August 2010

8-1-10 Party at Gymboree for her 2nd Birthday! Hello Kitty cake.
8-6-10 Ate one bite of peas.
8-7-10 Ate teriyaki chicken for the 1st time!
8-10-10 First Gymboree art class…she chose pink paint, of course.
8-16-10 She ate pizza.
8-22-10 Watching “Potty Power” over and over.
8-25-10 Flipped herself out of her crib for the 1st time today…great!!!
8-27-10 Went pee pee on the potty for the first time tonight!
8-30-10 Has been having a tantrum for about 45 minutes in her crib because she wants me to rock her; told her no more rocking at naps because it is to the point that if I start rocking her, I can’t put her in her crib when she falls asleep like I used to because she wakes up and starts having a tantrum again.
8-31-10 And, the tantrums start again.


About Emily Hotchkiss

RYT200 Certified Yoga Teacher
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