March 20 thru 31

3-20-14 First Girl Scout Daisy Meeting. She was a little hesitant to join the group until the jump ropes came out. 1st Day of Spring. She says her classmate, Maranda is her best friend now…wonder how long before she changes. It was Anna, previously.
Number 33 looks like a butt3-21-14 She’s writing her numbers to 100 on the worksheet she brought home from school. She gets to number 33 and says, “It’s a butt!”


3-22-14 In the car coming home from ice skating lessons, daddy says I should check the mail to see if her Frozen video has arrived yet. The 5-year-old in the backseat didn’t quite hear what we were talking about, so she starts asking what we said. I wanted the video to be a surprise, so I was joking with her about ordering Superman. Thought the subject was dropped, but of course, the persistence of the 5-year-old prevails. She keeps asking and my response, “I don’t remember.” She’s very persistent! I wasn’t giving in, so she pulls the “no secrets” card and says, “Are you keeping a secret from me?” Daddy laughs, “You started that! Are you going to tell her?” My “No Secrets in Our House” just backfired. So, I ended up telling her she should be getting Frozen next week and that surprised were okay, but not secrets. Her response, “I knew it was a surprise.” 

3-23-14 As we’re walking along the sidewalk, she tells me, “No looking at my phone while walking!” Keeping me in line!

Sunny & 72 degrees 3-24-143-24-14 It was sunny and 72 degrees today. Spent 4 hours at the park with Anna and Maeve after school!

3-25-14 Told Carly we were meeting friends at Chuck E. Cheese. The only way I could get her to go is putting her noise reducing headphones on. She says it’s too loud!

Read an article today regarding the Common Core…my thoughts exactly! What a ‘Frustrated Parent’ Wrote On His Child’s Common Core Math Assignment

Koi Fish in oil pastels and watercolors

Koi Fish 3-26-14



3-26-14 Koi Fish in oil pastels with a watercolor background.

3-27-14 “Frozen” came today! Quite sure we will be watching this daily!

3-28-14 She just informed me that her classmate, Rebecca wasn’t for sure if she was going to invite her to her birthday party, but Rebecca was for sure inviting Anna. My daughter’s response, “If she doesn’t invite me to her party, then I’m not inviting her to mine! But…if she invites me hers, then I’ll invite her to mine!” And, so girl drama continues….

3-30-14 Watch “The Muppets Most Wanted” at the theater. Thought a few parts were scary.

3-31-14 She insisted on taking her favorite heart jewel to school today. I tried to make her leave it in the car because I told her I didn’t want her to lose it. She insisted that she wouldn’t! When I picked her up, guess what she tells me. SHE LOST HER HEART JEWEL! I had to bite my lip to not say, “I told you so!”

She wanted to go outside after school. She made dirt blankets.

Dirt Blankets

Dirt Blankets 3-31-14

Making Dirt Blankets

Making Dirt Blankets 3-31-14


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