January 1st thru 15th

1-1-15 We did nothing today! Happy New Year!
1-2-15 Daddy took her to McDonald’s for lunch. She came in the door crying and screaming that daddy embarrassed her. I still don’t know the entire story, but she did not want anything to do with daddy the rest of the day. I took her to the gym with me and she said she didn’t like daddy or any boys because they embarrass her. By the time we got home, she was back to liking daddy again.
1-3-15 Dropped  her & daddy off at an Open House at the ice rink, then I went to a hot yoga class, proceeded to her cousins house for lunch. Mommy went out for a much needed happy hour and was back in time to tuck her in.

Daddy's Coaching Isn't Going Well

Daddy’s Coaching Isn’t Going Well 1-4-15

1-4-15 She wanted to go ice skating in the afternoon. Daddy skated with her while I watched. He was attempting to coach her and I could tell from the sidelines it was going well when I saw the hands go on her hips. Daddy acted like a child and told her he wasn’t having fun and he’s no longer going to skate if he wasn’t having fun. Do I have one child or two?!?  They have had a rough weekend.
1-5-15 Back to school. She started the Good News Club right after school with her friend, Allie. Then, started Basic 4 ice skating lesson in the evening.

Tooth Growing in Back

Tooth Growing in Back 1-6-15

1-6-15 Called her dentist’s office today regarding a tooth growing behind another tooth. They had me take a photo and email it in; should hear back tomorrow if it’s weird. She’s definitely going to need braces in the future.
1-7-15 She is a chatterbox today starting with the first question, “Were there cars and fashion clothes when you were younger?”

Art Reflections Reception

Ice Skating Moves at Art Reflections Reception 1-9-15

1-9-15 New dance class at an earlier time this afternoon…4:15pm instead of 6:00pm makes for a less stressful evening. But, we had her school district’s Art Reflections Reception right after dance; we only stayed for 1/2 hour. Even at her art reception, she was stills doing ice skating moves. As we walked up the car to leave, she said, “Awww, now I have to go the bathroom.” I said we’d be home in 5 minutes. Her comeback, “But, we could be in the building in 5 seconds.” I told her to get in the car.
1-10-15 Showed up at her first Basic 4 class one of the rinks at the wrong time this morning. Basic 4 starts at 10am; not 10:45am like all the lower level classes. She was upset and wouldn’t skate with the Basic 3 group, so after trying to make her get on the ice, I gave up and we left. Mom was getting into a power struggle with her and getting upset because she was winning!


Hiking Trail 1-11-15


Thieves 1-11-15

1-1-15 She stayed home with daddy this morning, while mommy went hiking for the 1st time in over 8 years. When I came down the mountain, I discovered someone had broken my window to get to my purse. They acquired a hairbrush, chapstick, my business cards, hair barrettes and the $50.00 purse. Seriously thieves! I took my wallet and iPhone with me on the hike! Had to explain the stealing concept to my kid. She asked why the would take things and decided it’s because they didn’t have any money.
1-12-15 She’s been waking up every night upset due to a runny, stuffed up nose. Been going on for about 3 weeks. Went to the doctor after school and they prescribed penicillin. First time she’s ever had to take an antibiotic. We gave her the 1st dose, but her dad & I are not sure we will continue. After the doctor appointment, we got fast food due to time constraints, and then, we had to rush to her ice skating lesson. As I’m attempting to rush her all day, it’s met with her slow defiance. Trying to rush a 6-year-old is impossible, then my feisty one will throw in a remark that makes my blood boil. “Shut up” was at the tip of my tongue, but I caught it before it came out. Couldn’t wait to get her to bed, so I could get to my yoga class!

Flounder the Fish

Flounder the Fish 1-13-15

1-13-15 Art class after school. She completed Flounder the Fish using markers.
1-14-15 The day started out with the realization that she lost her pink mechanical pencil that her dad bought her before school. Walked her into class having a meltdown, looked at her teacher and said, “She’s all yours!” Her teacher handled it well and told her she would help her look for it. Daddy looked for it in the car at bedtime and found it! She was very happy!
1-15 -15 Volunteered at her school today as an art docent. Girl Scout meeting after school. Cookie sales is starting tomorrow!


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