February 1 thru 15, 2015

2-1-15 We went to yoga before the Super Bowl. Seahawks lost! She got to see her good friends, Ivory & Riley, though; and, they played with no arguments through the whole game! At bedtime she said she was ready for summer because she doesn’t get enough sleep during school.
2-2-15 Daddy met us at group ice skating class. I left to go to yoga class.

Pink Country Bridge

Pink Country Bridge using chalk pastels 2-3-15

2-3-15 The token system has been working well. She lost one after school because she wasn’t listening and I gave her a warning that she was going to lose a stick and her response, “I don’t care”. She lost a stick. We made it to art class and she finished her pink bridge using chalk pastels. At bedtime, we found out she has learned to make fart sounds by blowing on her hand at school…nice to know she’s getting a good education!
2-5-15 Started her new dance class tonight with her favorite teacher. This class is so much better than Fridays class. No little queen bees in the class and she was having fun again. I love my kid…set my alarm for 5:30am to get her to her morning ice skating lesson…that’s love :)!
2-6-15 She loves skating at 7:30am with Coach Meegan; wanted to skate all day instead of going to school. On the way to school, she said she gets to do “cool” stuff in this show, not “cute” stuff like the last show. She went to the gym with my in the afternoon, so I could get a Zumba class in. In the car, she said: “I wish it was Saturday!” Me: “Why?” Her: “Ivory, Riley, duh!” They’re coming over Saturday afternoon…did she just “duh” me?!?

Minion Party

Minion Party! 2-7-15

2-7-15 Daddy took her to her morning ice skating lesson, so I could go to a yoga class. I took her to her friend, Ava’s Minion themed roller skating birthday party. Then, I dropped her off with daddy, so I could go out. Daddy got to babysit Ivory & Riley while the mommies went out.

100 Days of School T-shirt

100 Days of School T-shirt 2-8-15

2-8-15 Daddy took her to the craft store to look for something to decorate her 100 days of school t-shirt that  she’s supposed to wear tomorrow. They brought home buttons, so I sewed 100 buttons tonight. Next time I’m giving her a Sharpie and having her draw 100 circles!
2-9-15 Good News Club right after school. Monday afternoon group ice skating lesson. She said she was a lunch helper today, so she didn’t have time to eat lunch…WTF? I told her if she’s a lunch helper again to quit helping in time to eat. When I picked her up at after care, she was eating 3 Oreo cookies and had a cupcake at school earlier. She also came home with 2 goodie bags full of hershey kisses, etc. Again…WTF?
2-10-15 She didn’t have to be a lunch helper today. I think she told the teacher what I said, so her teacher chose another kid. Raced home after school to do her homework (something about breaking apart tens to into ten ones to show different ways to make a number). Took me a couple of minutes to figure out what they were talking about…gotta love Common Core instructions! Also, had to sign her store bought valentine cards for her classmates before her art class. She was excited to start watercolors today. On the way to class, her random thought was, “I wish there weren’t any bees…with bees & bugs that hurt people didn’t exist”.

Disneyland Weather

Disneyland Weather 2-11-15

2-11-15 Picked her up at school, then dropped the cat off at the luxury cat boarder. She started to get upset on the way because she didn’t want to drop him off. Heading to Disneyland tomorrow…it’s going to be hot!

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins 2-12-15

Anna & Elsa

Anna & Elsa’s Autograph 2-12-15

2-12-15 Arrived at Disneyland! Checked in at Paradise Pier and headed to the resort. First day, she just wanted to walk around and get autographs; her first one was Doc McStuffins, then we met Anna & Elsa at their Royal Welcome. We could have probably came home at this point since her vacation was pretty complete after meeting them.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey 2-13-15


Fantasmic! 2-13-15

Jumping Beds

Jumping Beds 2-13-15

Chip & Dale

Chip & Dale 2-13-15

2-13-15  Started at CA Adventure and rode rides in Bugsland & Carsland. Autograghs at Disneyland from Minnie, Pluto & Mickey. Daddy almost had a heat stroke, so we headed back to the hotel to go swimming. One of her favorite activities was jumping from bed to bed. Dinner reservations at Goofy’s Kitchen; she loved this! We tried to stay up for the early Fantasmic show, but she started to get extremely whiny and wanted to go back to the hotel. We were able to see the fireworks from our room!


Tinkerbell! 2-14-15

Bippidi Boppiti Boutique

Bippidi Boppiti Boutique2-14-15

2-14-15 Spent the day at Disneyland. Today was crowded for Valentine’s Day. Pixie Hollow had a 45 minute wait. Watched a Frozen live show at The Royal Theatre, rode rides, then headed to Bippiti Boppiti Boutique for her Castle Package, where she picked out a dress, had her hair made up like a princess and received the makeup treatment and photos. Then, we were escorted to the castle to meet some princesses, Snow White, Aurora and Belle. She, of course, chose Elsa’s dress with long sleeves and insisted on wearing it walking around the park in 85 degrees! I kept putting a cold water bottle on her neck to keep her from passing out. Spent time in Mickey’s Toontown, then daddy needed a nap, so he left us. We headed to Tommorowland, then to Main Street to watch part of the parade. Headed back to the hotel to get daddy, then went to CA Adventure for dinner. After dinner, she was ready to relax and go to bed.
2-15-15 Bye Disneyland! Getting ready to go home in the hotel and she says to me, “I’m 6 years old; stop treating my like a little girl!” All I could do was laugh. Had to ride the bus from the hotel to LAX and they were late. She was getting impatient standing in front of the hotel and keeps asking what she can do. Daddy suggested counting or something and her response, Disneyland is NOT about learning, it’s about fun! Now I know that she does not consider learning to be fun. I’m in for a long ride since she’s only in 1st grade! She was extremely good on the flight home, which was good because I was about ready to die from the lady wearing a bottle of perfume 2 seats over. I think perfume and cologne should be banned from flights! Made it home to 54 degrees!


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