May 16 thru 31, 2015

5-16-15 Daddy took her to morning ice skating, so I could get a hot yoga class in. Took her to practice her ice program at the rink for tomorrow’s competition after lunch, then we went to her friend, Maeve’s gymnastics birthday party. I think we’re going to have her party there in July, as well. On the way to the party, she’s doing something on my iPhone and wants me to look at it; I told her, “I can’t see, I’m driving!” After I thought about it that statement taken literally would mean I’m blind and driving. Picked up daddy and headed to the hotel near the rink where her competition is so we wouldn’t have to drive early in the morning. She has to be at the rink to practice at 7:30am. She’s starting to get a runny nose; told her to just get through tomorrow morning, then she can get sick. :/.

Warming up

Warming Up 5-17-15

1st ice skating medal

First Ice Skating Medal 5-17-15

Coach Meegan

Coach Meegan 5-17-15

5-17-15 She cried out around 1am, so I woke up. She went back to sleep; it took mom 2 hours to get back to sleep. Alarm goes off at 5:45am. Get to the rink at 7:30am to meet Coach Meegan for practice ice. All the mom’s are putting their kids hair up in amazing buns and braids…I’m lost at how they can get the hair to look like toddlers and tiaras hair. Some of the kids were wearing makeup, so of course, my kid wants to wear it. I put some lipstick on her and called it good. I tried to French braid her hair and gave up and put it in a bun and held it into place with about 20 bobby pins and hairspray. I’m just baffled how to do hair! Her competition was at 9:20am. She did great! Didn’t win first place, but received a 3rd place medal. The 1st place winner skated faster and did a spin. Coach Meegan took her spin out because she fell hard at Friday’s practice. She made it through her 1st competition and is ready for her next on June 4th, where the spin will be added back in. Daddy gave her a Pinky Pie stuffed animal and she said she’s glad she got a medal, but already got her Pinky Pie prize, so she was happy. After photo were taken, we headed home. I took an hour nap, then dropped her off at Kinkade’s 7th fairy themed birthday party; Kinkade is in her Daisy Girl Scout troop. Received a text from Kinkade’s mom later that she was a riot at the party and hope she had fun…makes me wonder what she was doing! She did have a lot of fun!
5-18-15 Sick day from school. I was ironing and telling her to not touch the iron and to be careful not to knock the iron off the board, etc. She asks when she would be old enough to do her own; I told her maybe around 8 years old. Her response, “noted”! Apparently, I make a lot of notes with Siri.
5-19-15 She was still congested with a sore throat today, but made her go to school, so I could go to work. She was in a great mood when I picked her up, so she wasn’t THAT sick, so she went to art class and daddy picked her up so I could make it 6:30pm hot yoga.
5-20-15 After school on and off ice skating class. I went to yoga and when I got home she was already asleep. She must have been really tired because she usually waits until I get home, so I can tuck her in…must be the cold she’s fighting.
5-21-15 I caught her cold! Ugh! Left work early, took a nap, picked her up from school, then straight to her Girl Scout meeting, then on to her dance class.

Snack for Mommy

Snack for Mommy 5-22-15

5-22-15 No school due to LEAP day, but they still had extended care, so I dropped her off after morning ice skating even though I stayed home sick from work. I picked her up after lunch and took a nap on the couch. My sweet girl said she was sorry I was sick and prepared a snack and brought it to me.

Day at Home

Day at Home 5-23-15

1st Sock Bun

1st Sock Bun 5-23-15

5-23-15 We went to yoga. She was the only kid in the class today and loved all the attention. I came home and took a nap…still fighting the cold. Daddy took her to Starbucks and they came home with a light up hula hoop. While they were out, I watched YouTube videos about making a sock bun. I attempted it on her when she got home and am going to need large amounts of hair product to smooth it out!
5-24-15 Daddy got her a Razor scooter and took her to the park. Said she wasn’t feeling good when they got home; think she’s getting my cold.
5-25-15 Morning ice skating lesson with her coach. She set 3 summer ice skating goals: 1. to get better at a waltz jump from a backwards crossover, 2. work on speed, 3. get better at spinning in both directions.

Snake in Watercolors

Snake in Watercolors 5-26-15

5-26-15 She told me she was going to tell her teacher that her class should have a talent show. I asked her what her talent would be and she said, “singing”. I said I thought her talent was ice skating, which she reminded me that they do not have an ice rink at her school. I was attempting to guide her away from singing. When she sings, it’s loud and completely out of tune. Singing is definitely not her talent! Tonight was her last after school art class until Fall. She completed a watercolor snake painting. About 30 minutes after she went to bed, daddy started frying bacon. I hear her yell from her room, “Who’s making bacon?!?” Daddy is. Her response, “No fair!” Daddy gave her a piece of bacon, she’s happily back in bed…just discovered a new way to bribe, discipline and reward my child!
5-27-15 As we’re getting ready in the morning, she asks if she’s old enough to get a tattoo. Noooo!!! I said, “You know Mommy doesn’t like tattoos, right?” No response. Subject changed. It’s a personal preference, I just don’t find tattoos attractive, especially since they’re painful to get! She had on & off ice training after school; she’s improving fast with her waltz jumps from a backward crossover.

Girl Scout Potted Flowers

Flower to Give the Retirement Home Residents 5-28-15

5-28-15 Picked her up from school and got ready for her dance dress rehearsal. First, we met her Girl Scout troop at the retirement center to give potted flowers to the residents. When it was time to approach the residents to give them the flowers, she refused. She said she was too shy. I lost my patience and started to lead her towards the residents. She started to cry and hit me a few times. I sat her down to chill and she lost TV for the night. I probably shouldn’t have pushed her to do it, but she’s NOT shy…maybe elderly people make her nervous. When I asked, she said she didn’t know why she didn’t want to do it. I let her know in the car that hitting mommy is never okay no matter what. She said she was sorry and sounded very sincere. Went to dress rehearsal and the rest of the evening went well.
5-29-15 Morning ice skating lesson. She was able to do a forward inside open Mohawk from a standstill position. We went to the gym and since it was 84 degrees, we got ice cream before dinner.

Basic 6

Waiting to Get on the Ice! 5-30-15

Dance Recital

Dance Recital 5-30-15

Dance Recital

Dance Recital 5-30-15

5-30-15 Morning Basic 6 ice skating lesson…she couldn’t wait to get on the ice! Proceeded to yoga class, then got ready for her dance recital. As soon as the recital was over, the cousins came over for a sleepover.

Birthday Party

Bowling Birthday Party 5-31-15

5-31-15 Went to her friend from dance class, Mila’s birthday party at a bowling alley/arcade. Great venue for a party! Lasted 3 hours.


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