May 1 thru 15, 2015

Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Crystals 5-1-15

5-1-15 She’s learning how to jump in her morning ice skating lesson. Her coach asked if I could put crystals on her yellow ice skating dress that she wore in her exhibition skate because she’s wearing the same dress for her first competition in May. I called the dressmaker to ask if she could put them on. I opted out when I bought the dress because the crystals were an extra $65.00. The dressmaker said they didn’t have time to put them on before the competition, but gave me suggestions to do it myself, so I headed to the craft store and bought the bedazzle tool and Swarovski crystals…$50.00 later, I’m thinking I should have just spent the $65.00! Spent 3 hours bedazzling her dress tonight; they’re very sparkly when the light hits them just right.
5-2-15 Daddy took her to her morning group ice skating lesson this morning. Started Basic 6. I went to yoga. Took her chalkboard/easel to the dumpster…it took about 2 hours after she got home to notice. The cat was in her bed when she went to get in it at bedtime. She wanted him to stay…after about 5 minutes, she called me to her room to tell me he kissed her and could I get him out of there!

Tree Pose

Tree Pose 5-3-15

Down Dog

Down Dog 5-3-15

5-3-15 We went to yoga before lunch. She showed me her down dog and tree pose. Took her to Target to get something new since I threw her easel out yesterday. She chose a movie, “Barbie and the Secret Door”. Seriously! Another Barbie movie! Daddy took her bowling later in the afternoon. I went searching for a flowers for her teacher tomorrow for teacher appreciation week.

Dumbo drawing

Dumbo 5-15-15

5-5-15 She decided to give her teacher her Giraffe drawing for appreciation today. She finished her “Dumbo” drawing at art class tonight.  No school tomorrow due to teacher 1-day walkout.

Anna & Elsa

Anna & Elsa 5-6-15

5-6-15 Her friend from school, Halo came over for a playdate today since they didn’t have school. Both are only children with very strong personalities; there was only one fight that ended up with both crying and no longer friends for about 5 minutes. I gave them a snack and they were back to being friends. I now know why I was only granted one child; the fighting would drive me insane! Most of the time they got along and looked adorable dressing up as Anna and Elsa. After Halo’s mom picked her up, she kept bugging me to do something else…thankfully, she had her group ice skating lessons in the afternoon.

Math Game Night

Geeking Out at Math Game Night 5-7-15

5-7-15 Dance class after school, then directly to math game night at her school. I threw my gum out the window in the car and she said, “You know throwing your gum out of the window is not going Green!” Daddy met us at her school. Since he’s an engineer, I let him play all the math games with her.

Mother's Day Flower

Mother’s Day Flower 5-8-15

5-8-15 Morning ice skating. Her coach asked if I would put more crystals on her dress for her competition next week, so was back to bedazzling tonight. She brought home a Mother’s Day paper flower from school…apparently, she thinks I’m nice, funny, pretty and caring.

Matching Dresses

Twinsies 5-9-15

Kitty Love

She Loves Kitty! 5-10-15

5-9-15 Morning group ice skating lesson, then we went to yoga. We wore matching dresses to her friend, Kate’s swimming birthday party…she said we were “twinsies”.
5-10-15 Happy Mother’s Day! Hanging out at home while daddy went for a morning bike ride. She loves our cat! Went to noon yoga, then out for a late lunch. Her quote, “Everyone has their own talents, daddy’s is napping.” 

Zuca Bag

Zuca Bag 5-11-15

5-11-15 Last day for Good News Club after school, so they had a party with treats. They serve cookies at lunch on Mondays, so this morning when she asked me to pack her a lunch, I agreed (even though Mondays & Fridays she’s supposed to eat lunch at school). I didn’t want her eating too many sweets. In the car on the way to school, she asks if I’m going to pack her lunch tomorrow, and the next and the next. I told her she didn’t have to keep asking me to pack her lunch. She responds, “Well, you get the idea!” Her Zuca ice skating bag arrived!
5-12-15 Art class after school. She’s working on a snake drawing.
5-13-15 The 6-year-old whine is in full force today on the way to her ice skating class. She was in a much better mood after class.

Dance Picture Day

Dance Picture Day 5-14-15

5-14-15 I left work early to volunteer as an art docent today. Her class made clay pots; they will get fired in the kiln in a couple of days. After school, it was dance picture day, so everyone wore their dresses for the upcoming recital and had professional pictures taken.
5-15-15 Before school ice skating lesson. She fell doing her spin this morning, so her coach took it out of Sunday’s competition. She will be competing in the Basic 4 level with two other girls. I watched one of her competitors on YouTube…the girl is good. Need to have a talk with her about not getting caught up in winning, just do her best and have fun.

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