June 1st thru June 30th – 2017

6-1-17 Trump backed out of The Paris Agreement (French: Accord de Paris). are
6-2-17 I canceled her afternoon ice skating lesson today so I could attend Street Yoga Training. It started at 5:30pm at the other end of the city. I was trying to take a shortcut during rush hour, pulled into a parking lot and was backing out to turn around and hit a railing that was close to the entrance I was backing out of. I’m not sure how people deal with rush hour every day! Daddy sent a text saying to cancel one of her lessons with Coach Arlene because he got irritated when he took her to the rink to practice and after 15 minutes, she was done and wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be practicing. He doesn’t want to pay for it if she’s not going to take it seriously. So, I canceled one of her lessons, but haven’t told her yet.
6-3-17 I had Street Yoga Training all day today. When I got home, her friend, Poppy was at our house and she ended up spending the night. I let them stay up past 11pm.
6-4-17 Dropped Poppy off at 7:30am on my way to teach a yoga class before Street Yoga Training.
6-5-17 After school I told her that we canceled one of her lessons with Coach Arlene and she became really upset. After explaining to her why, I told her that if she practiced more this summer, we would revisit it in September.
6-6-17 The neighbor kids came at 7am today and I dropped them off at school. She had her weekly lesson with Coach Arlene today and her coach agreed that she should take it a little more seriously if she wants to continue.

Hugging Cat

Hugging her Kitty 6-7-17


My Yoga Assistant 6-7-17

6-7-17 The neighbor kids came again at 7am…the brother pushed his little sister off thew couch and she was fake crying and screaming…I couldn’t drop them off at school fast enough! Before school, my kid was hugging the kitty “good morning”. After school, we went to a kid’s yoga class at a gym I teach out because I’ll be taking over the class for the rest of June. I had to prod her to go because she doesn’t like yoga as much as I do. I told her she would be my assistant during the classes I teach and help the younger kids.
6-8-17 Daddy dropped her off at school since I have to leave early on Thursday’s to teach a yoga class.
6-9-17 Getting ready for school, she tells me she’s having an issue about Halloween because she usually knows what she wants to be by now, but doesn’t know yet. I told her when the Halloween stores open, we can go shopping and decide then.
She said ok…but no more of that princess stuff, yuk! Maybe a black cat with eyeliner and mascara dressed all in black. I’m thinking…should I be scared…when did this happen?!? I received a call at 1:15pm from the school telling me that my kid was in the office because they were released at 1pm today…I didn’t have a clue. I was heading home from the store, so was right at the corner of her school. Then, we had afternoon ice skating with Coach Meegan and proceeded to Target to get her friend, Anna, a birthday gift for her party tomorrow. She started being a pill in the store and became argumentative because I bought Anna a soda maker and she wanted one. My relentless daughter kept pissing and moaning about it. I’m already exhausted and she’s just sucking the last bit of life out of me…she’s only 8! We get home, I make dinner and have her try one green bean…just one! She gets dramatic and starts yelling and gagging and runs to the trash can to spit it out. Then, she starts complaining that she’s bored. Her dad needs to get home because I am done for the day! He gets home and starts complaining about his job. The kid went outside.

Anna's Birthday

Anna’s Birthday 6-10-17

6-10-17 Daddy took her to her ice skating lesson in the morning, then I dropped her off at her friend Anna’s birthday party while I went to a yoga class. I had a yoga event in the evening. When I arrived home there was a new Lego set all over the living room floor.
6-11-17 I decided it was time to organize her Lego’s because I can’t take them being thrown in a cardbox box in her room and her sets are put together all over the floor of her room. I went to Storables and found some containers that work and proceeded to sped at least 2 hours organizing her pieces and taking apart all but 3 sets. At bedtime when she went to look for something, she could’t find an important piece and was accusing me of throwing it away. I was calm, at first, reassuring her that everything was there and I had not thrown anything away. She proceeded to escalate and start screaming and crying because she couldn’t find it. I tried to ignore her because I’m not engaging when she’s acting like this. I finally lost it and yelled at her to quit whining and start her 20 minutes of night reading. She got quiet really quickly and after about 5 minutes, I asked if she was reading. She said she wasn’t, but she knew I was going to be mad when she told me something. I said I probably would be, but what? She said she found the piece she was looking for because I hadn’t taken that set apart, it was still sitting in her room. OMG! She asked for a hug. I gave her one and told her to get to her room to read, then she started whining that she wanted to sit with me in the living room to read…ABSOLUTELY NOT! Go to your room and read! Then, I was told I was the worst mother ever. I sure hope this stage passes!
6-12-17 I volunteered in her classroom for the last time this year!

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 6-13-17

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 6-13-17

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 6-13-17

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 6-13-17

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 6-13-17

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 6-13-17

6-13-17 She didn’t want to go on the field trip to the zoo today, so she stayed home and I took her to the ice rink and the mall. Then, she had her ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene.

I Love Mom

I Love Mom 6-14-17

6-14-17 Taught my first kids yoga class. I envisioned all the kids engaged and participating in this wonderful story I came up with last night doing yoga poses. 6 and up were good. 4 and 5 year olds…not so much. I told my kid, she was my assistant, so she kept getting up and trying to get the younger kids back to their mats…I kept telling her to just stay on her mat. She was playing with some baking soda concoction and she made sure to take a picture of what she wrote in it.
6-15-17 Field Day at school, so they played all day.

Ice Skate Drawing

Ice Skate Drawing 6-16-17

6-16-17 Ice skating with Coach Meegan after school. Then, she had to run some errands with me. Over 2 hours in the car with her and the only song we agreed upon was “We Are Young” by Fun.I went through her backpack and found a cool ice skate she drawing.
6-17-17 I was in a workshop all day, so she was with daddy all day…not sure what they did.
6-18-17 Father’s Day. Took daddy to lunch.
6-20-17 Ice skating with Coach Arlene.

Sun Circles

Sun Circles 6-21-17

Sun circles

Sun Circles 6-21-17

6-21-17 Little Sun Circles in Kids Yoga today. The 9-year old wanted to play a game so I let her lead it…I could probably just let her teach the entire class and she would do better than I would! I told my kid that she needed to stay on her mat and show a good example for the younger kids.

Lilly's Bdat

Lilly’s Birthday 6-22-17

3rd Grade6-22-17 Last day of school! They were released at 1pm, then she went to her friend, Lilly’s birthday party.


1st Day of Summer Vacation 6-23-17

6-23-17 Day 1 of Summer break…kid is on the couch with electronics…adult is ready for a nap at 9:30am. We were in the car and she said when she was in the car with daddy the day before, they saw a couple of driver’s in a parking lot getting into an argument and one blocked the other car from leaving. She said they had anger issues…lol.

Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Festival 6-24-17

Strawberry Festival 6-24-17

Strawberry Festival 6-24-17

6-24-17 She went to Poppy’s house to give her a matching bookmark so they could both have the same one before Poppy moved. We went to the Strawberry Festival in the afternoon.
6-25-17 Her best friend from school and the neighborhood, Poppy, moved to South Carolina today.

Missing Poppy

Missing Poppy 6-26-17

6-26-17 She is sad that Poppy left and when we drive by her house on the way home, she says she doesn’t like that house anymore. She said she is never going to play outside again because Poppy is no longer in the neighborhood. She stayed inside and painted.
6-27-17 First day of ice skating camp. Neon Day.

Hawaiian Day

Hawaiian Day 6-28-17

Most Creative

Most Creative 6-28-17

6-28-17 I had to teach an early class, so we left at 7:30am and she played on the iPad while I taught before ice skating camp. It was Hawaiian Day…she finally fits into the moo moo that Bachan made for her years ago. She was voted “Most Creative” today. I was at the store in the evening and I get a text…“She swallowed her gum, will she be ok?” I should of responded that we needed to go to ER and to get it surgically removed.

Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair & Pajama Day 6-29-17

6-29-17 Pajama & Crazy Hair Day at camp; the best we could do is put a red streak in her hair. When we got home, she didn’t want to go outside because Poppy isn’t here. I had to kick her out of the house and go play instead of sitting on the couch playing on the iPad.

Assembling Table

Assembling the Table 6-30-17


Selfie 6-30-17

6-30-17 The camp splits up into several different groups depending on the kid’s skills. She’s always in the highest skilled group because some kids attend the camp, but have never skated before. She was on the yellow team, so each team wore their team colors today and each team performed a program at the end of the day for the parents. Our friends, Matt, Genn, Ivory & Riley joined the fitness club that I teach hot yoga at and they have and indoor and outdoor pool, so now the kids can hang out at the pool this summer. I kept telling her dad to put together my new sofa end table that has been sitting on the floor for 3 weeks. She says, “If you want it put together, then why don’t you just do it yourself?” She opened it and said the instructions were easy, so she put it together. 



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