April 10 thru 19, 2014

Riley's Birthday

Riley’s Birthday 4-10-14

4-10-14 Went to Riley’s birthday party at her house. She decided it was okay to give her the princess beauty kit and she’ll save her allowance to buy one of her own. We were driving through Riley’s neighborhood and I asked her if she would like to move closer to her friend and have a big yard. She said she liked where we lived now, but if we moved, she definitely has to have a trampoline…not a big one, just a medium sized one.

Holding up her middle finger because her finger hurts

Mommy, my finger hurts 4-11-14

4-11-14 She came out of her room this morning, held up her middle finger and said, “Mommy, my finger hurts”. She lost her heart sticker on the way to the car after dance class, so she is demanding I go to the store NOW to get her a new one just like it. NO WAY! especially the way she was asking, so she tried to ask nicely. The answer was still no. So she proceeds to tell me I’m not longer her mom. I told he she was stuck with me for the the rest of her life. Her response, “You’re going to be stuck in a big box!” Of course it doesn’t stop there. Next, she’s going to find a new family tomorrow. I ask her what if they’re mean to her. She says, “I don’t know, I still have daddy!” This is all over a very tiny heart sticker!

Great Wheel

Ferris Wheel 4-13-14

4-12-14 Mommy & Genn went to Happy Hour and Daddy babysat Genn’s kids, Ivory & Riley. They are a couple of her best buds, so it works out well that Genn & I are good friends too.

4-13-14 She went to kids yoga while I did hot yoga. She doesn’t like yoga, so I had to bribe her with sushi after to get her to go to class so daddy could go on a bike ride. After sushi, we headed to the city to ride the big ferris wheel. She thought it was fun. I was terrified and was hanging onto her as if I was the kid!

4-14-14 I’m a PTSA art docent for her class, so I presented a clay art project lesson this morning for her class. She made Joi (our cat). Then, we met Anna, Will & her mom at the park. Her & Anna were at a picnic table collecting rocks, dandelions, grass, wood chips, etc. When I walked up to ask what they were doing. My kid says, “Mom, will you please go away. We’re doing projects.” She’s 5-years-old!

4-15-14 When I picked her up from school, she was upset because the teacher gives a lot of attention to her friend, Anna because she has selective mutism. My kid likes to be the center of attention with grown ups. She said the teacher only helps Anna because she has trouble talking and tells everyone else what to do. She says she doesn’t want to go to school. Anna also got Listening Pug today. I asked her if there is anything she likes about school. Her response, “recess.” She kept complaining that she’ll never get Listening Pug again and would not stop, so I emailed her teacher and asked that if she was a good listener, could she bring the damn pug home again. Her teacher said, “Of course!”

4-16-14 When I dropped her off at school, I told her to listen really well and see if she could get Listening Pug home. She brought the dog home from school today…imagine that! She was very happy, then asked, “Did you say something to Ms. E.? I lied! Told her I didn’t and that she got it for being a good listener. She started piano lessons with Helena today; she did great and was very excited! Then, we went to her art class and I’m not happy with her new studio. Seems disorganized and rushed; she never finishes her piece, so we end up bringing it home and finishing it. After this month, we will be going back to the 1st studio we ever went to because that’s what she said she wanted anyway.

4-17-14 Playdate with Kate after school. 2nd Girl Scout (Daisy) meeting…she loved it! Said she wants to be a Girl Scout forever!

4-18-14 She got a yellow badge on her writing worksheet at school today and was very excited to tell me about it. She advanced to Level 3 in swimming. Bought her 1st diary with her allowance. It came with a pen that looked like lipstick. She blurts out, “Lipstick Taser!”….got that from Despicable Me 2.

4-19-14 After ice skating, she went to Rebecca’s 6th birthday party, then went to Aidan’s to decorate Easter eggs. At Rebecca’s Party, Anna’s little brother Will attended and when I picked her up, she wanted to give Will something from her party bag. She gave him a little blue flashlight because he wanted it and didn’t get one because he wasn’t on the list of kids to attend. Very sweet of her!


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