July 1st thru July 31st – 2017

Swim Lessons

1st Day of Swim Lessons 7-1-17

7-1-17 First day of summer swim lesson.
7-2-17 Aunt Jenny, Uncle Jason and Bachan arrived from Texas! She’s so excited! Aunt Jenny brought her a huge makeup set…I’m not thrilled about this. They took her to the park. Uncle Jason couldn’t figure out the water fountain, so she played a trick on him.

You Have to Eat

You Have to F*cking Eat 7-3-17

7-3-17 Went to one of the local malls and of course, her Aunt Jenny bought her 6 choker necklaces. I found a book to buy her for her birthday to help her eat her vegetables. Then we went back to their hotel to swim.

July 4th

July 4th 7-4-17

July 4th

July 4th 7-4-17

7-4-17 I let her wear her new makeup for 4th of July…a little too much eye shadow. She asked me to help her put eyeliner on and I told her no way…she’s too young. She started crying, which is unusual for her. I asked her why she was crying and she said because she missed Poppy. Aunt Jenny stopped by in the afternoon and brought her more stuff she doesn’t need, then they went back to their hotel and we went to our friends (Ivory & Riley) for 4th of July, like we do every year.

Having Fun

Having Fun with Aunt Jenny 7-5-17

7-5-17 Despacito came on the radio…she told me to change the channel. I said, “I like this song!” She responds, “Justin Bieber? Wow! (in a condescending unbelievable tone). Went to Aunt Jenny’s hotel, then we went downtown to sightsee, came back to the hotel so she could swim and I left her there while I went to teach my yoga class. When I got back, her aunt had bought her more stuff…Animal Jam toys, play earrings, etc. Ugh! She had fun, though!


Lunch with Aunt Jenny 7-6-27

7-6-17 I had to teach a yoga class in the morning, so her dad dropped her off at her Aunt & Uncle’s hotel and she spent the day with them. They took her to lunch and she met one of her Uncle’s friends 2-year old daughter. Apparently, they had a blast together, then they went swimming at the hotel pool and I picked her up after teaching my evening class.


Festival 7-7-17

Japan Gardens

Japanese Gardens 7-8-17

7-7-17 She had ice skating with Coach Meegan in the afternoon, then we went to a local festival so she could play the games and ride a few rides.
7-8-17 She had her Free Skate 6 class in the morning, then swimming lesson at noon. Then we met the relatives and went to a Japanese Festival then proceeded to the Japanese Gardens.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing 7-9-17


Cried All the Way Home 7-10-17

7-9-17 Met the relatives in the afternoon, then went to another local festival, then the relatives came back to stay at our house since they are leaving tomorrow.
7-10-17 Dropped the relatives to the airport in the afternoon and she cried the entire way home (about an hour) because her Aunt Jenny was gone. Daddy got home and they made slime.


Kids Yoga 7-12-17


Pink Slime 7-11-17

7-11-17 Ice skating with Coach Arlene in the afternoon. Then she made pink slime.
7-12-17 Playdate with her friend, Lilly today. Dropped her off at 11:30am and I went to a yoga class. Picked her up at about 3pm and she started saying things like, “I was having fun until you came in a snarky tone, etc.” I let her know it didn’t make her sound cool in front of her friends when she talks to me in a disrespectful manner . Took her with me to my 4pm kids yoga class. While waiting for the other kids to arrive, she drew a picture of a local yoga studio’s logo…thinking she should get paid to advertise for them. When we got home, she showed me what she wanted for her birthday…a new bed and redecorate her room…why can’t the kid just want a new shirt or something?!? New Bed for Her Birthday!


The Cat 7-13-17


The Cat 7-13-17

7-13-17 She had to get up at 6:30am to come with me to my yoga class I was teaching. I walked into her room and her and the cat were having a moment. Then she started working on her cursive, so he joined her. He loves her!

Wiped Out

Wiped Out after Yoga Classes 7-14-17

7-14-17 I had to teach 3 classes…7am, 9:15am and 12pm. She was wiped out after sitting through 3 classes…I’m lucky she’s a good kid! Then, she had her ice skating with Coach Meegan at 3:15pm.
7-15-17 Daddy took her to her morning ice skating lesson and I took her to her noon swimming lesson.
7-16-17 We went to a family team BBQ at one of the studios I teach at.
7-17-17 First day of morning Science camp. Her friend from school, Kaitlyn is enrolled in the camp also.
7-18-17 I decided we would walk to Subway for lunch before camp and locked us out of the house…daddy had to come home from work and let us in. Second day of camp; had to pull her out an hour early because she had to come with me to my yoga class I was teaching.


Neighbor Friend 7-19-17

Ice Skating

Ice Skating Practice 7-20-17

7-19-17 Third day of camp. After camp, we went to my kids yoga class I was teaching. Then our neighbor Kai Kai came over.
7-20-17 Ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan after science camp. She’s getting ready for her competition next week.
7-21-17 She had to come with me to the 7am class I was teaching, then stayed for the 9:15am. She’s a trooper…she get’s to play on the iPad, so I don’t think she minds too much. Last day of camp, then ice skating with Coach Meegan. She was tired by the end of the day.
7-22-17 She had swim lessons at noon, then she played outside with the neighborhood kids.
7-23-17 We went out for dinner at a nice Indian restaurant. She asked what the occasion was…I said because I flat ironed my hair and actually changed out of yoga clothes.


Lilly & The Neighbor Girls 7-24-17

Sun Drawing

Sun Drawing 7-24-17

7-24-17 First day of morning Art camp. The instructor is her friend, Lilly’s mom. Her mom is an art teacher at a local high school. When I picked her up, they asked if they could spend the night with each other. We decided to have Lilly stay at our house, so she came over around 1:30pm and stayed the entire day and played with a couple of neighbor girls. By the time daddy came home, they were getting tired and both wanting to do different things. I had to leave to teach a 7:30pm yoga class. I get a text 20 minutes after I left from daddy to come home. She had hit her friend with a fly swatter and her friend took off on her roller blades. Apparently, daddy became really angry when she wouldn’t put the fly swatter away and made her feel extremely bad, so she scratched her arm. Of course, I can’t just leave my class and come home, so I called her before my class started and found out it was an accident, she didn’t mean to hit her friend that hard. Daddy was overreacting. So, I had to remind daddy who the adult was and told him to bring them both inside to watch a movie until I came home. I spoke to her about not harming herself when she feels bad about herself. I’m trying not to freak out before my class. Hopefully, this is an isolated incident.

Rocket Painting

Rocket Painting 7-25-17

Vintage Camera

Vintage Camera 7-26-17


Lilly’s Playhouse 7-26-17


Jellyfish 7-27-17


Lightbulb 7-27-17


Owl 7-27-17

Flashlight Art

Flashlight Art 7-27-17

7-25-17 Second day of Art Camp in the morning, then she stayed and played with Lilly for an hour after. She brought home a Rocket painting.
7-26-17 Third day of Art Camp.  I picked her up and then her and Lilly wanted to spend the night, so Lilly came to our house for awhile to play, then dropped them off at Lilly’s house for a sleepover. They slept in Lilly’s playhouse in the backyard.

Art Camp

Art Camp 7-27-17

Art Camp

Art Camp 7-27-17

7-27-17 Picked her up at Lilly’s after art camp, then we came home to relax.  She brought home several pieces today. The owl was her favorite. She had an ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan to practice for her competition tomorrow. When I asked her to go to bed, she kept trying to get a few more minutes, I gave her 15 minutes, but when that was up, she tried for more, so I said no. Then, she started getting angry and saying she’s having fun until I make her do something and it’s her birthday tomorrow…blah, blah blah. I told her to pick up her play doh, so she kicked it, so I bagged it up and told her I’m not sure what I was going to do with it. I think she’s nervous for her competition tomorrow. She brushed her teeth, gave me a hug and went to bed.

9th Birthday

9th Birthday 7-28-17


2nd Place

Summer Sizzler 7-28-17


Neighborhood Party 7-28-17

Soda Shop

Soda Shop Maker 7-28-17

7-28-17 She turns 9 years old today and had a ice skating competition in the afternoon. She fell on one of her jumps, so she placed 2nd. When we got home, we invited the neighborhood kids over for a Pinata party. I gave her the soda shop maker that she wanted even though I’m against her drinking soda.

Bday Party

9th Birthday Party 7-29-17

Bday Party

9th Birthday Party 7-29-17

Bday Party

Bday Party 7-29-17

Bday Party

9th Birthday party

Tree Pose

Tree Pose 7-31-17

7-29-17 She had her morning Free Skate 6 lesson this morning, then had her 9th birthday party at the rink.
7-30-17 Day of relaxation.
7-31-17 I taught a morning yoga class, so she came with me to hang out at the studio.


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