, Power of Mindfulness and Types of Angle Pairs” today. Like that I can enroll her in some Life Skills classes that do not get taught in public schools! We did a YouTube cardio video for PE together. Daily dose of her and Joi.

Stock Up 3-17-20

Off Ice Training 3-17-20

3-17-20 Bring it on! Stocked up on meds! Hope all of this ends up in the trash! Rink might be closed, but can still practice off ice! She did 2 outschool.com classes today…”Power of Gratitude and The Life of Helen Keller”. The rest of her classes were from assignments sent from her teacher or online links her school district sent out.
3-18-20 Off Ice Group class with Coach Susannah thru Zoom. She is doing her Math. Went upstairs to check on her; she threw her phone down. I now have her phone! Lol. Her science lesson today was on Life Science: Viruses. I’m learning right along with her, so what we are experiencing is an emerging RNA virus.
emerging RNA virus

Sitting on the Couch 3-19-20

Happy Campers 3-19-20

Plank in the Park 3-20-19

3-19-20 Joi and I are getting the hang of this sitting on the couch thing. Off Ice online with Coach Susannah. Her and Joi are happy campers during the shutdown.
3-20-19 Off Ice group class at the park with Coach Susannah. Getting in some planks. She is starting a Coronavirus Journal to remember this time in history: Am 11-year old view: “The coronavirus has changed many things about the way we have been living. It closed schools and restaurants, and caused everyone to go into complete chaos. In my opinion, I think we’re taking things a little too far, I know people are trying to slow the spread of the virus, but everybody is clearing the stores of toilet paper, and I think that’s a little crazy. My school has been closed for six weeks, as well as my ice rinks. So far, there are over 1000 cases in Washington, which I think makes us the state with the most cases in the U.S. We cancelled our trip to Colorado Springs, and all my skating competitions are cancelled. I feel bored because of this. The government is paying all of the employees for the time that is taken off their work time. There is free testing also”.

3-21-20 True

Joi Hugs 3-21-20

Puzzle 3-21-20

Going Stir Crazy 3-21-20

3-21-20 Joi needed his daily hugs. Saturday zoned out on her phone. We did a 1 hour Vinyasa Yoga class at home together and started a 2000 piece puzzle to kill time. Starting to go a little stir crazy.

Went for a Walk 3-22-20

Went for a Walk 3-22-20

Homeschool with Joi 3-23–20

Virtual Off Ice 3-23-20

3-22-20 We went to a trail near our home…can’t remember the last time we had a moment to take a walk. She’s going to be 18 when we get this puzzle completed.
3-23-20 Virtual off ice training with Coach Meegan, followed by a group lesson with Coach Susannah. 2nd Jumps lesson with Coach Susannah in the afternoon. Gets to homeschool with Joi. In the evening, trying to get her to understand that you don’t gain flexibility in one day. She argues with me with any suggestions I make about alignment, then she starts crying and beating herself up because she can’t do the things she sees on YouTube. Then, she hates everything! I’m losing my mind!
Science assignment today…trying to promote vegetarianism. 😁
What Do You Think About Vegetarianism?
“Vegetarianism is the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat (red meat, poultry, seafood, and the flesh of any other animal), and may also include abstention from by-products of animal slaughter. I think it can be a good thing because it can save the life of some animals, but it can be bad because if everyone went vegetarian, it could result in overpopulation of animals of that kind. Vegetarian diets can be healthier because they can lower the risk of heart disease, type two diabetes, and cancer. Being a Vegetarian can also be bad because they take in less of Iron, Zinc and other things. Overall, I think being a vegetarian is good if you are getting enough protein and iron from other things.

Stuck at Home 3-24-20

Kimspinergy Board Arrived 3-24-20

Standing Bow 3-24-20

Stretching 3-24-20

3-24-20 Preparing to go get gas. Her and the cat have been posing a lot since we’re stuck at home. Doesn’t look as if I’m going to convince her to go Vegetarian or Pescatarian at this time…”Pescetarianism means being vegetarian while still including seafood in your diet. It can be healthy to be a pescatarian, as long as people avoid fish with high levels of mercury. Plant-based diets can help a person maintain a healthy weight, and they also may help with weight loss when necessary. A pescatarian diet can also be unhealthy because there is a risk of contamination from mercury. I think it being a pescatarian is good because you are saving the life of some animals while also maintaining a healthy diet. I don’t think I could be a pescetarian because I like to eat a ton of meat like chicken. People might decide to become pescetarian because some people believe that fish are not on the same moral level as other animals.”
Led her through a Facebook Live Hatha class for one of the studios I teach at. Her Kimspinergy board came today so we’ll schedule online classes with Coach kim. She just let me know that it’s annoying because I don’t have any patience. I refrained from telling her it’s annoying that she doesn’t move fast enough when I ask her to do something. 😐

Joi Hugs 3-25-20

3-25-20 Online Yoga

3-25-20 Due to her meltdown yesterday, her science lesson is on “Flexibility – What is it and factors that affect it? Can you be too flexiblie, etc.?” She was happily doing her flexibility stretches this morning. Tonight another meltdown because she couldn’t do her Biellmann one side and wanted to quit because she CAN’T do it! I told her to keep practicing on that side to keep her body balanced. Apparently, I’m mean! Off Ice with Coach Meegan and Off Ice Group with Coach Susannah. Joi making sure I’m still alive during the quarantine. Joi getting in his daily hugs. Took a Zoom class with other figure skaters taught by Jamie Silverstein, former ice dancer, 2006 U.S. bronze medalist and competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics. I paid $25 for a class I could teach, but it’s better if Mom is not her teacher. Lol

Sanitizing Packages 3-26-20

3-26-20 Bringing delivered packages inside, then sanitizing the box, she says, “Oh my gawd, Mom! You’re obsessed!” Today’s science lesson, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity System to Coronavirus thru Diet.” We set up our home yoga space again today. Online Spins class with Coach Kim followed by Off Ice with Coach Susannah.
How many parents are feeling It’s 5 o-clock somewhere these days…?
Me: Asked as nice as I could, since she thinks I’m mean…How’s your assignments going?
Her: I don’t want to be bothered until I’m completely done with everything. Don’t talk to me.
Me: Check your email from your history teacher; he’s missing a worksheet.
Her: A few minutes later, comes downstairs and stomping around because she left her binder at school and states, “I’m skipping Science today!” Goes upstairs…a few mins later…comes downstairs, “I need you to answer this question, it’s not in the article.”
Me: I answered the question after looking at the article.
Her: Well, you’re not wrong…(first time she’s ever said that to me!). She goes back upstairs.

Working on Biellmann 3-27-20

Common Core 3-27-20

3-27-20 Which method are you using to homeschool? Lol. Online Group class with Coach Meegan and Off Ice with Coach Susannah. Trying to teach her what the House of Rep, Senate and how a bill is made into law…looks at me and says, “Do I REALLY need to know this right now, I’m a kid!” I told her I was going to quiz her every day so should would learn it to shut me up! Lol! Continued stretching in the evening; working on getting her Biellmann.

Joi’s 17th Birthday 3-28-20

Working on Biellmann 3-28-20

Home Hot Yoga 3-28-20

3-28-20 Happy 17th Birthday Joi! I got him in June of 2003 when he was 12 weeks old. We decided his birthday was on 3/28 because hers is on 7/28. Stretching again…wants that Biellmann! Thinking I need an educator to teach her English online 2x/week. She’s a 6th grader in Advanced English, so doing 7/8th grade level. I want her to keep up to standard for the Smarter Balanced Assessment test and have no idea what she needs to be learning.

Hanging from the Rafters 3-29-20

Need to Outsource this Puzzle 3-29-20

Puzzle Night 3-30-20

3-29-20 She’s literally hanging from the rafters. I need to hire someone to put this puzzle together?!?
3-30-20 I treat homeschooling just like going to public school. “Mom, can I skip classes today?” Online off ice with Coach Meegan in the morning. Group off ice with Coach Susannah in the afternoon. Continue practice off ice jumps on her own. Her Coronavirus Journal entry for the day…she likes homeschool because she can attempt to banter with the teacher to do less: “Today (March 30, 2020), school is closed for six weeks, but before it was two weeks, and then got extended to six. This is because two weeks isn’t enough time to slow the spread of coronavirus. I feel bored because of the coronavirus today because I can’t leave my house. I do prefer online classes though. I like them better because I can do school work whenever I get the chance, and I don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time. Also, I get more time to get things done.”

Child’sPose 3-31-20

3-31-20 Spins class with Coach Kim and Off Ice with Coach Susannah. Was able to Zoom with her Math teacher and class this morning. She did all her class lessons with less complaining today. She is participating in an online yoga challenge at one of the studios I teach at. Different pose for 11 days. Today – Child’s Pose. Her Coronavirus Journal entry for today: “As of today (March 31, 2020), Nikki and Derek Betz both lost their jobs in the restaurant industry in Seattle. This is bad because they have a young son and they are worried about how they will pay their mortgage. Mortgage is a loan from a bank or lender to help you finance the purchase of a home. When you take out a mortgage, you make a promise to repay the money you’ve borrowed, plus an agreed-upon interest rate. I feel worried about the coronavirus because it has taken many people’s jobs, it has canceled school and tests, and has closed almost everything at this point.”

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February 1st thru February 29th – 2020

2-1-20 Relaxed at home!

Camel Pose 2-2-20

2-2-20 We went to Warm Hatha in the morning and her and the instructor did Camel Pose together. I started watching “Mommie Dearest in the afternoon until the Super Bowl came on…next time she thinks I’m being mean, I’m going to make her watch the wire hanger scene…that woman was nuts!!!
2-3-20 Ballet after school and ice skating practice.
2-4-20 On and Off Ice lessons with Coach Meegan.
2-5-20 Picked her up early from school for a dental appointment…no cavities! Lesson with Coach Meegan and practice ice.
2-6-20 Practice ice, lesson with Coach Meegan and Power class.
2-7-20 I toured the Homeschooling Parent Partnership program that we will participate in next Fall. Lesson with Coach Arlene, practice ice and group lesson with Coach Meegan, Alice and Julia.

2-8-20 Figure Skating Banquet

2-8-20 Figure Skating Banquet

2-8-20 One of her skating clubs had a banquet in the evening to acknowledge and celebrate the skating members. The skaters get dressed up, have dinner, awards and dancing. One of her skating friends was staying in the hotel overnight and she asked her dad if she could stay and swim after the banquet and of course, he said yes. He went home to get her swim suit. After dinner and awards, I wanted to go home, so I took Uber home. Got home and no house key and my garage door opener is in my car in the garage…took Uber back to hotel…shoot me! Decided to sit at the bar with some of the other parents and have drinks.

Extended Family 2-9-20

Extended Family 2-9-20

2-9-20 Aunt Jenny is in town dropping her dog off at her husband’s son before they move to Okinawa with my mom. Her husband Jason got a 5-year job in Okinawa, so they are moving, which is good for mom since that’s where she is from and has two brothers that still live there. We had lunch and went to the mall to hang out.
2-10-20 Ballet after school, then practiced at the ice rink for an hour.
2-11-20 Off ice training with Coach Meegan, then on ice with Coach Arlene.

Valentine’s Gifts 2-12-20

Valentine’s Day 2-14-20

Valentine’s Day 2-14-20

2-12-20 Ice skating practice, then lesson with Coach Meegan. She loves giving gifts so she made a bunch of Valentine’s gifts with different items…some without candy/chocolate for those that can’t have it for all her skating friends. Daddy picked her up so I could teach a yoga class.
2-13-20 Lesson with Coach Meegan, practice, then Power class.
2-14-20 Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet girl…well, she’s sweet to everyone except me. Lesson with Coach Arlene, then spins lesson with Coach Kim, followed by group lesson with Alice, Julia and Coach Meegan. Her friend Max stopped by when we arrived home and dropped off a bunch of gifts for her…made her day!

Date Night 2-15-20

2-15-20 Daughter date night. We went to watch “Little Women”.
2-17-20 No school due to President’s Day. Ballet with Laurie, then she played with the neighbors the rest of the afternoon.
2-18-20 No school again. Off ice with Coach Meegan followed by on ice with Coach Arlene.
2-19-20 Back to school. Received her grades…straight A’s! Ice skating practice and lesson with Coach Meegan. Her random thought for the day…if you receive fake flower from a friend, it either means your friendship will not die and last forever or the friendship is fake. Watching the Democratic Debate…Her input: “That guy (Bloomberg) doesn’t have lips. Lol.

Double Toe 2-20-20

2-20-20 Lesson with Coach Meegan, practice, Power class. She landed 4 double toe jumps today for the 1st time! National Love Your Pet Day. Poor Joi had to spend the day at the vet getting an ultrasound. Found out he has inflammatory bowel disease…will try to manage with food before we go to pills.

Tween Attitude 2-21-20

2-21-20 She was upset because she received a B+ on her history test; told her a B was fine, but she wants all A’s! Ice skating with Coach Arlene. As I was telling her to hurry up and get her skates on, I got the look…she is the epitome of tween attitude! She landed a few more Double Toe’s – I can’t tell the difference between a Salchow, Loop, Toe Loop, Lutz and Flip, but glad she’s starting to land her doubles. Goal is to get to Pre-Juvenile by Regionals. She had her group lesson with Julia & Alice with Coach Meegan.

2-22-20 I subbed out my yoga classes this morning so I could have the weekend off…threw my whole morning off. I woke up in a panic at 7:50am. Yelled at her to hurry up because she’s going to be late for school. She says, “Mom, it’s Saturday.”
2-23-20 I went to a workshop all afternoon, so she had a daughter and daddy day.
2-24-20 Her history teacher sent an email stating that he was going to give the students a chance to correct their answers and receive 1/2 point for each correct answer. Ballet after school followed by an hour of figure skating practice.
2-25-20 Off ice with Coach Meegan and on ice with Coach Arlene. She told me her math teacher keeps a baseball bat in the classroom in case of a school shooting…I didn’t have to think about these things when I was in 6th grade! Watching the Democratic Debate…Her input, “They all sound like a bunch of children fighting!”
2-26-20 Since she was allowed to correct her answers on her history test, she now has an “A”. She had a lesson with Coach Susannah for the 1st time today; will try to schedule more lessons with her. Traveled to another rink for her lesson with Coach Arlene.
2-27-20 Lesson with Coach Meegan and Power class today.
2-28-20 Joi let her dress him into the Easter Bunny…poor cat. Lesson with Coach Meegan and Arlene, Spins with Coach Kim. Received a robo call from the school district saying that a high school student was diagnosed with the Coronavirus…a little too close for comfort. The high school is right next to her middle school.
2-29-20 Went by Sprouts and a group of moms were hovering in the wellness aisle looking for immune boosters for their kids, including myself.

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January 1st thru January 31st – 2020

Happy New Year! 1-1-20

Playdate 1-5-19

1-1-20 Happy New Year from her and Joi!
1-2-20 Figure skating practice and lesson with Coach Meegan.
1-3-20 Spins class with Coach Kim in the morning. In the afternoon, I was attempting to snooze on the couch while 4 tween girls are in our garage. Sounds like an army of squeals, laughing and screams…for hours! Then, they migrate inside to raid the fridge. 😳
1-4-20 Played with neighbors.
1-5-20 Took her friend from school, Penelope to Arena Sports before school starts back up tomorrow.
1-6-20 Back to school after break. Ballet with Laurie after school, then went to the rink to practice for an hour. Getting back to our normal schedule.
1-7-20 Off ice training with Coach Meegan, then on ice with Coach Arlene.

Always on Her Phone! 1-8-20

1-8-20 Dropping her off at school, I looked back and saw her normal position with her head buried in her iPhone. The only time she puts it down is when she’s skating or sleeping…seriously?!? I had to chair the school district’s Art Reflections Celebration Open House tonight. We went the location at 3:30pm and she helped us set up and move the art and hand out award ribbons to the students. She decided not to enter in the contest this year.
1-9-20 Ice skating with Coach Meegan. Meegan took a video of her double salchow and double loop jumps, so we can send them to her summer camp, so they can decide what level to place her in this June.
1-10-20 Ice skating with Coach Arlene at one rink, then drove 30 minutes to another rink for her spins class with Coach Kim and on ice with Coach Meegan.
1-11-20 Daddy took her to a movie while I taught all day.

Fixed Firm 1-12-20

Camel Pose 1-12-20

1-12-20 She took my Warm Hatha class in the morning, then we went to lunch. Drove to the rink to get new skate guards, so they could fit them to her blades, but when we got there, we didn’t have her skates…story of my life! Started to snow and received the call from her school district. Snow Day tomorrow!

Snow Day 1-13-20

Snow Day 1-13-20

Snow 1-13-20

Snow Day 1-13-20

1-13-20 She played with her neighbor friends in the snow all day. They all came in to our house to get warm and eat.

Snow Day #2 – 1-14-20

Snow Day #3 – 1-15-20

1-14-20 Another snow day playing with her friends! Once again, they migrated inside. And, it started snowing again! She can’t afford to miss this many days of school. Has to be at skating camp in the Midwest on 6/14. Last day of school is 6/14.
1-15-20 Got the call around 6:30am…another snow day…I actually let our a scream, “No!” By afternoon, I was done with all the girls being in my house! She did some yoga in the snow.
1-16-20 2-hour late start. Daddy went into work late since I had to teach a yoga class in the morning. Finally was able to get to the ice rink for her lesson with Coach Meegan.
1-17-20 She is jealous because a group of approx. 20 kids go to Town Center outside shopping center and hang out after school every day and she goes skating every day. Asked her if she wanted to quit skating to be able to hang out and she said, “NO”…phew! Told her even if she didn’t skate, she wouldn’t be going there hanging out without adult supervision. I just don’t think anything good can come out of a bunch of 11-13 year olds just sitting around town center. Skating with Coach Meegan after school and spins class with Coach Kim.
1-18-19 Made up her ballet class from Monday.

Met Friends 1-19-20

1-19-20 We took a Warm Vinyasa class together, then met her friends, Ivory and Riley at church…1st time we’ve been in a couple of years. She went to the middle school area with Ivory. During the sermon, I decided this church was not for us. As I’m listening to the minister talk about the 10 commandments today, specifically, 6, 7 and 8, I realized that practicing yoga, meditation and living by the yamas and niyamas will produce the same outcome. Thou shall not murder comes from anger, so you need to get right with your heart. Adultery comes from lust and getting right in your mind and stealing is just wrong. If you truly practice yoga and meditation, it leads to an ethical way of living. After church, Ivory and Riley came over for a playdate until after 8pm since they don’t have school tomorrow.
1-20-19 Ballet after school, then 1 hour of ice skating practice.
1-21-19 Practice ice skating for 2 hours after school.
1-22-19 Practice ice and lesson with Coach Meegan.
1-23-19 Practice ice and lesson with Coach Meegan.
1-24-19 Conversation after school:
Me: Put your phone away. I was doing a step aerobic workout.
Her: But, what will I do?
Me: That’s the whole point, find something else to do.
Her: She proceeds to talk and ask questions during my entire workout. Asks, “Have you ever had someone constantly ask a bunch of questions that annoy you?”
Me: (She has no idea what’s going on in my mind). She has always been a big communicator! The price I pay for limiting her device time. Lol.
Proceeded to her lesson with Coach Meegan, then went to another rink for her lesson with Coach Meegan.
1-25-19 Watched the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.
1-26-19 Stayed up late because she doesn’t have school tomorrow.
1-27-19 No school and dad took the day off work, which means I have time to hit the gym after my 6am yoga class! Took her to practice in the afternoon.

Skating Friends 1-30-20

Sick Day 1-28-20

1-28-19 She woke up with stomach pains, so stayed home from school. Spent most of the day relaxing on the coach.
1-29-19 Felt better, so back to school. Practice ice and lesson with Coach Meegan even though her stomach started hurting again.
1-30-19 Ice skating practice, lesson with Coach Meegan, then Group Power class with some of her skating friends.
1-31-19 Dropped Joi the cat off at the vet in the morning for his regular checkup. Picked him up and found out he is having a liver problem and the pills we gave him at the last visit didn’t work, so will schedule an ultrasound to see what is causing it. She was pretty upset because she thinks Joi might die since he’s 16 years old. We went to practice ice, spins class and her lesson with Coach Meegan and she was still worried about Joi.

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December 1st thru December 31st – 2019


Playdate 12-1-19

Joi 12-2-19

Public Skate 12-1-19

12-1-19 Took her to public skate. Trying to skate amongst public skaters that can’t skate. Met her friends Ivory & Riley at arena sports in the afternoon.
12-2-19 Ballet after school. Poor Joi the cat kept chewing on the tree, so we put her old skates and mine around the tree to block him.
12-3-19 Off ice training with Coach Meegan, then on ice with Coach Arlene.
12-4-19 Lesson with Coach Meegan.

New Ornaments 12-5-19

New Hat 12-16-19

12-5-19 Lesson with Coach Meegan, then Production practice. I sat at the freezing rink for 3 hours! She received a package from Aunt Jenny and received a cute hat and a skating ornaments including one of Kristi Yamaguchi.

New Dress 12-6-19

Kristi Yamaguchi 12-6-19

12-6-19 She wore her new denim dress she received from Aunt Jenny to school. After school we went to one rink for Coach Arlene’s lesson…forgot she was in Hawaii, so she practiced. Drove 30 minutes to another rink for her group lesson with Coach Meegan.
12-7-19 Not sure what her & daddy did all day while I taught.

Gift Ornaments 12-8-19

12-8-19 Took her Christmas shopping and found these cute ornaments for her instructors and one of the yoga studios I teach at.
12-9-19 Ballet after school, then took her to the rink for an hour to practice.
12-10-19 Lesson with Coach Meegan. An old Santa photo popped up on Facebook; she still thinks Santa is creepy!

Xmas Card Pic 12-11-19

Not Wearing It! 12-11-19

12-11-19 Omg! Trying to get grumpy Joi the cat to pose for a photo for Christmas cards! Had her try on a dress that was originally for one of her skating shows, but everyone decided to change after we ordered, so I was going to make her wear it on Christmas…After she put it one, she said, “Mom, I am NOT wearing this!” 😆 I think it’s cute. Lesson with Coach Meegan after school.
12-12-19 Lesson with Coach Meegan…it was freezing in in the rink! She was at the rink from 215pm to 545pm. I had to go sit in my car with the heat on.

Joi Kisses 12-13-19

Warming Up 12-13-19

Winter Solstice 12-13-19




12-13-19 As soon as she got home from school, she had to snuggle with Joi. She warmed up with her Jerry’s band before her Winter Solstice performance with Alice and Julia at one of her skating clubs.

Gingerbread House 12-14-19

Holiday Show 12-14-19

Holiday Show 12-14-19

Holiday Show 12-14-19

12-14-19 Holiday performance with her other skating club in the afternoon. She worked on her gingerbread house before the performance.
12-15-19 Took her shopping to get gifts for her friends. I never want to go to the mall again!
12-16-19 Oops! Just got a call from her…apparently it was time to pick her up at school. Wasn’t watching the time. Went to the rink to practice after school.
12-17-19 She told me she figured out Santa wasn’t real when she was 7 because he used the same wrapping paper that I did. I’m not good at faking sh*t. She figured out that Disney characters were just people dressed up in costumes about the same time. I finally told her the tooth fairly wasn’t real because I was going broke giving her $20’s for each tooth because I would forget and the tooth fairy would have to make it up the next night by saying she was really busy…she asked if she could pretend she still believed in that one. Ha! Off ice training with Coach Meegan. On ice with Coach Arlene.
12-18-19 Practiced for a couple of hours and had her lesson with Coach Meegan.

Decorating Tree 12-19-19

12-19-19 She wanted to put up and decorate a small Christmas tree at one the yoga studios I teach at because the owner has been busy taking care of her mom with brain cancer.
12-20-19 She stayed home from school sick today; whining and begging me not to go to the library for 30 mins to finish a project for the PTSA Art Reflections that I’m working on. Joi the cat starts whining along with her. OMG! So loud! Not how I planned my day off.
12-21-19 She still wasn’t feeling well, so stayed home and relaxed.
12-22-19 Daddy took her to watch Jumanji 2.
12-23-19 Daddy took her to the rink, but she lost a contact as soon as she got there, so they came home. Had ballet with Laurie in the afternoon. Haley dropped off a Christmas gift.
12-24-19 We went shopping for daddy’s gift at the mall. She found a new outfit for him…LOL!

Christmas at Great Wolf 12-25-19

Gift from Haley 12-25-19

Max’s Christmas Gift 12-25-19

Christmas Gift from Max 12-25-19

Christmas 12-25-19

Joi 12-25-19

12-25-19 She slept in until 8:30am and started to open presents. As soon as we unblock the tree, Joi immediately starts chewing on it. We got her a world globe to help with homeschooling next year. She also received a $100 bill because she wanted cash to go to the mall and shop with friends. New adidas shoes, a mini-waffle maker and new Chloe Noel skating pants. Her friend, Max gave her a pink flamingo, ice skating necklace and chocolate. Haley gave her lamp with alarm clock bluetooth speaker MP3 player and USB flash drive. Her and daddy got me a can of cream cheese frosting because I love it and a selfie stick. Ha! After opening we gifts, we met our friends, The Iov’s and headed to Great Wolf Lodge. As soon as we arrived, her and daddy got on the waterslides.

Great Wolf Lodge 12-26-19

Great Wolf Lodge 12-26-19

12-26-19 She’s having fun in the water park and hanging with friends. I actually bought her ice cream!
12-27-19 Last day at Great Wolf Lodge. Spent $90 just so she won enough points to get the stuffed unicorn she wanted…could have went to store and bought it for $30.
12-28-19 The neighborhood friends have made our house their home during Christmas break. Sleepover with Ivory & Riley.
12-30-19 Ice skating with Coach Arlene.

Ballet with Laurie 12-31-19

Ballet with Laurie 12-31-19

Yoga 12-31-19

12-31-19 Eye appointment…the optometrist assistant was impressed with how mature she was. Make up ballet with Laurie, then went to the rink to practice…they were twinning with the same matching color clothes today. Found a New Year’s Eve yoga class to do in the afternoon. Let her stay up until midnight for the new year!

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November 1st thru November 30th – 2019

11-1-19 We are going to try to be grateful every day this month. Today we are grateful for Joi because he is a GREAT cat! She had early release from school today due to conferences next week. We drove to the rink for Coach Arlene’s lesson and forgot her skates in the garage, so we had to cancel the lesson. Drove home picked up her skates and drove to another rink for her spins class with Coach Kim and group class with Alice and Julia with Coach Meegan.
11-2-19 Today she is grateful for Coach Meegan and Daddy; I am grateful for the couch! I took her to get fitted for new skates since her current ones are too small. She is going to keep the same Jackson boot and get a lighter blade; going to the try the Jackson Matrix.

Lolo’s Party 11-3-19

Joi Misses Her 11-4-19

11-3-19 Today we are grateful for the Huyser’s…friends since 2010. She went to her friend, Lolo’s birthday party at some chocolate place. Lolo’s mom sent a photo of the sundae she had…a little excessive!
11-4-19 Today she is grateful for ice skating. I am grateful we can pay for her new skates. Daddy picked her up from school since it’s early release and I had to teach a noon yoga class. Ballet lesson was canceled since her teacher’s daughter had to go the hospital. Had to take a pic of her & Joi.

Off Ice Training 11-5-19

11-5-19 Off ice with Coach Meegan. Serious off ice training…jump squats with wrist weights! On ice with Coach Arlene. Today she is grateful for me and I am for her!
11-6-19 She is grateful for her iPhone 6s (although she would like a 10). We went to her parent/teacher conference. She is doing great…no worries. Ice skating with Coach Meegan.
11-7-19 She is grateful for oxygen because w/o it we could not breathe & we would die.Ice skating with Coach Meegan.

Tired & Stressed 11-18-19

11-8-19 She is grateful for Coach Arlene. On the way to the rink she fell asleep…she has worn herself out stressing because she hasn’t landed a double salchow in 2 days…said that’s all she thought about all day.🙁 Told her it’s from all the candy and junk she ate last week…she didn’t appreciate that!😐 She landed it when we got to the rink! Spins class with Coach Kim.
11-9-19 is grateful for her neighborhood friends, Veronika, Joy & Jenna. Neighbor Veronika came over all afternoon. She hasn’t been over since school started.

Joi the Cat 11-10-19

Jamba Juice 11-11-19

11-10-19 She is grateful for our money because it allows her to skate. She took a Warm Vinyasa class with me at 8am, then sat through my Barre class while I taught. We did some off ice training together at home. She loves her cat!
11-11-19 No school due to Veterans Day. Today we are grateful for Jamba Juice smoothies! Ballet with Teacher Laurie.
11-12-19 Off ice with Coach Meegan.

Joi’s Food Bowl is Low 11-13-19

11-13-19 She is grateful for her friends at school. I’m grateful I won the lotto when it comes to my kid! On ice with Coach Meegan. She forgot to put food in Joi’s bowl…spoiled cat! When his food bowl gets low, he sits by meowing.
11-14-19 She is grateful for yoga because it makes me not in a bad mood all of the time.
I agree! Ice skating with Coach Meegan, then the Production team is practicing for the holiday show. She’s very excited…landed a double loop today!

New Skates 11-15-19

Regionals 11-16-19

11-15-19 She is grateful for cough drops; it helps with her current sore throat. Her new skates are in, so we went to get them fitted…they heat and mold the skates to her feet.
11-16-19 She is grateful for her ice skating friends that support her. We went to watch the Pacific Coast Sectional Junior and Senior ladies compete today!

Drive Home 11-17-19

Public Skate 11-17-19

11-17-19 Nice drive home from sectionals. Took her to public skate to start breaking in her new skates. She despises skating during public sessions…too many people
11-18-19 Ballet with Teacher Laurie.

Joi Wants His Food! 11-19-19

11-19-19 She is grateful for our home because without it, we would be homeless. Off ice with Coach Meegan. On ice with Coach Arlene. Took Joi to the vet for a rash on his neck and didn’t want him to puke in the car, so I took his food bowl away for a couple of hours. He sat by it meowing…you’d think I never feed him!
11-20-19 She is grateful for snow so she can go sledding. I’m grateful for daddy that takes her so I don’t have to! Lol. Ice skating with Coach Meegan.

Passed Tests 11-21-19

Dumped Popcorn in Car 11-22-19

11-21-19 Passed Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field and Preliminary Freestyle today! Moving up in her skating levels! After her tests, we traveled to another rink for Production practice.
11-22-19 She is grateful for headphones so she doesn’t have to listen to me babble on. Gotta love her! Picked her up at school and she says, ”I’m starving!” Told her to eat the popcorn she dumped in the car yesterday. Bad mom! Went to her lesson with Coach Arlene, then went to another rink for her group lesson with Alice and Julia with Coach Meegan.
11-23-19 Daddy took her to the rink to get her new blades screwed down tight.
11-24-19 Went to watch Frozen 2 with Ivory and Riley.
11-25-19 She is grateful for her ballet teacher, Laurie because she has fun in class. After ballet we went to the rink to practice for an hour.
11-26-19 Skating lesson with Coach Arlene after school, then practiced for 1.5 hours.

Canned Cranberry 11-27-19

11-28-19 Thanksgiving

11-27-19 Early release from school. Took Joi to the vet for a follow up of his rash. Went skating and had her lesson with Coach Meegan. Brought her home a can of cranberry sauce because we can’t have Thanksgiving without the canned stuff!
11-28-19 Since I don’t cook much, we went out for Thanksgiving dinner.

Christmas Decorations 11-29-19

Joi’s New Spot 11-29-19

11-29-19 Daddy took her to her 7:30am group lesson with Coach Meegan this morning. She put up the Christmas tree and decorations all by herself this year. Joi found his new favorite spot under the tree.
11-30-19 She relaxed.6th

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October 1st thru October 31st – 2019

10-1-19 Ice skating with Coach Meegan, then Coach Arlene and stayed for practice to prepare for regionals tomorrow. Skipped gymnastics, so she could get to bed early.

PNW Regionals 10-2-19

PNW Regionals 10-2-19

PNW Regionals 10-2-19

PNW Regionals 10-2-19

PNW Regionals 10-2-19

10-2-19 Pacific NW Figure Skating Regionals start today. Picked her up from school early for practice time at noon. She competed at 9pm at the Pre-preliminary Level. She competed in the same group with her friend Ana. She placed 6th out of 10 and Ana placed 7th. Her goal was to get 9th or better. Lol. She placed 6th..her axel landings were slightly off. Top 6 skaters were all within 1.17 points of each other. First time being scored using the IJS judging system instead of 6.0. She scored 1st in total program component, performance and interpretation of music. I like this system better; it breaks down the points to see where she did well and what she needs to work on. She’s not happy because some of her jump landings were not perfect…I can’t tell. If she doesn’t fall, it looks like a good jump to me! The IJS system is extremely detailed, but it tells you exactly what you need to work on. In her case, she needs to work on her jumps and spins. This will come as she gets stronger…she’s only 62 lbs. and was competing against bigger girls.

Day After Regionals 10-3-19

World Animal Day 10-4-19

National Taco Day 10-4-19

10-3-19 The day after regionals, she’s back on the rink to practice and coaching lesson with Meegan.
10-4-19 Ice skating practice and her group lesson with skating friends, Alice and Julia after school. Celebrating Joi on World Animal Day 2019. It is also National Taco day, so she made tacos.

PNW Regionals 10-5-19

10-5-19 Went back to the rink to watch the Junior and Senior competitors at regionals.
10-6-19 She did a Warm Hatha class with me in the morning, then Daddy took her to the local Salmon Days festival. She’s looking for Halloween costumes on line…she just showed me one of the flipping off signal…”OMG! You can’t wear that! Social Services might pay me a visit!”
10-7-19 Ballet after school.
10-8-19 Off ice training with Meegan, then on ice with Coach Arlene. Gymnastics in the evening.

Pic with iPhone 11 10-9-19

Random Pic 10-10-19

10-9-19 Skating and coaching lesson with Meegan. I finally got the new iPhone 11 today. Just wanted the camera on it, so taking random pics of her to test it out.
10-10-19 Picked her up from school and she was upset that she scored a B- on her history test. Started crying and saying she failed. I think it’s her first “B” ever on a test. Told her it was ok and she doesn’t have to get A’s all of the time. Her history teacher will let them retake the test, but the highest they can receive is a B even if they score an A. Told her to retake it because a few points could make the difference between an A and B for the semester. Proceeded to her ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan and she practiced her double toe, flip and loop. She fell a lot and said she thought Coach Meegan was bored with her and mad at her because she couldn’t land them. SHE felt as if she should have them down by now. Messaged Meegan and Meegan said to tell her the doubles would come and falling is part of the process.
10-11-19 Got ready for school, then said she had a stomach ache. Told her to relax on the couch and drink some water. By the time we were supposed to leave for school, it wasn’t any better, so sent a message to the school saying should would be late. Gave her some saltines and she puked. Messaged the school to let them know she would be absent today. She whined a lot then fell asleep on the couch. When she woke up she tried to eat some applesauce, but started feeling nauseous again, asked if she was going to die and wanted to go to the doctor. Told her we would go tomorrow if she wasn’t feeling better. Fell asleep again.
10-12-19 She is still not feeling well. Should of subbed out my classes this morning…as I’m leaving, she was begging me to not leave her.
10-13-19 She is starting to feel better today and can hold down food. She was worried that she lost 3 lbs. I offered to go get cake and she said “no”….yep, she’s not feeling well. Daddy decided to order pizza, so she started feeling nauseous again. I told him…bland food!!!

Ballet 10-14-19

10-14-19 She went to school this morning, then ballet. Said she felt better after school She’s working up to do a Biellman on ice.
10-15-19 She was so upset when she didn’t get into art as her elective; instead she was placed in robotics, which was her last choice. Figured I’d be listening to a year of complaining…it has become her favorite class. Back to skating after school, then gymnastics in the evening.
10-16-19 Coach Meegan had to leave the rink early, so she practiced on her own for 2 hours.

Stretching 10-17-19

10-17-19 Practiced, then lesson with Coach Meegan, then more practice. Came home and stretched.
10-18-19 Practiced after school, group lesson with Coach Meegan, Julia and Alice. She did off ice stretches at home.

New Boots 10-19-19

10-19-19 Daddy took her to get pumpkins. I took her to the mall to get gifts for her friends, Lolo and MaddiGrace that are coming up. She got a new pair of Michael Kors boots…I want a pair!

Barre 10-21-19

Yoga Play 10-21-19

10-21-19 She took my Barre class in the afternoon. 1st time taking a Barre class. Did some handstands with the yoga teacher teaching the class after mine. Her 6th grade school picture arrived.

Finished Puzzle 10-22-19

10-22-19 Off ice training with Coach Meegan and on ice with Coach Meegan after school. I made her put her phone down and told her to work on her puzzle she started on in the summer. She finally finished it with my help. She complains when I tell her to work on it and says she hates doing puzzles…until tonight when I did it with her…she said, “This is fun!”
Proves kids really want you to do stuff with them no matter what it is.
10-23-19 Practiced for a couple of hours before her lesson with Coach Meegan.
10-24-19 Lesson with Coach Meegan and practice.
10-25-19 Lesson with Coach Arlene at one rink, then drove 30 minutes to another rink for her group lesson with Coach Meegan, Julia and Alice. Drove 45 minutes to her ice skating friend, MaddieGrace’s 11th birthday party and sleepover.
10-26-19 Daddy picked her up at MaddieGrace’s and they went to the rink to get her blades checked. All the coaches said they look out of alignment. She has been skating all year with misaligned blades…apparently, this affects her jumps causing her to land on the wrong edge. She got marked down at regionals for landing on the wrong edge of her Lutz, etc. Rick couldn’t fix them because she has been skating on it for so long that it has affected her boot, plus her skates are way too small. All these things that may have affected her jumps and spins…who knew?!? As long as she doesn’t fall, I can’t tell if it’s a good jump or not! It’s time for new skates $$$.

Pumpkin Carving 10-17-19

10-27-19 She is keeping busy carving pumpkins while her parents are attempting to install a microwave since her old one stopped working. We may not survive the installation!
10-28-19 Picked her up from school and she starts whining about her History homework that she did last week didn’t go through. Her dad and her worked on it and emailed it through the schools online system and the page was blank when the teacher received it, so it shows that it wasn’t turned in. She started crying because this lowered her grade to a “B”. Her teacher will let her turn it in late, so I told her just redo it and send it back in, but she had to get dramatic before she calmed down and went to ballet. When daddy got home, he helped her redo the worksheet…hopefully, it went through this time.
10-29-19 Off ice training with Coach Meegan, then on ice with Coach Arlene.

Tween 10-30-19

Halloween Skate 10-30-19

Halloween Skate 10-30-19

10-30-19 She came downstairs in her new sweater and I noticed she looked so much more grown up…she’s turning into a tween. Went to the rink to practice after school, then had her lesson with Coach Meegan. Her skating club at a Halloween Skate, so she changed into her witch costume.

Halloween 10-31-19

Halloween 10-31-19

Halloween 10-31-19

10-31-19 We went to Ivory and Riley’s neighborhood to trick or treat…have been going there for the past 5 years. Ivory dressed up as the tin man, Riley the scarecrow and she was the witch.

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September 1st thru Setember 30th – 2019

9-1-19 Daddy took her to public skate to practice in the afternoon.

Two Peas in a Pod 9-2-19

Two Peas in a Pod 9-2-19

Two Peas in a Pod 9-2-19

Skating Friends 9-2-19

9-2-19 Labor Day. Relaxed at home in the morning with Joi…they are two peas in a pod. Took her to the rink for freestyle practice; her friends Alice and Julia were there. Ballet in the afternoon.

9-3-19 Balyage

9-3-19 Skipped ice skating today so I could Balyage her hair between my yoga classes. Seh wanted it done before school starts tomorrow. Gymnastics in the evening.

1st Day of 6th Grade

9-4-19 And, she’s off to middle school…1st day of 6th grade! I sent a message to the counselor asking if she could get out of school an hour early to substitute P.E. with ice skating since she needs to practice 15-20 hours per week, plus she takes gymnastics and ballet once per week. P.E. is 6th period and History is 7th, so P.E. would need to move the her last period. Only practiced for 30 minutes prior to Coach Meegan’s lesson.
9-5-19The counselor said parents can part-time homeschool any class including P.E., so I completed a couple of forms and she will get a new schedule. She was sad because the history teacher was her favorite because her name was the same as hers and the teacher has a son that plays hockey. Lesson with Coach Meegan and figure skating practice.
9-6-19 Third day of school…parent already yelling at another parent in the drop off line. She received her new schedule with the last 2 periods switched.  Her new history teacher is a man, so she has 3 male teachers this year. She had her group lesson with Julia and Alice in the afternoon, then practiced for 90 minutes.
9-7-19 Daddy took her to public skate to practice for an hour since she has a competition tomorrow.

Blades on Ice 9-8-19

Blades on Ice 9-8-19

9-8-19 Warming Up

Joi 9-8-19

9-8-19 Joi can’t part with her Waiting for her this morning outside her bathroom while she takes a shower. At the rink by 8am for practice ice at 8:15am. Competes at 10:30am. Her and her friend, Julia are competing against each other for the first time in the same Pre-preliminary Freestyle group. They are very supportive of each other. After they skated, they had cupcakes waiting for the results. She placed 3rd and Julia placed 6th. All the skaters in their group were good…2nd place did a Biellman spin her program.

Crazy Car Stuff 9-9-19

9-9-19 She started her new schedule today with a different history teacher. She found out that she had Isaac in her new history class…the boy that absolutely drove her nuts in the 4th grade. She’s very petite and he used to call her “Tiny Tina”…when he saw her today, he called her Tina. He’s not doing it in a mean way, but it is driving her crazy. When I was driving on the Interstate to teach my noon class,  my rear driver side window just broke on its own as I’m driving! There was a semi to to the left, so the only logical reason is that the semi’s tire hit something and it flew up and hit the glass. I’m glad she wasn’t in the car because that’s the side she sits on. Skipped skating since it was raining and my window is missing. Took her to ballet since the dance studio is a minute away from our house.

9-10-19 Keep Jumping!

9-10-19 Picked her up from school and went to the ice rink for her lesson with Coach Arlene at 3pm. We arrived at 2:30pm and there was hockey until 3pm, so I told her to do some off ice training. I was barking at her to keep jump roping while I sat back with my feet up. Lol. Then, she practiced for 90 minutes. Came home for dinner and she finished her math and history homework…1st homework of the year. Daddy took her to gymnastics and her friend, Haley is in the same class. Haley got a new phone and when she got home, she asked what she could do to get a new phone…she has an iPhone 6s (just like me). I told her she needs to be grateful for what she has and some kids don’t have phones yet. She started crying because she said she was jealous and called herself a brat. I told her she wasn’t a brat and it’s ok to be jealous. She still wants to know how she can earn a new phone…I told her to go to bed because I’m not sure yet.

9-11-19 Kitty Time

9-12-19 Homework at Rink

9-11-19 Went skating before school…so tired! Came home for 45 minutes to relax after school and play with the kitty before freestyle, then lesson with Coach Meegan.
9-12-19 Picked her up at school and she was excited to tell me about the drama of the day. Apparently, someone hit Isaac on the playground, so he hit him back and they got into a big fight…she thinks he will get suspended. She said her math teacher (1st period) noticed she was tired yesterday and asked what was going on. She told him, she skates on Wednesday’s before school, so he told her to remind him every week and he’ll be easy on her. Went to the rink and she had 30 minutes to get some homework done before 90 minutes of freestyle skating and a 30 minute lesson with Coach Meegan. I went for a walk while she skated instead of sitting around and found some nice water views. She informed me I was an inappropriate mom because I say curse words…she’s probably right. Maybe it’s because I sent her a text regarding twerking when she arrived at school.
9-13-19 While she was in school, I made a monthly chore cart for her that she will have to start doing if she wants a new phone for Christmas. Daddy told her if he had his way, she would still be playing games on her Leap Pad. Pick her up for early release Friday at 1pm. Relax for an hour before lesson with Coach Arlene at one rink, then travel 30 minutes to another rink for her Spins class with Coach Kim, then group class with Alice and Julia with Coach Meegan.
She is reading thru her student rights and responsibilities handbook…
She asks: What is sexual harassment?
Me: When someone makes comments such as “nice butt” or pats you on the butt and it’s unwanted.
Her:…and, I would slap them!
Me: You might get suspended…and, I would be proud! 😄
9-15-19 Regional’s schedule just announced…8:50pm on a Wednesday night…REALLY?!?
9-16-19 Every day she says she doesn’t have enough time to eat lunch…today she didn’t have enough time to finish a slice of pizza and didn’t even get to open her milk…she’s shoving a big piece in her mouth as she’s getting up. I’m really NOT ok with this! Ballet after school.

Heavy Backpack 9-17-19

9-17-19 Homework at Rink

Gymnastics 9-17-19

9-17-19 Students no longer have lockers in her middle school…she has to carry her backpack all day…it’s bigger than she is. Ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan, followed by lesson with Coach Arlene, then practice time. Homework at the rink. Love that she suggested doing her homework since we had a few minutes before her lesson…probably to get out of off ice training. Lol. Gymnastics in the evening.

Morning Practice 9-18-19

9-18-19 Took her to 6:30am practice ice. Fun watching her practice..need to upgrade my iPhone to get a better camera! She keeps bugging me daily about getting an iPhone 10 to replace her 6s…I just read her a quote about being grateful. Her response…”It’s the 21st century, no one is grateful for anything, get used to it Mom!” It’s kind of sad, that she is probably right. Ice skating with Coach Meegan followed by 1.5 hours of practice.
9-19-19 When I picked her up yesterday, she said her back hurt from her backpack. I offered to get her a luggage carrier to cart it around, but that’s dorky. She weighed it this morning…12 lbs and she only weighs 62. Think I’m going to put 12 lbs in a backpack and carry it around for 4-5 mins every 50-60 mins to do an experiment, but I weigh 100, so I will increase the weight to 20 lbs to see how it feels. Practiced after school and coaching lesson with Meegan.

20 lbs 9-20-19

9-20-19 Daddy picked her up from school and took her to her lesson at one rink with Coach Arlene, then traveled to another rink for her spins lesson with Coach Kim followed by a lesson with Coach Meegan and practice. I started a Myofascial Release Training workshop for the weekend. Decided to pick a day and carry 20 lbs. in a backpack for a day to see how she feels. She’s 62 lbs; I’m 100 lbs, so the rations would be the same.

Regional Send Off 9-21-19

Regional Send Off 9-21-19

Regional Send Off 9-21-19

9-21-19 She went to one of her skating club’s Regional Send-off Exhibition. All members that are competing in regionals performed their program. She made sure to give Joi the cat love before going to bed.
9-23-19 Her time keeps getting later to compete at Regionals…her bedtime is 9pm. Will be interesting to see how she competes at that time. Picked her up from school. She asks what happens if all the practice ice times fill up for regionals & you haven’t signed up. Told her I guess they are SOL. She didn’t know what SOL meant, so I told her…of course, she cracked up. Things she would learn if I homeschooled. Lol. Ballet after school.
9-24-19 Off ice training after school with Coach Meegan followed by on ice with Coach Arlene, then practiced for 1.5 hours. Daddy took her to gymnastics in the evening.
9-25-19 She realIzed she left her Chrome book at home when we arrived in the school parking lot. I g0t irritated as hell and told her this ONE time I will go home and get it and from this point forward she doesn’t get her phone until we are in the car because I think she gets distracted. She told me to not get it because she knew I was pissed. I’m partially to blame because I have not been enforcing the no phone until everything is ready to go in the mornings. I felt back because she was telling herself under breath not to cry. I took her Chrome book to her and realized everyone forgets things and she has a busy schedule for an 11-year old. Ice skating with Coach Meegan after school.

Every Day is Daughter Day 9-26-19

Gift 9-27-19

9-26-19 I missed posting about daughter day yesterday, so I took a photo of her making her breakfast and thought, every day is daughter day! Practiced for 3 hours after school.
9-27-19 She received a gift in the mail from an old friend. Group lesson with Julia and Alice, then practiced.

9-28-19 AcroYoga

9-28-19 AcroYoga

9-28-19 AcroYoga

9-28-19 AcroYoga

9-28-19 AcroYoga

9-28-19 AcroYoga

9-28-19 AcroYoga

9-28-19 She went to an Acro-Yoga workshop with me.
9-29-19 Daddy took her to the Regional send-off at her other skating club. Love having an easy kid…told her to get ready for bed and she happily says, “Ok, I’ll get my PJ’s on and read for awhile.” She also did all her weekend chores and homework. I think she’s aiming for a new iPhone by Xmas!

Curriculum Night 9-30-19

9-30-19 Last week got away from me, so starting today…carrying 20 lbs for 4 mins per hour for 7 hours and I have to go up and down stairs. Her: Can you look nice for curriculum night tonight when you meet my teachers?
Me: Fine! I’ll wear normal clothes instead of yoga pants and take my hair out of a bun.
Her: Thank you!
Geez…the sacrifices I make for my kid!!!
Took a picture of her and Daddy…the 1st thought was, “The Shining”.
I’m done carrying the 20 lb backpack after 1 day!!! After curriculum night and seeing how she has to fly from one end of campus to the other and go up and down stairs with her heavy backpack. This will keep chiropractors in business!

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August 1st thru August 31st – 2019

Rink Evacuated 8-1-19

Yoga 8-2-19

8-1-19 Ice skating practice for an hour in the morning. Back at the rink for 2 hours for practice and coaching lesson with Meegan. Emergency lights started flashing in the rink. They made everyone exit…not sure what happened, but nothing serious. Practicing her split jump!
8-2-19 Taught yoga to the ice skaters in the morning. She had her lesson with Meegan, the we relaxed the rest of the day. Getting ready to go to National Showcase tomorrow to compete with her Production Team.

8-3-19 National Showcase

8-3-19 National Showcase

8-3-19 National Showcase

8-3-19 Traveled to Wenatchee to compete with her Production Team in the 2019 National Showcase. Her team placed 8th nationally in her competing mini-production group. Her production coach wanted liquid eyeliner and fake lashes. Went swimming with a couple of her team members at the hotel after the competition.

Daddy’s Birthday 8-4-19

My View at Slidewaters 8-4-19

8-4-19 Daddy’s birthday today. He spent it in the Target candy aisle. Lol. Went to SlideWaters in Lake Chelan for the day before heading home.
8-5-19 Had her ballet lesson, then she spent the night at Aunt Cindy’s so mom and dad could go to a Toby Keith concert.
8-6-19 Off ice jumps with Coach Arlene, then a private lesson before practicing for another 1.5 hours. Daddy took her tumbling class in the evening.

Neighbors 8-7-19

International Cat Day 8-8-19

8-7-19 The neighbor girls came over before her ice skating lesson and Joi decided to hang with them. Practiced for a couple of hours before her lesson with Coach Meegan.
8-8-19 It’s International Cat Day, so she put bunny ears on him for a photo op. Lesson with Coach Arlene in the morning and Coach Meegan in the afternoon.

Yoga 8-9-19

Quote of the Day 8-9-19

8-9-19 Taught yoga to the ice skaters in the morning…some of the skaters have no bones! She had a lesson with Coach Meegan. I sent her an “inspirational” quote…such a Bad Mom!
8-10-19 Daddy and her went to the sports center with the indoor zipline, video games and bowling.
8-11-19 We went to a Vinyasa class before attending “Great Conversations – A Heart to Heart Talk on Growing Up” at the Children’s Hospital. This was a talk covering topics, such as puberty and sex. She’s been asking how babies are made, so signed up for this because I didn’t how to present this to her! On the way home, he asked if daddy and I had done that and I said that’s how babies are made. Her response, “Dad did that?!? He’s a nerd!”

Shots 8-12-19

Shots 8-12-19

8-12-19 She had her 11-year checkup with Dr. George…she is healthy and right on track. Received 3 shots today: Tdap, Meningoccocal and HPV…as soon as we got home, Joi came to sit with her to make her feel better. Her ballet teacher was busy, so she didn’t have ballet, which worked out well since her left arm was in pain.
8-13-19 Daddy took her to SlideWaters for the day.

Crisis 8-14-19

8-14-19 She wanted to stay home while I taught my morning class. On the way home, I received a text message to “GET HOME RIGHT NOW! I slightly panicked until she sent the next message. Spider crisis at home! Lol. When I got home, she was sitting on the back of the couch keeping an eye on the spider. I flushed it down the toilet and all was good again. Went to public skate to practice in the morning. Afternoon practice and lesson with Coach Meegan.

Smiles 8-15-19

8-15-19 Told her to smile…need it to keep me awake today. My day started waking up at 4am to teach at 6am…hers is starting at an ice rink with Coach Arlene and continuing to another rink later to practice and lesson with Coach Meegan….my day will end teaching at 730pm. During her lesson with Coach Arlene, Coach Kim (spin specialist) gave her some advice on a spin. When she came up from the rink, she was telling me about it, so I asked if she would like a lesson with Kim once per week to work on her spins. So, we have added this lesson to her schedule.
8-16-19 Took a group spins class with Coach Kim, then I taught yoga to the ice skaters…last day of summer skating school, the she had her lesson with Coach Meegan.

Shopping 8-17-19

Arena Sports 8-18-19

Puzzles 8-18-19

8-17-19 Took her school clothes shopping in the afternoon. Apparently, you can’t wear Justice clothes in middle school or you will get made fun of and that’s almost ALL she has! The styles out are quite ugly…lots of unicorns. We found some shirts at a few stores and bought a couple of Justice leggings, but the logos are hidden.
8-18-19 Bought her puzzles…anything to keep her off her phone! Went to the Sports Center in the afternoon with the ropes and zipline, arcade games, bowling and climbing. Friends, Ivory and Riley met her there.
8-19-19 Practice ice for an hour before my noon yoga class. Ballet in the afternoon.
8-20-19 Took my car in for an oil change and it took 1.5 hours, so we walked to HairMasters to get her a haircut. The stylist combed through her hair and said she couldn’t cut her hair because she has lice! She started crying. She had been complaining of an itchy head 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I figured it was dandruff and told her to wash her hair good. Made an appointment at the lice removal place as soon as we were done with the oil change. I was watching the lady removing the lice from her hair…she has had it for at least a month. It was so gross! BAD MOM! Should have checked her head when she said it itched. Took 2.5 hours and $250 later it was all out! Checked my head and I have it too…her and I share brushes all the time! Didn’t have time to do mine, so I bought the do it home kit. Went home fumigated the house and spent 4 hours on my hair because I didn’t want to stop combing through to make sure they were all gone. My infestation wasn’t very bad, but so gross! We think she got it from gymnastics. Messaged friends Ivory and Riley to check and Ivory had it, not sure about Riley. They are always hugging and putting their heads on each other. Messaged the cousins because she spent the night a couple of weeks ago. Daddy picked her up and got checked…he didn’t have it. Said he was going to stay in a hotel…lol! He took her to gymnastics and I put lice repellant detangler spray in her hair and put it in a bun.

Ballet 8-21-19

Ballet 8-21-19

Club Ice 8-21-19

Club Ice 8-21-19

8-21-19 Ivory and Riley’s mom, Genn (my good friend) took them in the the lice removal place to check and both of them had it, Genn did not. Made up her ballet lesson she missed last Monday, then had an ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan, then practiced for 30 minutes. Headed home and picked her skating friend, Erica and went to another rink for Club Ice, social hour for members of her skating club.
8-22-19 Spins class with Coach Kim, an hour of practice, then lesson with Coach Arlene in the morning. Practice for an hour and lesson with Coach Meegan in the afternoon.

Hanging Out 8-23-19

Yoga 8-24-19

8-23-19 Ice skating with Coach Meegan and 30 minute practice. Daddy left in the morning for a crazy bike ride to Canada, so it was just Joi, her and I hanging out.
8-24-19 Daddy’s still on his bike ride, so she came to all of my yoga classes that I taught. She took my hot vinyasa class. The rest of the time she sat waiting not complaining…most likely because she had her phone the entire time. I made her get off her phone when we go home in the afternoon. Daddy made it home in the evening.

Public Skate 8-25-19

Middle School ID 8-26-19

8-25-19 Daddy took her to the sports center in the morning. Went to public skate with her skating friend, Haley in the afternoon.
8-26-19 Middle School Kickoff in the morning. She received her 6th Grade Student ID, P.E. clothes, planner, etc. She’s excited and nervous to start middle school next week. Ballet lesson in the afternoon.
8-27-19 She is an awesome kid, but I’m officially ready for school to start! Read the online schedule wrong and drove to the rink and it’s hockey instead of freestyle. Too far to drive back home so wasting 90 minutes doing nothing waiting for freestyle to start. Lesson with Arlene and only was able to practice for 30 minutes. Daddy took her to gymnastics in the evening.
8-28-19 Preparing for school to start next week. Got up at 5am to go tot he 6am skating session to practice…too early for this sh*t! Went back to the rink in the afternoon to practice, then had her lesson with Coach Meegan.
8-29-19 Had her lesson with Coach Arlene in the afternoon and 30 minutes of practice time. Headed to the yoga studio; she waited in the lobby playing on her phone while I taught.

Orientation 8-30-19

Pick Up Line 8-30-19

8-30-19 6th Grade Orientation 8am to noon. Everyone went to the cafeteria…I’m thinking this is going to be a long morning. Then, a whistle blew and the lady says, “All students go the gym; parents can leave!” Woohoo! I went to a yoga class! Picked her up at noon…back in the pick up line for another school year…ugh! Neighbor Veronika came over to play until we had to leave for my yoga class. She sat and waited while I taught in the afternoon, then we got her friend, Lilly a birthday gift for Lilly’s party tomorrow.

Lilly’s Bday Party 8-31-19

8-31-19 Daddy dropped her off at Lilly’s pool party in the morning. She was the one that broke the pinata. Went to her friends, Ivory & Riley’s in the afternoon for a playdate.

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July 1st thru July 31st – 2019

Lunch 7-1-19

Family Crest 7-1-19

7-1-19 She sat in the lobby while I taught my noon yoga class, then we went out for lunch. After lunch, we went to the rink to practice for 1.5 hours. Finally went through her school packet she brought home…really liked her family crest she made.
7-2-19 She told me I was over a half century old…she may not live until the end of the day! Lol. Ice skating with Coach Arlene in the afternoon and practice after. Came home and did some off ice training.

4th of July Toes 7-3-19

4th of July Parade 7-4=19

4th of July 7-4-19

7-3-19 Today my toes are ready to celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow. She’s been on the ice since 2:45pm…just asked her to get off and she said “5:45!” 😭 She had a lesson with Coach Meegan also.
7-4-19 Her skating club walked in the 4th of July Parade. They are #87 in the lineup! We went to our friends, Ivory & Riley’s house to celebrate fireworks in the afternoon/evening/
7-5-19 I taught yoga to approximately 25 ice skating girls at the rink in the morning, then she had a lesson with Coach Meegan.

Climbing 7-6-19

Indoor Zipline 7-6-19

7-7-19 Bowling

7-7-19 Mommy Juice

7-6-19 We checked out the new sports arena near our home. They had climbing walls, arcade games, a zipline, etc. She loved it!
7-7-19 She loved the sports arena so much, we came back today to bowl and mommy juice!

Ballet 7-8-19

Gymnastics 7-9-19

Gymnastics 7-9-19

Sit-ups on Ice 7-9-19

7-8-19 Took her to practice at the rink for an hour. She had her 1st private ballet lesson in the afternoon.
7-9-19 Off ice jumps class with Arlene, then her coaching lesson with Arlene. Practiced some more, then had a coaching lesson with Meegan, then stayed for Power Skate with Steve…she did not like the Power Skate! At 7:30pm, she had a gymnastics class. This was much better than the class with the 6 year olds at the other gym! Building core and arm strength. Busy day!

Lunch on the Go 7-10-19

Dentist 7-11-19

7-10-19 She took a spins class in the morning at one rink, then coaching lesson with Meegan and practiced for an hour at another rink. Just had a little time to get lunch to go.
7-11-19 Dental checkup…no cavities! Coaching lesson with Arlene, practice, then on ice skills class in the morning. Took a break and headed to another rink to practice before Production class.
7-12-19 We had an earthquake around 3am…she slept right through it. Fab Fun Friday class with Coach Arlene in the morning. Spent the night at Aunt Cindy’s.

Ivory’s Birthday 7-13-19

STP 7-14-19

7-13-19 Picked her up at 11:30am and dropped her off at the trampoline park for Ivory’s 11th Birthday.
7-14-19 Drove to Portland to pick up daddy from the STP bike ride.
7-15-19 Practiced in the morning for an hour at the rink, then afternoon ballet.
7-16-19 Practiced for 90 minutes, then Gymnastics in the evening.
7-17-19 Practiced in the morning before coaching lesson with Meegan. Went back to the rink in the afternoon to practice more.

Spa 7-18-19

Yoga 7-19-19

Yoga 7-19-19

7-18-19 My living room has turned into a nail salon. Coaching lesson with Meegan in the afternoon and practice.

Rink Time 7-19-19

7-19-19 Taught yoga at the rink. Coaching lesson with Meegan and practice. She landed a Double Salchow! Back at the rink in the afternoon to practice more…she had the entire rink to herself because most of the other skaters at this rink are out of town for a competition.

Ballet 7-22-19

Skating 7-20-19

7-20-19 I went skating with her in the evening at a public skate. She held me up!
7-21-19 Daddy took her to a public skate session in the afternoon.
7-22-19 Practiced for 90 minutes in the morning. Ballet in the afternoon. She’s gaining more flexibility.
7-23-19 Practiced for an hour in the afternoon. Gymnastics in the evening.

7-24-19 Club Ice

Club Ice 7-24-19

Bruise 7-25-19

7-24-19 Practiced for 90 minutes before her coaching lesson with Meegan. Drove 45 minutes to her other skating club rink for Club Ice. One of the older girls from her skating club decided to spin her around by her feet! Crazy!
7-25-19 Practice for 90 minutes in the morning. Back at the rink for more practice in the afternoon followed by coach lesson with Meegan and then, Production Skate. She was practicing her Double Toe and took a pretty hard fall. Knee was completely bruised.

Exhibition Skate 7-26-19

New Chair 7-27-19

7-26-19 Taught yoga to the ice skating girls in the morning, then she practiced before her coaching lesson with Meegan. Back at the rink in the afternoon for Coins for Cares Exhibition Skate…Scott Hamilton’s charity for cancer. Aunt Jenny from Texas came to watch and is visiting for her birthday.
7-27-19 I let her open one gift before her birthday tomorrow. She loves her furry saucer chair.

Birthday 7-28-19

Birthday 7-28-19

Birthday 7-28-19

Birthday 7-28-19

Birthday 7-28-19


Birthday 7-28-19

Giving Joi a Pill 7-28-19


Giving Joi a Pill 7-28-19

7-28-19 Poor Joi has to take a pill twice a day for a month…he’s worse than a little kid…refuses to open his mouth. SHE TURNS 11 TODAY!!! Party at the ice rink in the afternoon!
7-29-19 We relaxed until her ballet class in the afternoon.
7-30-19 Off ice jumps class with Arlene, then coaching lesson. Practiced for 90 minutes. Gymnastics in the evening.
7-31-19 Production Team practice in the morning. Practiced for 90 minutes before her coaching lesson with Meegan in the afternoon. Played with neighbor Veronika when she got home.

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