August 1st thru August 31st – 2018


Her New Comforter 8-1-18


Playdate 8-1-18

8-1-18 Her new bedding set arrived from Justice today. I think Joi the Cat likes it more than she does! Ivory & Riley’s parents dropped them off in the morning because they had to work early and I took them to their camp at the gym. They wanted to come back over after camp for a playdate, so I picked them back up at camp and they came to our house.

Tummy Ache

Stomach Ache 8-2-18

8-2-18 About 20 minutes into her Hip Hop/Jazz class, she came out with stomach cramps. She tried to go back in, but 10 minutes later, she was back out, so we went home to relax. Her stomach still hurt all afternoon, so she skipped her ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan.
8-3-18 Spins class in the morning, then lesson with Coach Meegan. She participated in my yoga class for the ice skaters. Went by Macy’s to get daddy a birthday present and bought him a small chocolate cake. Dropped her off at Daddy’s work in the afternoon, so I could teach a yoga class.

Dad's Birthday

Daddy’s Birthday 8-4-18

8-4-18 Daddy’s birthday! Daddy took her to her morning ice skating lesson while I taught yoga in the morning and afternoon, then we went out for Indian food when I got home.
8-5-18 Her & I are staring our vegan and gluten free diet for 30 days tomorrow, so I gave her a vegan burger and she actually liked it! She spent the afternoon playing with the neighbors.

Yoga Studio

Hangin’ at the Yoga Studio 8-6-18

Vegan Chicken

Vegan Chicken 8-6-18

8-6-18 Woke up early because I had to teach a yoga class an hour away in traffic…glad she came with me so I could get in the carpool lanes. Started the crockpot with vegan chili. Stopped by a vegan cafe on the way home and she ordered the “chicken” and fries…looked like chicken, but…she thought it was good! Another winner! She thought the vegan chili for dinner was good too! She was upset the neighbor kids were eating donuts in front of her.
8-7-18 She had to go to the child care at the gym while I taught, which every week is the end of the world. She says she’s old enough to stay home by herself, but I’m not comfortable with that. She tried vegan bacon for lunch, but not a big fan. As we went through the grocery store, she was whining about all the things she couldn’t have, so I told her to stay positive and focus on health.
8-8-18 She sat at the studio playing on the iPad while I taught my yoga sculpt class, then we met the previous PTA Art Reflections chair at Starbucks, so she could hand off the information to me, since I’m taking over the position this year.

Tofu Fried Rice

Vegan Tofu Fried Rice 8-9-18

8-9-18 She sat through my Hot Hatha class, then went to her Hip Hop/Jazz class. She wasn’t a big fan of the Vegan Tofu and Cashew Fried Rice I made. Ice skating with Coach Meegan in the afternoon; started working on her Biellmann Spin. Meegan wants to start preparing her for regionals this Fall.

8-10-18 Ice skating with the rink director, Lisa in the morning since Coach Meegan was out of town, then she played with the neighborhood kids all day.
8-11-18 Daddy took her to her group ice skating lesson in the morning.
8-12-18 I ordered Skate America tickets for the upcoming November show. Daddy took her to the mall.
8-13-18 Off ice training in the morning. She sat at the yoga studio with the iPad while I took a Hot Power Yoga class. When we were in the lobby, our conversation went like this:
Me: The apple doesn’t fall from the tree.
Her: What does that mean?
Me: That you’re my apple and you’re a lot like me.
Her: That’s a nightmare I never want to have!
Have found a few vegan things she will eat, such as, vegan fish sticks.

Vegan Chili

Vegan Chili 8-14-18

8-14-18 After my yoga class, we tried a new vegan restaurant. She wasn’t a big fan of their chili.
8-16-18 Hip Hop/Jazz and ice skating today.
8-17-18 Spins class, then she participated in my yoga class I taught to the ice skaters.
8-18-18 Group ice skating lesson, then her friends, Ivory and Riley spent the day at our house, then they spent the night. Daddy set up the tent in the backyard, so they camped in our backyard.


Backyard Party 8-19-18

8-19-18 When I arrived home from my yoga classes in the morning around 11:30am, Ivory and Riley were still at our house. They were playing with some of the neighborhood kids in our backyard. They stayed until mid-afternoon. I was fine until they migrated inside when I was attempting to take a nap before my afternoon class.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga 8-20-18

8-20-18 Ice skating with Coach Arlene. Practicing her footwork. Played with Veronika in the afternoon; they decided to make something from her American Girl baking book…lots of giggles and messes. Took her to kid’s aerial yoga while I took a hot class. She’s been bugging me about getting a phone again.
8-21-18 She had to go the child care in the gym while I taught my class. She played with the neighborhood kids in the garage and about 15 minutes after trying to take a nap, she runs inside to tell my a guy was outside wanting to talk to me. Thank you pest control guy for soliciting at my door, I didn’t need that nap anyone!


Relentless Text 8-22-18


Relentless Text 8-22-18


Relentless Text 8-22-18


American Girl Baking 8-22-18

8-22-18 She was at a neighbor’s house playing and started texting me from her friend’s phone that they wanted to come inside our house to play. I told her, “no”. She continued to state her case as to why I should let them come in side and play downstairs while I went upstairs to my office. This went on for 20 minutes; she is relentless! They made their way upstairs to play. Later in the afternoon, her and Veronika found a banana bread recipe from her American Girl baking book and decided to make a mess in the kitchen to bake it. The bread turned out pretty good! Apparently, I was being mean when asking her to accomplish a few things today, such as putting the iPad down and reading and taking her dirty dishes into the kitchen. She asked why I was so mean. I told her because she doesn’t listen and I have to ask several times before she does something or she just ignores me. After my yoga class, we agreed that I would try to be nicer and she would attempt to listen better.


1st iPhone 8-23-18


Joi 8-23-18


Joi 8-23-18


Joi 8-23-18

8-23-18 I gave her the list of school supplies and told her to go find the items she already had before I started purchasing the supplies…you would have thought I asked her to do hard labor! Her GizmoPal2 stopped working, so we’re off to Verizon today to see what is wrong with it and I’m going to get her a phone for a back to school gift, even though I told her she had to land her Axel to get a phone. She’s working on it so hard today! Almost there! Maybe tomorrow. I think her and Joi like each other a lot!

phone accessories

iPhone Accessories 8-24-18

8-24-18 Ice skating with Coach Meegan. Still working on her Axel…she took a hard fall forward, cried a little, but said she didn’t want to get dramatic in front of Meegan. Took her to Claire’s to get accessories for her new iPhone. Went to Lilly’s birthday party in the afternoon.
8-25-18 Daddy to her on a weekend trip to some water slides. Woohoo…mom gets the weekend to herself and I was a little too excited to rent a Rug Doctor.
8-26-18 So much for maintaining our Vegan and Gluten free diet. Daddy is letting her eat whatever she wants.


Text from Kid 8-27-18

8-27-18 She started texting me in the morning asking me what she can do to earn 1,200 Robux. Told her to finish reading a book by Saturday. I can’t believe my 10-year old responded with “WTH!” They made it home around 6pm.
8-28-18 Day 1 of her 2-day Babysitting Safety Course. Her friends, Kaylin and Ivory took it with her. She’s not quite old enough to babysit, but thought it would give her good tips of when she’s ready to stay home by herself for periods of time.
8-29-18 Ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan. Just signed her up to compete at the NW Pacific Regional Figure Skating Championships for the first time in a non-qualifying event.

Babysitting Class

Babysitting Class 8-30-18

8-30-18 Last day of her Babysitting Safety Course late afternoon. Played with the neighborhood kids in the early afternoon.
8-31-18 Ice skating with Coach Meegan. So close to landing her Axel. I’m going to let her have her iPhone.


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