December 16th thru 31st

12-16-14 She said her & Halo actually played together today. Relieved! Make-up dance class tonight.
12-17-14 She told me that Halo was crying at school, so she asked if she wanted to have a playdate sometime. Her teacher must be a miracle worker to be able to get the girls to get along so quickly! Can tell she’s no longer having a conflict at school because she’s back to her nonstop chatty self. Went to an outdoor seasonal ice rink in the late afternoon with her friend, Rebecca.

Holiday Reindeer

Holiday Reindeer in markers 12-18-14

12-18-14 Picked her up early for her Daisy (Girl Scout) Meeting after school. She complained and whined about everything, wouldn’t stop and told me she didn’t like me because I was starting to lose my patience as my voice was raising in the car. I finally just started complaining and whining about everything so she could hear what she sounded like. She told me to stop loudly and I asked her if she now understood how annoying it sounded to complain about everything and sound so negative. She was quiet for a few minutes and asked if she could tell me something. Told her only if it was positive, then she told me a nice story about her teacher giving her whole class a book today. I just can’t stand the negativity phase she has been on for a week or two. We met the other Daisies at a retirement community to sing Christmas songs; I forgot to bring her Daisy vest…you’d think the world was ending for her for about 5 minutes. She calmed down and proceeded to have fun. We had about 30 minutes to stop for dinner before her art class. She finished her Holiday Reindeer using markers.
12-19-14 Received a call around 11am to that she was throwing up at school (1st time). When I arrived, she was lying in the health room wit a trash can beside and her clothes covered in vomit. She puked again once I go there. Had her drink some water once we got home and she puked again. Tried ice chips and she puked once again. Around 5pm, she was finally able to hold down fluids. In addition, the cat puked on the rug! Tis’ the season!
12-20-14 She can eat without puking! It’s the little things…
12-21-14 She’s 100% better today. Went to The Nutcracker; she complained about the location of our seats, then she cried because we weren’t in the front and center when they threw candy out in the audience. Daddy wanted to take treats away for 2 weeks (over the holidays). I told him the issue wasn’t the treats, it was being ungrateful and disrespectful at a performance. So, the next time we go anywhere, our parental part is to tell her how we expect to behave and let her know what the consequences will be if she doesn’t. Daddy retracted the treats consequence and we told her we’d tell her what it was in the morning.


Rudolph 12-22-14

12-22-14 She had to make a choice for her consequence. Either lose treats for 2 weeks or no TV for 3 days. She chose no treats for 2 weeks. When I picked her up from daycare, I told her that if I was her I would have chosen no TV since she’s going to daycare and art class for 2 of the 3 days, she wouldn’t have time to watch TV anyway. But, since she chose no treats for 2 weeks, she wouldn’t get any on Christmas. I told her I’d let her change her mind since she didn’t watch TV in the morning before we left. She decided the no TV for 3 days was a better choice. I agreed! She finished her Rudolph drawing using markers in art class tonight. Since watching the movie “Elf”, she had decided that the real Santa lives in the North Pole and all the other Santa’s are fake. I had to tell her a couple of years ago when I took her to see Santa that it was just a man in a costume because she was so scared of the creepy character. Now that she believes there is a Santa, I had to get her a gift from him, therefore, I booked a February Disneyland trip from Santa today. I think she might like Santa a lot this Christmas!

Joi & Carly

All Pets Need is Love 12-24-14

12-24-14 She stayed home with a sick mommy today. She made her own lunch (peanut butter sandwich) and brought me toast so I didn’t have to get up. Asked her what she wanted from Santa and she said, one of those dolls that fly up when you put your hand under it (Flutterbye Fairy). Glad I bought one about a month ago! We were hanging out on the couch and she said, “All pets need is love”. After watching some YouTube videos, she informed me that she wants to ice skate like Gracie Gold and meet her because she is soooo cool! I’m thinking this is going to cost a fortune if she’s serious.

Box of Goodies

Box of Goodies from Aunt Jenny 12-25-14

Creepy Elves

Creepy Elves 12-25-14

12-25-14 She said she got everything for Christmas that she wanted! Disneyland Tickets, Elsa singing doll, Flutterbye Fairy, new ice skating dress and a big box of goodies from Aunt Jenny including 2 creepy elves! We went out for dinner (started this tradition last year). At dinner, she said it was the best Christmas ever because she got to spend time with mom & dad, Disneyland tickets, and lip gloss from Aunt Jenny. Glad lip gloss and Disneyland are on the same level!

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 12-26-14

12-26-14 Took her to kid yoga while I did hot power in the morning. Ice skating in the afternoon. I don’t even remember what I told her no about, but she said that I’m not the boss of her. I informed her that I was until she’s about 20, although I would let her make more of her own decisions as she gets older & shows that she can make good ones. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to try to remain calm when I feel like wringing her neck when she backtalks! She’s only 6 and my only, so I don’t know if this is “normal” or not, but I certainly thought the mouthiness wouldn’t start until she was at least 12!
12-27-14 I told her I was going to lie down due to an upset stomach. She responds, “When you don’t feel good, you don’t have to do anything, I’ll do everything for you.” Me: “Thanks honey. Clean out the litter box.” Her: “…except that!”

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 12-28-14

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 12-28-14

Ice Skating

12-28-14 Ice Skating

12-28-14 Ice skating in the afternoon.
12-29-14 Daddy took the week off since she’s still on her break from school. He took her to the skate park in one of her ballet recital dresses, made a gingerbread house and practiced origami.
12-30-14 Received a text from her dad saying she wanted to tell me she loved me and that she got a treat at McDonald’s. They went swimming in the afternoon.

New Year's Eve Ice Skating

New Year’s Eve Ice Skating 12-31-14

New Year's Eve Ice Skating

New Year’s Eve Ice Skating 12-31-14

12-31-14 Went ice skating in the evening, then stopped by one of Mommy’s friends to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Made it home by 9pm and none of us made to midnight.


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