June 1st thru 30th, 2016

6-1-16 Picked her up early from school so she could have a lesson with Coach Meegan. Her competition is tomorrow, so wanted to get one more lesson in. She got to see her friend, Simone.

Coach Meegan

Coach Meegan Before Her Performance 6-2-16


Putting on Lipstick 6-26-16

Ice Fest

Ice Fest 6-2-16

Ice Fest

Ice Fest 6-2-16

Ice Fest

Look at That Smile! 6-2-16

Ice Fest

Spinning 6-2-16

Ice Fest

Ta-Da! 6-2-16

6-2-16 Pulled her out of school at 1pm so she could relax before her ice skating competition. She had practice ice at 4:30pm and competed at 6:45pm. First time competing at the Free Skate 1 Level. She placed 3rd out of 5 in her group. 1st place was older and was obvious she would place 1st and 2nd place was slightly older and had speed. She skated great! Her dad & I were so happy she didn’t fall doing her spin. Very proud of her.

6-3-16 Picked her up from school. Headed to my manager’s home for a work party, then daddy picked her up after work.


Carla Getting Pampered 6-4-16

Anna's Party

Anna’s Birthday Party 6-5-16

6-4-16 Her American Girl spa set arrived that her Aunt Jenny had shipped to her from Kansas City. She spent the afternoon playing giving Carla (changed her name from Caylee) and giving her a spa treatment and styling her hair.
6-5-16 Went to her friend Anna’s birthday party from her old school at a gymnastics studio. Got to see her friend Rebecca too!
6-6-16 After school art class, she is working on an acrylic painting. It was hot today!!
6-7-16 Ice skating lesson with Arlene after school.


Teambuilding 6-9-16


It worked! 6-9-16

2nd Graders

2nd Graders 6-9-16


Hiking 6-9-16

Ice Skating Move

Always Thinking of Ice Skating 6-9-16

6-9-16 I chaperoned on her class field trip at one of the school district’s activity center’s. Her class started out with a team building project where they had to build a table that would hold a bottle of water out of thin cardboard, newspaper, tape & scissors. Her group worked together and it worked! Then proceeded to a scavenger hunt, hike and Geo-caching. During lunch, I looked up and she was doing an ice skating move…always thinking of ice skating.
6-10-16 Ice skating with Coach Meegan after school.
6-11-16 She was with Daddy most of the day since I taught a class. After the class I had a couple of hours, so I took her to the store and let her buy a toy with the money Bachan gave her when we were in Kansas. Then, I had a mommy date with her friend, Simone’s mom…no kids!
6-12-16 I took her to my Open House at 1pm since daddy was bike riding. Daddy picked her up around 1:45pm.

Lake Cruise

Lake Cruise 6-13-16

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day 6-13-16


Cousin Kobe 6-13-16

6-13-16 Kept her out of school today due to relatives from Hawaii passing through. She had not seen them since she was 10 months old. We met them for lunch then took them on a lake cruise; turned out to be a beautiful day! By the end of the day, her 17-year old cousin, Kobe had made a new best friend. Daddy met us for dinner after work, then we took them back to their hotel. Looking forward to visiting them in Hawaii in a few months.

School Bus

Trapped on a School Bus 6-14-16

Lego Art

Lego Art Exhibit 6-14-16

6-14-16 Back to school and I volunteered to chaperone on another field trip…I’ve decided I’m insane! I was trapped on a school bus full of 2nd graders and it breaks down on the freeway exit…kids have to go to the bathroom! The bus driver was able to get it started again, thank goodness! Was assigned 5 girls…they were pretty good. Trying to keep track of 5 kids in a busy, crowded place…all I’m thinking is, “don’t lose a kid…you don’t want to have to tell their parents you lost them!” The Lego art exhibit was pretty amazing.
6-15-16 Ice skating with Arlene after school. When we got home, we called Bachan to wish her a happy birthday, but she was visiting her cousin in Dallas.
6-16-16 Field Day at school. She said there was a dunking tank for the teachers.
6-17-16 Ice skating with Meegan after school. She lost TV for the night because she hasn’t been listening to anything I ask her to do and by the time I ask her for the 5th time, I’m yelling at her, then she yells at me back with backtalk. I decided ignoring isn’t working, so some consequences need to be put in place. She apologized and asked for another chance, but I wouldn’t give it, so she started mouthing off again and almost lost the iPad. She chilled before that happened. Seemed to work because she stopped being defiant with everything I asked and went to bed without any issues.

Climbing Walls

Climbing the Walls 6-18-16

6-18-16 Daddy took her to McDonald’s for breakfast and the no TV seems to be working. She played on the Wii and Xbox while we packed up some things so the carpet installers can install new carpet tomorrow! I looked up and she was climbing the walls…literally!

Fathers Day

Father’s Day 6-19-16

6-19-16 She spent the day with daddy and went biking with Aunt Cindy.


Joi Refuses to Come Downstairs 6-20-16

6-20-16 New carpet getting installed today! As soon as I opened the cat carrier, he took off running upstairs and would not come down. When I finally picked him up, he left a big scratch on my stomach…bratty cat! End of the year celebration in her classroom. I thought she told me it started at 2:40pm, so I showed up at 2:40pm…it started at 2:20pm. I walked in right when she was finishing her part in the performance they did. She stuck her tongue out at me when I walked in. Another mom walked in later than me…phew!


Diorama 6-21-16

6-21-16 Picked her up before lunch to take her to the first day of ice skate camp. She brought home her diorama that she worked on earlier in the year. Honestly, I had to look up what a diorama was!

Last Day of 2nd Grade

Last Day of 2nd Grade 6-22-16

Cat Puke

Cat Puke 6-22-16

6-22-16 Last day of 2nd grade! Picked her up 90 minutes early so she could make it ice skate camp on time. Went through her backpack when she was at camp. In Kindergarten, I would have kept all the work she did at school…when I looked at all her folders, I was thinking how much can I get into the recycle bin before she gets home! The frickin’ cat initiated the new carpet with cat puke today!

Heart Drawing

Heart Drawing for Instructors 6-23-16

Olive Award

The Olive Award 6-23-16

6-23-16 Dropped her off at ice skating camp. She made heart pictures for her 2 instructors. One was red, the other purple. She received the Olive Award stating she was so kind and full of energy…always working hard and so smiley.

Star Group

The Star Group 6-24-16

Skate Camp

Last Day of Ice Skate Camp 6-24-16

6-24-16 Last day of ice skating camp. All the groups gave a performance…she was in the highest group, “The Star Group” and was very proud that she was chosen to be in front for the finale.
6-25-16 Daddy took her to her group ice skating class while I went to yoga and a ladies event. When I got home, I took her out to dinner at a sushi restaurant and discovered she does not like tempura…at least she tried it.

Horse Paintings

Our Horse Painting 6-26-16


Cousins 6-27-16

6-26-16 We went to a painting class together. The painting that was instructed was of a horse. She had a lot of fun and wants to go again. This is one of my favorite activities to do with her.
6-27-16 She spent the morning and early afternoon at her cousins house while I worked.


Rabbits 6-28-16


Yardwork 6-29-16

6-28-16 Playdate at our friends that live 45 minutes away. Her & Sonrie had fun playing with their rabbits. Skating with Coach Arlene in the afternoon.
6-29-16 I decided I couldn’t take the messy backyard anymore, so she helped me do some weeding. Ice skating lesson in the afternoon.
6-30-16 Morning ice skating lesson with Meegan. I am so ready for school to start already! After ice skating, she ran some errands with me, then some of the neighbor girls came over to play in the front yard. She loves that we live in a neighborhood with other kids to play with this year.

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  1. Malissa Brooke says:

    I love this! Ice skating is one of my passions that I let slip thru the cracks lately. I wish I would’ve gotten into it early like she did! She looks great!

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