September 2011

9-2-11 Made cute bento boxes trying to get her to eat a variety of foods.
9-7-11 Starts montessori preschool today…my deciding factor on this school was  the cameras in the classrooms, so you can stalk your child online.
9-9-11 Told me she wants to be a doctor.
9-10-11 Ringling Bros. Circus…not a big hit with her.  
9-15-11 Insists on wearing a tutu and tiara today.  
9-19-11 Hit the curb pulling into her preschool this morning in front of the director and teachers. Already embarrassed, as I’m getting her out of the car, she dropped the f-bomb in front of them! I must have shouted it in the past while driving because when getting her out of the car, she said, “Mom’s f*cking more” or something like that. Guess I need to be REALLY aware of what I say while I’m driving. I hate that word! Mother of the Year Award again!
9-20-11 Three-year-old is telling what the names of chess pieces are because I don’t know…she’s much smarter than I am!


About Emily Hotchkiss

RYT200 Certified Yoga Teacher
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