October 12th thru 31st

10-12-14_The World Would Be a Better Place If...

“The World Would Be a Better Place If…” Everyone would throw away their trash & recycle 10-12-14

10-12-14 Daddy took her to the playground; they were back home within 10 minutes due to a bee sting on her finger. She finished her chalk pastel drawing for 2014-2015 PTSA Art Reflections Contest – Theme is: “The world would be a better place if…”  She thinks if everyone would throw away their trash (not litter) and recycle. After her bee sting quit hurting, she was ready to go back to the playground in the afternoon.
10-13-14 Sooooo….she’s been asking or an iPad since last year. Last week I finally said I’d get her one for Christmas (mainly because I want one), but we have to share it. She’s good with that. We had her parent – teacher conference today. Apparently, she’s doing just fine and likes to talk…REALLY?!? Her teacher says she’ll want to talk about jewelry, coloring, etc. and her teacher has to keep her on task. Her 3 goals that she chose for the year are smooth reading, write her numbers to 120 and stay focused on tasks. She’s been drawing and using her oil pastels a lot the past few days at home. She gave her teacher an abstract drawing and called it a peacock feather. Has drawn an air ballon scene and is working on a white flower that takes up the entire 11 x 17 paper. She had dance class tonight and are working on their December recital.
10-14-14 She told me this morning that the mean 2nd grader is actually a really nice girl, but made some bad choices. She told me she fell from the monkey bars onto her back, but it hurt her stomach and she couldn’t breath for 5 seconds. She said she could talk with her brain but not her mouth. Sounds as if the wind got knocked out of her. Her friend, Rebecca asked her if she was ok, but she didn’t tell a teacher because she said she knew she would be okay in 5 seconds. Not sure why the playground monitors let the kids play on the high monkey bars when it’s wet out!

Chicken Butt book

Mini-book – “Chicken Butt” 10-16-14

10-16-14 As we were heading out the door, she proudly tells me she wrote a mini-book. As I’m hurrying, I tell her, “Great job!” without looking at it. Daddy arrived home just as we’re walking out, so he volunteered to take her to her art class. Yeah! I get to go to yoga early tonight. After she goes to bed, I finally look at her mini-book. It’s about Chicken Butt! I don’t think novelist is in her future!
10-17-14 No school today, but she’s an after care kid, so I could drop her off for day care at the school. The district combined 2 other schools with hers, so there were twice as many kids. I received a call around 1pm and could hear her in the background sobbing. The after care worker said she was overwhelmed by the other 2 schools being there and they couldn’t console her. I had dropped my car off in the morning to get an oil leak fixed, so I can’t go get her. Called her dad and he left work, picked her up and dropped her off at my office. She said she missed me and didn’t like the other kids being there. We walked to pick up my car, then I dropped her off at Anna’s for a 3 hour playdate. Anna invited about ten 6-year-old girls to her home for crafts, movie & pizza. Anna’s mom is very brave! When I picked her up, she said she had a headache and felt a little hot. I think she might be getting sick, which would explain the meltdown at after care today and why she’s been clingy today. Went straight to bed as soon as we got home.
10-18-14 She advanced to Basic 3 in her ice skating class today. I went out with Greyson & Simone’s mom for Happy Hour and was able to get home to tuck her in. Still think she’s a little under the weather.
10-19-14 Just as I suspected, she caught a virus and was up twice last night crying that her head & throat hurt. Been giving her Tylenol every 4-6 hours. Stayed in her pajamas all day; hopefully, she’ll make it to school tomorrow.

Vasarely Inspired Acrylic Painting

Vasarely Inspired Acrylic Painting 10-20-14

10-20-14 Sick day from school because she said her throat still hurt a little, although she said she’s feeling better. We hung out all day and read books, watched a little TV, did a practice CogAT test her teacher sent out and she painted a Vasarely inspired acrylic painting. She really wanted to go to dance class in the afternoon, so we went.
10-21-14 Back to school today! Slight sore throat in the morning; gone by afternoon. She had an eye appointment with a new ophthalmologist. Her eye prescription is just a little higher than before.
10-22-14 She picked out new glasses today. After trying some others on, she put the pair on she liked and said, “These are it!” She chose them all on her own and picked the best ones! Still feeling a little sick.

10-23-14 Giraffe in chalk pastels

10-23-14 Giraffe in chalk pastels

10-23-14 Pajama Day at school. I totally spaced her Daisy (Girl Scout) meeting this afternoon because it wasn’t on my iPhone calendar. Doing homework was challenging when we got home. She got a timeout and was being a pill, talking back and not listening when I asked her to write legibly. Then, she started screaming & crying and pushing her homework off the table, so she lost TV for the night. Said she was going to tell all her friends about me…blah, blah, blah! Attempted to do home work again and she started being a smart ass again, so she lost it for the next day. I did remain calm during this entire process and didn’t yell once. After she was through testing me out, she calmed down and completed her homework. She has been slightly sick all week, so this may be causing her pissiness, or maybe something else is going on at school. We did make it to her art class and she finished her giraffe chalk pastel drawing.


Dance-A-Thon at School 10-24-14

PTSA Mom's at the Dance-A-Thon

PTSA Mom’s at the Dance-A-Thon 10-24-14

10-24-14 She goes from, “I love you” in the morning to whining about not getting to watch TV today and how there’s nothing to do. Told her we needed to get rid of all her toys then. She proceeded to tell me that, “All her things are shinier than mine!” Dance-A-Thon fundraiser after lunch today, so I left work early to go watch. Once I got there, she wouldn’t dance or leave my side; think she’s still feeling a little sick because she told me later, she was just tired. Some of the PTSA mom’s were getting into the dance! She went to her Friday evening ice skating lesson and moved up a level to Basic 3 in this lesson also. On the way home, she was whining and crying that her legs hurt and she just wanted to go home and go to bed. Growing pains?
10-25-14 She was able to watch TV today. Started her new level at her Saturday morning ice skating lesson, then her cousins met her at the rink for public skate. Went out for sushi, then to get a new pair of princess sneakers that light up.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 10-25-14

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 10-25-14

Skating with her Cousin

Ice Skating 10-25-14







Father Daughter Ice Skating

Father Daughter Ice Skating Together 10-26-14

10-26-14 Ice skating playdate with Ava & Ava’s little brother, Luke this afternoon. They have been friends since they were infants. They had a blast! Both families went out for dinner after. Ages 4 & 6 dinner conversation is entertaining to listen to.
10-27-14 Picked her up from after care at school. She gave me attitude because she wanted to stay longer on the playground, so I definitely made her leave. She said she didn’t like me and I told her I could live with that. (Was thinking, the feelings are mutual sometimes!) Arrived home. There was an extremely bad odor…thought it was just the litter box until I walked by her room. The cat got locked in all day and apparently couldn’t hold his poop because he went on her comforter on her bed. I scooped it as quickly as I could, put the comforter though the washer twice in HOT water without letter her know. Could see a complete freak out happening at bedtime if she knew! As we were leaving for her dance class, daddy came home, so she asked him to take her…yeah…I can go to yoga! 1st grade teacher asked us to send a video of her ice skating at the parent teacher conference a couple of weeks ago, so I sent her this video. She showed it to her class today. She said she was a little embarrassed at first. Ice Skating 10-26-14
No matter what happens during the day, usually by bedtime, all is good and we tell each other, “I love you”.

Rooster Dress

“I look like a dumb rooster!” 10-28-14

10-28-14 Bought her a cute dress. She put it on and said, “I look like a dumb rooster!” She never wants to wear it again. Whenever I buy clothes without consulting with her first, I always get it wrong! Did I mention she’s in 1st grade?!? Her school picture was sent home today. She’s going to retake on Monday!
10-30-14 Met with a school facilitator today to go over common core concepts. I’m attempting to accept and see the good in common core She explained the concept about teaching the kids in base ten, arrays, etc. I think my 1st grader understands it better than I do. Then, we went for the kid’s 6-year check up with her pediatrician. She’s as healthy as they come. Realized we hadn’t been to the her pediatrician’s office since her 5-year check up. She’s always going to petite weighing in at 35.2 lbs. Still reading, “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting.” I can usually remain calm until about 7:15pm at night, then I start getting twitchy if she starts whining. At 7:45pm tonight as she was complaining about the sleeves to her Elsa costume were wrong and she wants me to do something about it for the Halloween party tomorrow, I was about ready to lose the peaceful parent! Headed out the door to yoga. Still feeling stressed, I passed a parking spot, backed up and hit a cement wall, dented my bumper and took out my taillight. Awesome! Now I really need a yoga class!


Elsa 10-31-14

10-31-14 We were discussing her class picture retakes on Monday before school. I told her when the photographer told her to smile, to think of Chicken Butt. She laughed & gave a natural smile instead of the posed painful look. A few minutes later, she said that it wasn’t funny anymore, so I told her to think of Daddy dancing. Now that’s funny and never will not be funny. She said Daddy danced like a chickling. Halloween Class Party! She is Elsa, of course! Her school still lets parents bring food into the school for parties, so she was loaded up on sugar before trick or treating. Went to daddy’s work to trick or treat, then on to her friends, Ivory & Riley for more trick or treating. I attempted to persuade her to only keep 5 pieces of candy and I would give her 10 cents for each piece she gave up, but I don’t think she’s going for it. She’d rather keep the candy…ugh! Now that I’m a parent, I think Halloween is ridiculous. Who came up with idea of handing out candy for this holiday?


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