August 1st thru August 31st – 2019

Rink Evacuated 8-1-19

Yoga 8-2-19

8-1-19 Ice skating practice for an hour in the morning. Back at the rink for 2 hours for practice and coaching lesson with Meegan. Emergency lights started flashing in the rink. They made everyone exit…not sure what happened, but nothing serious. Practicing her split jump!
8-2-19 Taught yoga to the ice skaters in the morning. She had her lesson with Meegan, the we relaxed the rest of the day. Getting ready to go to National Showcase tomorrow to compete with her Production Team.

8-3-19 National Showcase

8-3-19 National Showcase

8-3-19 National Showcase

8-3-19 Traveled to Wenatchee to compete with her Production Team in the 2019 National Showcase. Her team placed 8th nationally in her competing mini-production group. Her production coach wanted liquid eyeliner and fake lashes. Went swimming with a couple of her team members at the hotel after the competition.

Daddy’s Birthday 8-4-19

My View at Slidewaters 8-4-19

8-4-19 Daddy’s birthday today. He spent it in the Target candy aisle. Lol. Went to SlideWaters in Lake Chelan for the day before heading home.
8-5-19 Had her ballet lesson, then she spent the night at Aunt Cindy’s so mom and dad could go to a Toby Keith concert.
8-6-19 Off ice jumps with Coach Arlene, then a private lesson before practicing for another 1.5 hours. Daddy took her tumbling class in the evening.

Neighbors 8-7-19

International Cat Day 8-8-19

8-7-19 The neighbor girls came over before her ice skating lesson and Joi decided to hang with them. Practiced for a couple of hours before her lesson with Coach Meegan.
8-8-19 It’s International Cat Day, so she put bunny ears on him for a photo op. Lesson with Coach Arlene in the morning and Coach Meegan in the afternoon.

Yoga 8-9-19

Quote of the Day 8-9-19

8-9-19 Taught yoga to the ice skaters in the morning…some of the skaters have no bones! She had a lesson with Coach Meegan. I sent her an “inspirational” quote…such a Bad Mom!
8-10-19 Daddy and her went to the sports center with the indoor zipline, video games and bowling.
8-11-19 We went to a Vinyasa class before attending “Great Conversations – A Heart to Heart Talk on Growing Up” at the Children’s Hospital. This was a talk covering topics, such as puberty and sex. She’s been asking how babies are made, so signed up for this because I didn’t how to present this to her! On the way home, he asked if daddy and I had done that and I said that’s how babies are made. Her response, “Dad did that?!? He’s a nerd!”

Shots 8-12-19

Shots 8-12-19

8-12-19 She had her 11-year checkup with Dr. George…she is healthy and right on track. Received 3 shots today: Tdap, Meningoccocal and HPV…as soon as we got home, Joi came to sit with her to make her feel better. Her ballet teacher was busy, so she didn’t have ballet, which worked out well since her left arm was in pain.
8-13-19 Daddy took her to SlideWaters for the day.

Crisis 8-14-19

8-14-19 She wanted to stay home while I taught my morning class. On the way home, I received a text message to “GET HOME RIGHT NOW! I slightly panicked until she sent the next message. Spider crisis at home! Lol. When I got home, she was sitting on the back of the couch keeping an eye on the spider. I flushed it down the toilet and all was good again. Went to public skate to practice in the morning. Afternoon practice and lesson with Coach Meegan.

Smiles 8-15-19

8-15-19 Told her to smile…need it to keep me awake today. My day started waking up at 4am to teach at 6am…hers is starting at an ice rink with Coach Arlene and continuing to another rink later to practice and lesson with Coach Meegan….my day will end teaching at 730pm. During her lesson with Coach Arlene, Coach Kim (spin specialist) gave her some advice on a spin. When she came up from the rink, she was telling me about it, so I asked if she would like a lesson with Kim once per week to work on her spins. So, we have added this lesson to her schedule.
8-16-19 Took a group spins class with Coach Kim, then I taught yoga to the ice skaters…last day of summer skating school, the she had her lesson with Coach Meegan.

Shopping 8-17-19

Arena Sports 8-18-19

Puzzles 8-18-19

8-17-19 Took her school clothes shopping in the afternoon. Apparently, you can’t wear Justice clothes in middle school or you will get made fun of and that’s almost ALL she has! The styles out are quite ugly…lots of unicorns. We found some shirts at a few stores and bought a couple of Justice leggings, but the logos are hidden.
8-18-19 Bought her puzzles…anything to keep her off her phone! Went to the Sports Center in the afternoon with the ropes and zipline, arcade games, bowling and climbing. Friends, Ivory and Riley met her there.
8-19-19 Practice ice for an hour before my noon yoga class. Ballet in the afternoon.
8-20-19 Took my car in for an oil change and it took 1.5 hours, so we walked to HairMasters to get her a haircut. The stylist combed through her hair and said she couldn’t cut her hair because she has lice! She started crying. She had been complaining of an itchy head 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I figured it was dandruff and told her to wash her hair good. Made an appointment at the lice removal place as soon as we were done with the oil change. I was watching the lady removing the lice from her hair…she has had it for at least a month. It was so gross! BAD MOM! Should have checked her head when she said it itched. Took 2.5 hours and $250 later it was all out! Checked my head and I have it too…her and I share brushes all the time! Didn’t have time to do mine, so I bought the do it home kit. Went home fumigated the house and spent 4 hours on my hair because I didn’t want to stop combing through to make sure they were all gone. My infestation wasn’t very bad, but so gross! We think she got it from gymnastics. Messaged friends Ivory and Riley to check and Ivory had it, not sure about Riley. They are always hugging and putting their heads on each other. Messaged the cousins because she spent the night a couple of weeks ago. Daddy picked her up and got checked…he didn’t have it. Said he was going to stay in a hotel…lol! He took her to gymnastics and I put lice repellant detangler spray in her hair and put it in a bun.

Ballet 8-21-19

Ballet 8-21-19

Club Ice 8-21-19

Club Ice 8-21-19

8-21-19 Ivory and Riley’s mom, Genn (my good friend) took them in the the lice removal place to check and both of them had it, Genn did not. Made up her ballet lesson she missed last Monday, then had an ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan, then practiced for 30 minutes. Headed home and picked her skating friend, Erica and went to another rink for Club Ice, social hour for members of her skating club.
8-22-19 Spins class with Coach Kim, an hour of practice, then lesson with Coach Arlene in the morning. Practice for an hour and lesson with Coach Meegan in the afternoon.

Hanging Out 8-23-19

Yoga 8-24-19

8-23-19 Ice skating with Coach Meegan and 30 minute practice. Daddy left in the morning for a crazy bike ride to Canada, so it was just Joi, her and I hanging out.
8-24-19 Daddy’s still on his bike ride, so she came to all of my yoga classes that I taught. She took my hot vinyasa class. The rest of the time she sat waiting not complaining…most likely because she had her phone the entire time. I made her get off her phone when we go home in the afternoon. Daddy made it home in the evening.

Public Skate 8-25-19

Middle School ID 8-26-19

8-25-19 Daddy took her to the sports center in the morning. Went to public skate with her skating friend, Haley in the afternoon.
8-26-19 Middle School Kickoff in the morning. She received her 6th Grade Student ID, P.E. clothes, planner, etc. She’s excited and nervous to start middle school next week. Ballet lesson in the afternoon.
8-27-19 She is an awesome kid, but I’m officially ready for school to start! Read the online schedule wrong and drove to the rink and it’s hockey instead of freestyle. Too far to drive back home so wasting 90 minutes doing nothing waiting for freestyle to start. Lesson with Arlene and only was able to practice for 30 minutes. Daddy took her to gymnastics in the evening.
8-28-19 Preparing for school to start next week. Got up at 5am to go tot he 6am skating session to practice…too early for this sh*t! Went back to the rink in the afternoon to practice, then had her lesson with Coach Meegan.
8-29-19 Had her lesson with Coach Arlene in the afternoon and 30 minutes of practice time. Headed to the yoga studio; she waited in the lobby playing on her phone while I taught.

Orientation 8-30-19

Pick Up Line 8-30-19

8-30-19 6th Grade Orientation 8am to noon. Everyone went to the cafeteria…I’m thinking this is going to be a long morning. Then, a whistle blew and the lady says, “All students go the gym; parents can leave!” Woohoo! I went to a yoga class! Picked her up at noon…back in the pick up line for another school year…ugh! Neighbor Veronika came over to play until we had to leave for my yoga class. She sat and waited while I taught in the afternoon, then we got her friend, Lilly a birthday gift for Lilly’s party tomorrow.

Lilly’s Bday Party 8-31-19

8-31-19 Daddy dropped her off at Lilly’s pool party in the morning. She was the one that broke the pinata. Went to her friends, Ivory & Riley’s in the afternoon for a playdate.

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