November 16th thru 30th

11-16-14 I came home from yoga…Daddy says, “The Seahawks lost.” She says, “But, the good thing is they tried their best and scored 20 points!” Took her to watch “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” at the local live children’s theater. Think she laughed louder than any other kid.

National PTSA Reflects Art Contest Winner

National PTSA Reflects Art Contest Winner! 11-17-14

11-17-14 National PTSA Reflections Art Contest reception at her school tonight. She won 3rd place. So glad she won, she received an honorary mention last year and advanced to the next level, so glad she did this year too! The top 5 winners get to advance. Her friend, Anna also advanced last year and this year.
11-18-14 She took her CogAt test today; if she scores high enough, she has the option to take a second test to see if she is a highly advanced student. She’s pretty bright (I’m her mom, so of course I think she is!), but I’ll be surprised if she is. Girl Scout Roller Skating Party after school today.
11-19-14 Her friend Anna told her that some older boys were saying she looked like a 3-year-old at school today. She doesn’t like being the smallest in her class because she can’t reach the high bar on the playground and some kids were laughing at her because she couldn’t reach the high bar. She’s been complaining about not liking being the smallest one for weeks now. I keep telling her that good things come in small packages. Of course, she argues with me that it’s not because that’s just her personality. She’s very petite (still can wear some 4T) and about 36 lbs. I’ve told her to thing about good things about being petite, like I can still pick her up and to focus on the things she can do. She just argues with me, but I hope she’ll accept her size one day. Before bed, we were watching You Tube videos of ice skating. Watched Gracie Gold performing to Let It Go and she asked if she will be that good one day. I told her she could, but it takes a lot of work and I’m thinking and zillions of dollars!
11-20-14 Woke up late being stubborn, talking back. Asked her if she was mad at me on the way to school, she said she was tired and didn’t get enough sleep last night…she slept almost 12 hours. She’s definitely her parents kid!

School Happening Stories

School Happening Stories 11-21-14

11-21-14 Picked her up from school and took her out for ice cream; she was cracking herself up telling me stories about school happenings. She had her first ice skating practice for the Winter Solstice Holiday Show. She will be performing with her friend, Simone and 2 other girls.
11-23-14 Playing games on the Wii. She’s playing a Disney game with snow. She says she can’t wait until it snows so she can hit daddy with a snowball. Glad she has something to look forward to! Lazy TV day…every commercial, “I want that!” My response, “You want everything!” Her, “I don’t want everything, just all the girl stuff and some boy stuff.”
11-24-14 She told me she wants 4 things: 1. To go to Disneyland 2. An iPad 3. To go to a hotel 4. To go camping. Disneyland will come later in 2015, daddy won’t let me buy an iPad, hotel…Budget Inn, camping when it’s rainy and cold in December…not happening!
11-25-14 She was reading the year on coins, “1974! That’s REALLY old!” Thanks kid for making me feel REALLY old! Proceeded to drive her to school and she complained about this girl in her class that she really doesn’t like. She said she wished the girl was absent more and was in a different class. Not exactly sure what’s going on at this point. I told her that she didn’t have to like her, but she had to treat her nicely and with respect.
11-26-14 Early release at school & daddy took the day off. When I got home they were doing crafts and making a complete mess, as I expected. She asked if she could give a stuffed animal to each of her cousins tomorrow when we go to their house for Thanksgiving. I was glad she also thinks of giving.
11-27-14 Morning ice skating practice for Winter Solstice. Afternoon Thanksgiving dinner with the cousins.

Winter Solstice Dress

Winter Solstice Dress 11-28-14

11-28-14 Her dress for the Winter Solstice performance came in the mail today! The girls are going to be so cute! She was making Christmas cards and said, “Mmmm, this glue smells like nachos!” And, proceeds to smell it. I can’t believe I just told my kid, “Quit sniffing the glue!” We started watching The Wizard of Oz. I told her it was a really old movie that I watched when I was kid. She said, “So this movie was made a long time ago, like in 1988! Thanks for making me feel old again!
11-29-14 Ice skating practice at 7:30am. And, the video explains why they practice! Winter Solstice Practice 11-29-14
At bedtime, her entrepreneurial spirit came out and she wants to set up a stand to sell origami, prints of her art and her toys. (Origami = .10¢
Artwork = .20¢ Toys = .50¢)

Winter Solstice Practice

Winter Solstice Practice 11-29-14

I Love Mom

I Love Mom 11-30-14

11-30-14 She wanted to go into a pay for play area in the mail, I said no. So she started to tantrum and whining about how much she wanted to go. We proceeded to Bed, Bath & Beyond with her continued whining, then stomped on my foot (she missed). I gave her a choice of a time out in the store or at home, which would mean we would be leaving. She said if someone saw her in the store, she would be embarrassed, so I found a corner that was empty for her. After getting up and my unnecessary lecture, it took about 45 seconds for her to start whining again and then I left a paid package on the shelf due to the distraction. I spoke rather loudly,“Quit whining, I’ve had enough & I am done!” We left the store and I realized I didn’t have the package, so we had to backtrack to find it. Did I mention the looks of contempt I received from a couple of parents in the store for yelling at my kid? She looks 4 instead of 6, so maybe they thought I was being harsh…not that I care what other parents think because they’ll get their turn! In less than 5 mins, she wrote, “I LOVE Mom” on the chalkboard in the mall. I am so lucky to have her as a kid!


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