September 16 thru 30, 2015

9-16-15 Went directly to her on and off ice class after school. She made it through on ice, but had a meltdown during off ice training. She said she was tired, so we left early. Realized I need to put her back on a more structured routine now that school has started. No more TV in the mornings before school and no TV until her homework is complete, eat dinner and take a bath. Back to 7:40 bedtime instead of 8pm on school nights.

Cousin's A's Bday

Cousin A’s 3rd Bday 9-17-15

9-17-15 I was in training all day at the real estate office. Had to learn their client manager software system. Lasted a lot longer than I anticipated, so didn’t have time to take a break before picking her up, then we drove 40 minutes to the cousins since the younger cousin turned 3 today. Daddy met us there after work, then I had to leave at 6:15p to make it to 7pm curriculum night at her school, then went to 8:15p yoga.

Simone's Birthday Party

Simone’s Birthday Party 9-18-15

Ice Skating

Ice Skating Lesson 9-18-15

9-18-15 Hit the snooze 3 times, so we ended up rushing around in the morning to make it to school by 8:10pm so she could eat breakfast at school. I had to be there by 8:15pm to help volunteer for picture day until 2:30pm. I pulled her out of class 1/2 hour early, so we could make it to the ice rink by 3:30pm for her lesson with her coach. Then, we went to her friend, Simone’s birthday party at the bouncy place. Told her she needed to do some online math and reading before she could watch TV and she became so involved with those that she didn’t even want TV.

9-19-15 Morning ice skating Basic 8 lesson, then we went to yoga. Ballet at 2:45pm. First time I let her ride in another parent’s car to go to an activity. Isla’s parents picked her up at 5pm and dropped her off at 9:30pm without any issues. Phew! I was out, so daddy sent me a text when she was safely into bed and asleep.
9-20-15 Daddy took her to Chuck E. Cheese, then bike riding. As I was tucking her into bed, she started crying and saying she didn’t have anyone to play with at recess most of the time and that she was going to be alone forever. I asked her about some of her friends and she said she was too shy to ask to join groups and when she has, they really don’t talk to her, so runs and hides. Or, some kids say no. She said there have been a couple of times when she played in a group and it was fun. She doesn’t like school and wants to be homeschooled. WTF is going on?!? She has friends, so I don’t know if she’s overdramatizing or if something is really going on.
9-21-15 I sent a text to her friends mom last night asking if Anna has said anything about my kid to find out what was going on. Anna said that my kid has begged her to play “family” but Anna didn’t want to, and Anna & Rebecca (my kid’s friends) have been playing a game at recess and Rebecca told Anna that no one else could play. Anna’s mom told her that other kids CAN play with them and that my kid was sad, so maybe ask her to play the next day. When I picked up my kid, I found out that Anna asked her to play family with her today, so all three girls played together. Anna is so sweet! My kid seemed happier today.
9-22-15 Picked her up and went to her swim lesson. Another good day!
9-23-15 On and off ice training (Bridge class) right after school. She made it through on ice and then started to meltdown like last week for office ice, so I went into the room with her and she made it through class. Think at the end of this session, we will stop Bridge class and add another lesson with Coach Meegan. She also wants to stop ballet class, so we’re going to take a break until after Christmas, then revisit it.

Brownie Meeting

1st Brownie Meeting 9-24-15

9-24-15 First Girl Scout (Brownie) meeting of the year.

Old Friend

Mommy’s Old Friend Warming Up Before the Show 9-25-15

9-25-15 Daddy left work early to pick her up at school, so mommy could go out with a couple of friends to see an old friend from over 20 years ago that moved to Japan playing in his band. They were doing a U.S. tour, so had to go say hi! Didn’t get home until 2am, so I didn’t get to see her at bedtime, but I did call on the way out and she didn’t seem to heartbroken about it. They were making a chocolate cake.
9-26-15 Had to get up and take her to her morning ice skating lesson. I am not a spring chicken anymore! Then her mom’s friend came and picked her up and her and her friend, Isla went to watch Cinderella at the children’s theatre and do a little girl shopping. Then, her friend’s mom dropped her off at our place for a little over an hour. All was going ok until Isla didn’t want to do anything she wanted to do. She got mad and started crying, telling her friend she didn’t like her and threw her Isla’s purse at her. She’s in trouble! No TV or computer games for a week. I get that she was upset, but she can’t throw things at anyone.

Funky Felt Boxes

Making Funky Felt Boxes 9-27-15

9-27-15 Daddy and her went to breakfast and for a bike ride. I went to Bikram’s yoga. Went and checked out a house and it’s perfect. Now need to sell our current place, so we can put an offer on the perfect home! While I was looking at the house, they went to the craft store and when I got home, they were making American Girl Funky Felt Boxes.
9-28-15 Nonstop talking after I picked her up from school. Her losing TV and computer games for the week has worked out well!


Swimming 9-29-15

9-29-15 Picked her up and went to her swim lesson. The teacher used her as an example for the other kids, which made her very proud. The 20 minutes of required reading homework is my favorite time of the day. 20 minutes of quiet while she’s reading.


Squats with Medicine Ball 9-30-15

9-30-15 As I was flat ironing my hair, she asked if I had to work today. I said I had a couple of meetings. So, she says, “Yeah, because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have to fix your hair and could stay in your pajamas and sit on the couch because no one would see me.” I was thinking I taught her right! After my meetings, I finally made a decision and signed up with Windermere. Picked her up and we headed to her on/off ice training. The instructor had her doing squats with a medicine ball, burpees, planks, etc. This is after skating for  30 minutes…she got a good workout!


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