February 1st thru 29th, 2016

Veggie Face

Veggie Face 2-1-16


Strawberry Smoothie 2-1-16


Mural 2-1-16

Self Portrait

Self Portrait 2-1-16

Happy Mood

Happy Mood 2-1-16

2-1-16 No school today, so we went to work for awhile and then she finished what she needed to do to earn her snack and art badge for Brownies. For art, she painted a self portrait, a mood and a mural. For her snack badge, she needed to make a smoothie an a veggie face.
2-2-16 Ice skating after school with Arlene.
2-5-16 Ice skating with Meegan after school. She said she’s scared to skate in her exhibition at the next event.
2-6-16 Daddy took her to her group ice skating lesson in the morning, then to cousin Zarah’s birthday party since I’ve been working so much this week.
2-7-16 I worked most of the day, so she spent the day with daddy. I had to make sure all the Brownie’s were in eBudde today…not sure about the cookie mom thing…it’s a lot of work!
2-8-16 She had after school art class and will finish their project next in the next class.


2nd Grade Homework 2-9-16

2-9-16 Had her first orthodontist appointment today. I have been told he will need braces since she was 4 and sure enough she has a tooth growing behind another one. She was afraid she would have to have it pulled out and was nervous and quiet. As soon as the orthodontist said to just watch it for a year, she started chatting up a storm with the dental assistant. Teeth are too big for her small mouth. She asked me to help her with homework, I didn’t know the answers!
2-10-16 Her babysitter Kelsey picked her up at school since I had to work. She asked if I was going to make it to her school Valentine party at 1pm on Friday. I told her I would try but had a work thing at noon, but would try. She asked me if real estate was more important than her school party…way to put a guilt trip on mommy!
2-11-16 Kelsey picked her up again since I had to take a class in the afternoon. They have so much fun together! Her friend, Halo’s’ mom from her old school sent a message asking if she wanted to spend the night Sunday since they didn’t have school on Monday. At first, she said yes until she realized it was Valentine’s Day. She said she wanted to spend it with us (mom & dad), so we decided on a playdate for Monday instead.

Valentine's Party

Valentine’s Party 2-12-16

Valentine's Party

Valentine’s Party 2-12-16

2-12-16 I made it to her Valentine’s party 30 minutes late, but she was very happy I made it. I don’t know how teachers do it…I wanted to wait in the hallway and get out of the chaos! Ice skating lesson with Meegan after school.

Jenny's gift

Aunt Jenny’s Gift 2-13-16


Staging 2-13-16

2-13-16 I had to show houses all day, so daddy took her to her group ice skating class. When they got there, they realized her skates were in my car…oops! So, she skipped her class. Weird staging I saw over Valentine’s weekend!
2-14-16 I took the day off so we could spend the day together. Daddy asked her to put the iPad up in the evening and do her 20 minute homework reading. She got sassy and whiny, so dad took the iPad and TV away for the next day. I looked at him like, “really?!?” He told her if she ready if she did double reading, she could have it back, so she agreed to 40 minutes of reading.
2-15-16 She had a playdate with Halo at 12:30pm. Halo’s mom took them to a 3D movie. She said it was so cool!
2-16-16 She says, “You know what worse than drinking & driving? Walking and playing games on the iPad!” Very true kid…you could get hit by a car if you’re not paying attention. Ice skating lesson with Arlene after school.
2-17-16 She has been whining about not wanting to perform in her ice skating exhibition next month because her coach has her performing to fast music, has 2 spins and salchow.

Meet the Cookies

Meet the Cookies 2-18-16

2-18-16 First thing in the morning, she continues whining about her ice skating performance. I emailed her coach and we attempted to determine what her fear was. My perfectionist daughter is afraid she won’t do well. She proceeded to have a meltdown after school as the whining continued. I asked her if she wanted to stop ice skating, she said, “no!” Continued to message her coach and her coach will talk to her tomorrow at her lesson. Girl Scout Brownie meeting this evening. It’s Girl Scout Cookie presale time!
2-19-16 Coach Meegan changed her program slightly. Took out a couple of spins and now she is happy and confident!
2-20-16 Daddy took her to her morning group ice skating lesson, then she went to her friend, Halo’s 8th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. So glad she’s old enough to drop off now!

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies 2-23-16


Skiing 2-21-16

2-21-16 Daddy took her skiing today with his friend, Chris and his son, Klaus. First time on a ski lift…daddy was stressed out, she wasn’t scared at all.
2-22-16 Art class after school…still working on a project so didn’t bring anything home.
2-23-16 Picked up the Brownie troop’s Girl Scout cookies. The garage has lots of cookies now!
2-24-16 Kelsey picked her up from school, so I could work in the afternoon.
2-25-16 Kelsey picked her up again, then daddy got home a little early, so they could go Movie Night at her school. The movie was the Minions. Daddy said it sucked!

Pirate Day

Pirate Day 2-26-16

Free Skate 1

Free Skate 1 – 2nd Attempt 2-27-16

2-26-16 Pirate Day at school. I bought her a girl’s Pirate dress. She put it on and decided she didn’t like it. We argued about her wearing it because I bought it and we agreed she would wear it this one time.
2-27-16 Daddy too her to her group ice skating lesson. She didn’t pass Free Skate 1 again because she needs to work on her spins. She took it a little better this time, but told me she would NEVER pass!
2-29-16 On the way to school, she said she wished school was only on Saturdays and Sundays and she got the rest of the days off…I said, “and the rest of the world wishes everything worked that way too!”


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