April 20 thru 30, 2014

4-20-14 Went to Aunt Cindy’s for Easter Sunday after mommy got a hot power yoga class in.

Deja Vu sign

Deja Vu 4-21-14

4-21-14 Mommy started working part-time today. I dropped her off at school, went to work, picked her up at 11:10am and dropped her off at daycare. On the way to daycare, she said, “I’m NOT okay with you going back to work!” I told her she’d get used to it. The response, “I will NEVER get used to it!” Guess this is what they call the guilt of going back to work. Picked her up just after 2pm. Got a text from one of her classmates mom that her classmate had head lice…awesome! So, we drive 30 minutes to Aunt Cindy’s because Cindy knows what to look for since she works in the public school system. No head lice…phew! On the way back home, we drive by Deja Vu (strip club) that has a large sign with just legs and heels on top of the building. She asks, “Why does that sign have ballet slippers on it?” My response, “Because they dance there.” At least I didn’t have to lie to her!

4-22-14 She told me she was going to “kick my butt” because I wouldn’t buy her a toy. She sat in a time out in the car.
4-23-14 She was drinking water from a bottle in the car and handed it to me from the backseat. It slipped and water went flying everywhere. She says, “That was awesome!”
4-24-14 She came to work with me for an hour this afternoon…iPhone’s are lifesavers! Mommy went to a painting & wine event tonight!

Tropical Bird

Tropical Bird 4-25-14

4-25-14 Chaperoned her Kindergarten class to the performance center in the morning to see Snow White. She finished her tropical bird that she started last Wednesday.

4-26-14 She received a certificate for completing the 1st level in her ice skating lessons today and will start in the 2nd level classes next week. Had a playdate with Ivory & Riley in the afternoon.

4-27-14 Went to her first major league baseball game today.

Mommy's birthday gift

Mommy’s birthday gift 4-28-14

4-28-14 Today is mommy’s birthday. She went to child care for a couple of hours after school, while mommy worked, then made dinner with daddy for mommy. Gave mommy a necklace. She get’s the pink half, of course! Scheduled her 6th birthday party in July at an ice rink.
 4-29-14 She got Listening Pug at school today. She stayed at daycare until 4pm and upon drop off, she said she didn’t like it, so I made arrangements to look at another child care facility in the afternoon. Went to pick her up and she comes out screaming that she loved her current day care now! Changes her mind like the wind!

Sail at Night painting

Sail at Night 4-30-14

4-30-14 She had swim, piano & art classes after school today. I don’t know about her, but I definitely needed a nap! She was pretty tired by her art class.


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