January 16th thru 31st

1-16-15 Ice skating practice for her show in March at 7:30am! Of course, we were 5 minutest late to school. After school, she had dance class, then we were supposed to go to the Girl Scouts cookie launch kick off. But, by that time, we were tired and all I wanted to do was go to a yoga class!

Mom's New Car

Mom’s New Car 1-17-15


Cousins 1-17-15

1-17-15 Mommy got a new car today! Traded my Escape in for a Dodge Journey while she was at her Aunt Cindy’s. Took forever and I had a mom’s night out scheduled at 4:30pm. Raced to pick her up, then dropped daddy & her off at home and made it 15 minutes late. Of course, she was whining that I was going out again, so I told her I’d bring her home a treat…bribery, it works!
1-18-15 Had to quit watching the Seahawks – Packers game when the score was 16-9 to take her to a make up art class. What was I thinking when I scheduled this?!? I missed the entire 4th quarter! Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl again!
1-19-15 Took the day off work. We went to a 2 hour Girl Scout Camp in the morning with her troop, then to her Monday evening ice skating group lesson.
1-20-15 Mommy is very short-tempered and she doesn’t want to listen to anything I ask her to do in the morning. Was glad to drop her off at school. She’s been in a whiny stage lately and I’m going to go bonkers! Daddy picked her up from her art class, so I could make it to a much needed yoga class before his hockey game tonight.
1-21-15 She was whining at bedtime about not wanting to go to school because no one wants to be her friend. I know this isn’t true, but she can take one incident and turn it into the entire world is against her, especially when she’s tired.
1-22-15 Decided to drop in at school to surprise her for lunch and do a little observing. As soon as I showed up, she started clinging and crying, and was still having a meltdown when I walked her out to recess. I had to hand her over to a recess monitor and leave her on the playground crying. Lexi & Halo both told me they wanted a playdate with her, and those are the two girls she’s been saying have been giving her grief, so I’m starting to think it may be her not wanting to be friends with them, not vice versa. When I picked her up, she was her happy self.

Ice Skating Practice

Before School Ice Skating 1-23-15

Before School Ice Skating

Before School Ice Skating 1-23-15

1-23-15 Morning ice skating practice before school learning proper technique. She said she wanted to skate every day with her coach…yeah, that’s not happening! Dance right after school and mommy just wanted to zone out and relax while she was in class, but there was a lady who talked LOUDLY on her phone for the entire class in Chinese. Then, we had just enough time to change clothes before her classmates birthday party at a trampoline gym. I was exhausted by the end of the day!

Minion Marshmallow

Minion Marshmallow 1-24-15

1-24-15 Morning group ice skating lesson. She gave me a lecture about wasting water when I kept it running in the bathroom while I was fixing her hair. We went to a Girl Scout Sweet Shoppe Workshop in the afternoon. She came home with so much candy & sweets! My favorite was the Minion Marshmallow. Said it was the best Girl Scout event she’s been too so far…of course!

First Henna Tattoo

First Henna Tattoo 1-25-15

Painting her nails

“Mommy will you turn off the TV so I can concentrate?” 1-25-15

1-25-15 She was painting her nails and said, “Mommy will you turn the TV off so I can concentrate?” We went to my friends kid friendly birthday party and she got her first henna tattoo.

1-26-15 Not sure if all 6 year old’s test their limits, but today is one of those days where I couldn’t get her to school fast enough! Group ice skating lesson in the evening.
1-27-15 Testing her limits continue. I don’t even remember what it was that brought on this statement this morning on the way to school, but according to her, I’m the worst mom ever, nobody likes me and everyone thinks I’m boring. All I said was that I could live with that. On her way to her art class in the afternoon, she said she can’t wait until she’s a parent so she doesn’t have to listen to anyone. Daddy picked her up from art class, so mommy could make it to a yoga class! On a positive note, she told me after school that she wants to give some of her gifts away to the children’s hospital on her next birthday.

Walking to Playdate

Walking with Allie from School 1-28-15

1-28-15 Playdate with her classmate Allie after school today. Allie’s mom sent me a photo of them walking home from school. Picked her up and she immediately starts acting like a pill towards me. I decided something needs to change or I’m going to put her up for adoption (I kid!). So, starting tomorrow, I’m starting a token/reward system for her behavior using jars and craft sticks. http://www.rageagainsttheminivan.com/2013/11/using-token-economy-to-encourage-good.html

Token System

Behavior Token System 1-19-15

1-29-15 I stayed home from work due to a cold, so I put together the token system today. She earned 1 stick and lost 1 stick before we even left for school. After school, I reviewed how she would earn, lose and spend her token sticks. This afternoon was the best day behaviorally we’ve had in weeks! She earned a few, but didn’t lose any!
1-30-15 The token system seems to be working. She really wants to earn the sticks. She did have a slight meltdown on the way to dance after school, mainly because I think she was tired because we had her morning ice skating lesson before school today. We made it to dance class; this is the 3rd class we have been to at the new time (she used to dance on Monday evenings). I observed her going up to a couple of girls trying to make friends, and one of the girls snapped at her. I gave the “mama bear” look to the the other girl and guided my kid away from the little queen bees. I’ve noticed the energy is different from the other class since we started. The girls are more rowdy and I don’t think she was clicking with the girls or the teacher. She came out half way through complaining that her leg hurt and that she didn’t like this class because everyone gets in trouble too much, so she’s changing to Thursdays because her the teacher she likes teaches this class also. We left, which meant I made it to a Zumba class…best Zumba class I’ve ever taken. The instructor was extremely high energy and fun!

Will You Please Get That Thermometer Out of My Butt?

Will You Please Take That Thermometer Out of My Butt?!? 1-31-15

1-31-15 Saturday morning ice skating lesson, then daddy took her to a trampoline gym with her friend, Aidan while I went to hot power yoga and took Joi the cat to get his updated vaccines. Poor kid is getting my cold and we’re going to our friends to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow. She gets to see Ivory and Riley finally. Hasn’t seen her buddies in a couple of months.


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