October 2013

10-2-13 Jonathan P. Playdate.  She received her first $5 weekly allowance.
10-4-13 Pediatric Well Visit.

Sketch Tablet

Sketch Tablet – her 1st allowance purchase 10-5-13

10-5-13 Spent her first $5 allowance on a sketch tablet.

From this point forward, whenever I think I’m going insane from Carly’s nonstop chatter, I’m going to think of the little girl in her Kindergarten class that doesn’t speak. Started volunteering and the little girl just points with her head down when asked questions. All the kids were telling me she doesn’t talk. I would much prefer the nonstop chatter!

10-10-13 Her new glasses are in.  Drew “Butterfly House” in oil pastels at her fine arts class today; this was what she was going to enter in the Reflections Art Contest, but decided to enter her painting, “Heart Rainbow” instead. (see below gallery) 

10-13-13 Went to a pumpkin farms with some friends.

Heart Rainbow - "Believe, Dream, Inspire" Reflections Art Contest

Heart Rainbow 1-10-13

10-14-13 “Heart Rainbow” in acrylics and glitter glue – entered this into the “Believe, Dream, Inspire” Reflections Art Contest. Her dream is to be a great artist and the heart represents her love for art and bright colors excite (inspire) her.

10-16-13 Playdate with Ivory.
10-18-13 Halloween party at Alara’s. She went as Aurora.
10-19-13 Playdate with Ivory.
10-20-13 Playdate with Maeve at the park.

Carved Pumpkin

Carved Pumpkin 10-21-13

10-21-13 Her carved pumpkin.

10-24-13 Conversation just had with my 5-year-old in the car:
Her: I need a boyfriend for the weekends.
Me: Huh?!? (turning radio down). Do you know what a boyfriend is?
Her: Yeah, it’s a friend that’s a boy.
Me: Do you have one?
Her: Well, at school. Greyson is not going to steal me from Jonathan P. ! Greyson chases me at tag on the playground and I run to Jonathan P. to hide. I want to give something pretty to Jonathan P., I really like him.
Me: (speechless)

10-26-13 Went ice skating with daddy; she’s getting good without the walker.  Had lunch with Alara.
10-27-13 Lily’s birthday party.
10-31-13 Went trick or treating at daddy’s office.

October artwork:


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