February 1st thru February 28th – 2019


KISS 2-1-19

2-1-19 Car Conversation – ME: I’m going to watch this band play in concert tomorrow as I sing along in the car.
HER: Am I adopted?


KISS Concert 2-2-19


Cleaning 2-2-19

2-2-19 I told her to clean the house and she actually listened. Daddy took her to Production class. Her friends, Ivory & Riley came over for a playdate while the moms went to the KISS concert.
2-3-19 Her and daddy went to the cousins in the morning. At bedtime, she starts having a meltdown because she forgot to some homework about a pretend Egyptian family tree. I told her to start working on it and she starts yelling at me that she didn’t have time to do. Daddy walked in and took over to help her because I was not in the mood to deal with her yelling at me.


Bob the Snowman 2-4-19

Snow Day

Snow Day 2-4-19

Snow Day

Snow Day 2-4-19

2-4-19 She had a fit last night and it’s a snow day anyway. No school due to snow and ice! Daddy took the day off because I don’t think he could have made it up his hill to work anyway. I went to the the yoga studio to teach my 6am class and quickly realized that no one would show up due to the icy roads; cars were jackknifing and spinning out. I made it to the studio, then came home and couldn’t make it into the garage due to ice. Had to put cat litter on the driveway to make it in. Her friends, Ivory & Riley came over since their parents had to go to work. They neighborhood kids played in the snow in the afternoon; they made Bob the Snowman and will give him a proper burial when he melts by burying his carrot nose.


Dress Design 2-5-19

2-5-19 Another no school snow day, so we drove 60 miles to get her dress designed and fitted for her new ice skating program. The freeways were clear, it’s the residential streets that are a mess. She will be performing to “The Race” by Yello, so her dress is a race car themed dress. She played with the neighbors when we got home and they made “Bob the Snowman”. They are going to give him a proper burial when he’s gone by burying his nose. We were invited to a talent agency to audition her for modeling and commercial work. After their marketing pitch, they sent us home with a brochure stating they wanted us to spend $3-5k in acting and modeling lessons…she wants to model, but this is a SCAM…not paying any $$$!!! Told her we were too busy with her ice skating anyway to add this on; she was mad because I wouldn’t call back and pay for the lessons.


Hanging at the Yoga Studio 2-6-19

Profile Pic

Profile 2-6-19

2-6-19 Two-hour late start for school, so she went with me to the yoga studio while I taught my class. Ballet after school. She really doesn’t like ballet, so I’m going to withdraw her from classes. Took a profile pic to submit for modeling, but I don’t think we are going to do it.
2-7-19 Tw0-hour late start for school again today. I called her in sick because I would have had to pull her out at noon anyway since she had her 1st Moves in the Field test for the Pre-Preliminary level in figure skating at 1pm. She passed! 7 more levels to Senior Ladies. Had her afternoon lesson with Coach Meegan, then Power class. Dropped her off and went to teach my 7:30pm yoga class. Stopped at the store on the way home and the bread and milk aisles were cleaned out! People are panicking due to the 2nd round of snow that’s supposed to start tomorrow. Pacific NW is not equipped to handle snow.
2-8-19 Snow started around 1pm. I left my yoga class and everyone was leaving worked, so it took twice as long to get home. She went sledding with the neighbor girls after school.

Snow Day

Another Snow Day 2-9-19

2-9-10 THE ENTIRE AREA IS CLOSED DUE TO SNOW! The kids are having fun in the snow, though.
2-10-19 Started snowing again in the afternoon! News is advising to not drive. We were watching CNN and she said, “Obama was president most of her life (she’s 10); I remember when he was president; I thought he would be president forever…” I wish he still was, honey!

Snow Day

More Snow Days 2-11-19

Snow Day

More Snow Days 2-11-19

2-11-19 And, school is canceled again! Glad she has neighborhood friends to hang out with during the Snowpocalypse! Our house is the hangout spot…the girls decided to make banana bread. School already sent out the robo call at 3:30pm; school is canceled AGAIN tomorrow!


Stir Crazy 2-12-19

2-12-19 No school! Everyone is starting to go stir crazy! The freeways and main roads are clear; it’s the residential streets that are a complete mess. We live in a flat neighborhood and since I grew up in the Midwest, the snow doesn’t make me panic. We made it to her ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene. When we were at the rink, the school messaged, no school tomorrow!

Snow Day

Snow Day AGAIN! 2-13-19

2-13-19 NO SCHOOL AGAIN! She went to my morning yoga class while I taught, then came home and the neighbor kids were waiting for us. I sent them upstairs to get some peace and quiet and could still hear them upstairs. Fed them and they decided to stay downstairs and play on the xBox…lucky me!!! Just glad they are good kids!

Plank on Ice

Plank on Ice 2-14-19

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2-14-19

2-14-19 Finally back to school on Valentine’s Day. She wore the LOVE sweatshirt I got her. Skating with Coach Meegan and Power class after school They did relay races and push ups on ice in her Power class.

Joi the Cat

She Loves Joi! 2-15-19

Figure Skating

Figure Skating Club Banquet 2-16-19


Big Eyes 2-18-19

2-15-19 She’s always holding Joi the cat…he’s almost as big as she is. Ice skating with Coach Meegan.
2-16-19 Daddy took her to Production class, then we went to the figure skating club awards banquet in the evening.
2-17-19 Daddy to her to the rink to practice.
2-18-19 Winter Break. She went to my noon class with me while I taught. Went to lunch after and she showed off her big eyes!
2-19-19 Ice skating with Coach Arlene. Last day of Winter Break…I had to teach a late yoga class. Her dad was mad because she told him at 8:15pm, she forgot she had homework to do. Apparently, he made her feel bad, took away all her electronics and she was still up at 10:30pm when I arrived home. I asked her why she didn’t get it done and she got more upset and set she wanted to kill herself…holy hell, she’s 10 years old! Then, I found out it, her homework wasn’t even due until Thursday, then I got mad at her dad for making her feel so bad. Told her not to worry about it and we would get it done the next day. She’s such a perfectionist and when she doesn’t get something right, she beats herself up!
2-20-19 Showed up at the rink before school for figure skating practice and the lady who is supposed to open the rink didn’t show up, so we went home and worked on her homework. Her dad apologized to her after school for getting so upset and she was back to her happy self.
2-21-19 Ice skating with Coach Meegan & Power class.
2-22-19 Ice skating with Coach Meegan.

Production Class

Production Performance 2-23-19

2-23-19 Production Team performed for the Learn to Skate kids.
2-24-19 Daddy took her ice skating.
2-25-19 Went to 5th grade camp info. night at the school in the evening. She wants me to be a chaperone because she doesn’t want to be away from me for 2 nights. I am NOT a camper!

Dancer Pose

Dancer Pose 2-26-19

2-26-19 Ice skating with Coach Arlene, then she went to a Warm Hatha class with me. She’s so flexible!
2-27-19 She asked me to help with her math homework. THE PROBLEM: “Jada and Lin are comparing inches and feet. Jada says the constant of proportionality is 12. Lin says it is 1/2. Do you agree with either one of them? Explain your reasoning.” Told her to wait until daddy comes home because I don’t have a clue what the constant of proportionality is! 🤔Googled it.
Let I denote inches and F denote feet.
It is given that
I =k F or F=m I
So, I/F=k or m=F/I
As  we know 1 feet = 12 inches constant  of proportionality i.e k=1/12
In case 2, constant of proportionality=12/1=12
Why can’t they just ask how many inches in a foot?!? I sent a text with the problem to daddy and he knew the answer right away…engineers!

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness Night 2-28-19

Tree Pose

Tree Pose 2-28-19

Cougar Costume

Max in a Cougar Costume 2-28-19

2-28-19 Attended Health & Fitness Night at her school. One of the studios I teach at had a booth. Her and the studio owner snapped a shot behind the booth and she showed off her yoga skills with her friend, Max. Max was dressed up in the school mascot’s Cougar disguise.


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