November 1st thru 30th

11-1-16 Today I said to her, “Sometimes I’m a little too hard on you like when I get mad when you spill things and I do the same thing”. Her response: “Isn’t there a parenting book for that or something?!?” We proceeded to her ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene. Her friend, Max gave her a piece of his Halloween candy at school today. She was tired from Halloween, so I tried to get her to go to bed early…I managed to get her to go 10 minutes early.
11-2-16 This morning she said she couldn’t wait to see Max at school today and she reciprocated by giving him a couple of pieces of her candy. Ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene again, then home to do her homework. She is doing multiplication in 3rd Grade. I don’t think I learned what she is doing until 7th Grade and I know I didn’t bring homework home until Junior High. She’s talking about equations, etc.
11-3-16 She participated in a pizza party with her teacher today. Student’s that donated $125 or more to their fundraiser received a party with their teachers. Max participated too.
11-4-16 They had a Harvest Party at school today; brought home more sugar and had cupcakes at school…right after Halloween! Went to her ice skating lesson right after school, then she stayed later to practice with 2 other girls for the Winter Solstice show coming up next month.
11-5-16 Daddy took her to her Free Skate 3 lesson while I went to yoga. He took her to watch the “Trolls” movie in the afternoon.
11-6-16 Made her choose 10 pieces of candy from what was left from Halloween candy and the rest is getting trashed. Daddy took her to Barnes and Nobles for some kids event they were having.
11-7-16 I’m currently eating the remaining candy today…BAD MOM!
11-9-16 Dropped her off at school and stayed glued to the media in disbelief until I picked her up from school and took her to ice skating. STILL IN SHOCK! She asked on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do I like Trump…I told her 1, but he won and will be the next President. After hearing kids being mean to each other, I told her if someone else likes Trump, she still needs to be nice to them. Fortunately, she said the election was not mentioned at her school today. She tried to comfort me saying, “It’s ok…4 years will go by fast!” Not fast enough!

Happy Girl

Happy Girl 11-10-16

11-10-16 Unbelievable what is going on in the country today. I am Asian and her dad is Caucasian, I experienced racism when I was a kid growing up in the Midwest. Since we’re in WA state, it’s better here, but I’m glad she looks like her dad! Day 1 in Trump’s America and Michigan middle school students chant ‘Build the wall’I’m glad she’s 8 years old and happy!
11-11-16 Veteran’s Day – No School! Daddy took the day off…I went to hot yoga again to try to recover from the election.

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice 11-12-16

Disney on ice

Disney on Ice 11-12-16

11-12-16 Daddy took her to her morning Free Skate 3 class while I went to yoga teacher training. He took her to Disney on Ice in the afternoon with friends, Ava & Luke and their dad.
11-13-16 Daddy took her swimming. I was in training all day.
11-14-16 Getting her breakfast ready, I discovered she had not completed her 5 page math homework packet. I was at training all weekend and apparently her dad didn’t check. She lost her TV & iPad for the day for not doing her homework and of course, she got upset and was saying she was the worst kid in the world. Ugh! She did get it done in the 30 minutes before we had to leave. After school, she said I should not have been mad because it wasn’t due until Tuesday. I told her she still lost TV because I told her to get her homework done over the weekend. She got mad again. She calmed down fairly quickly and I lectured her about counting to 10 before she blows up when she doesn’t get her way.
11-15-16 Picked her from school and she got sassy with me about something…can’t even remember what it was now, so she lost TV again. After getting in the car, she started yelling that she knew that I wanted to put her in an orphanage and that I never wanted her. So dramatic! I told her I was sorry she felt that way, but it wasn’t true. She was still saying to put her in an orphanage when we got home, so I looked for some online and asked her if she wanted to go there. That seemed to shut her up! She calmed down and we go ready for her ice skating lesson…when we got in the car, she told me I was lucky I didn’t ice skate 4 days per week because it was hard. Then she asked what I thought of Coach Meegan. I told her I liked her and asked what she thought of her. She said she liked her and didn’t want to offend her, but she was tough.

Volunteer 11-16-16

Volunteered at School 11-16-16

11-16-16 I volunteered at her school for 1/2 hour today. Her teacher had me grade Common Core math worksheets…wasn’t sure I was qualified…seriously!

You Tube

You Tube set to Strict 11-17-16

11-17-16 Set the controls on YouTube on the iPad to strict and this still shows up…nice! 2 months ago thought we would be moving to Michigan this summer to help take care of grandma, which was the catalyst for taking yoga teacher training. After the election, we are staying on the West Coast and she has requested that I teach kids, so she can be my assistant.
11-18-16 After school ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan, then she practice with 2 other girls for the performance they will be doing for the Winter Solstice show coming up. She forgot to bring her book she’s supposed to reading at school again today, so she lost TV & iPad time unless it was educational.
11-19-16 Daddy too her to her group ice skating lesson while I went to yoga, then she played with the neighbor girls in the garage most of the afternoon. She wanted to go skating again in the evening, so daddy took her to a public skate session. She practice her spins.

11-21-16 She told me reading was her favorite subject…when did that happen?!? At the beginning of the school year, her teacher sent home a questionnaire asking what she likes and needs to work on, etc. I said it was difficult to get her to read a book. Her teacher must be a miracle worker!
11-22-16 She said one of her classmates told her that her family is moving to Canada in January because of Trump. Had ice skating with Coach Arlene after school.
11-23-16 Early release from school today.


Happy Thanksgiving 11-24-16

Gizmo Pal 2

Gizmo Pal 2 11-25-16

11-24-16 We went out for Thanksgiving this year. Food was great and no cleanup!
11-25-16 The only store we went to today was Verizon Wireless to get her a Gizmo Pal 2. Now I can track where she’s at as long as she’s wearing it and can call her or she can call me. When she’s a teenager, I’ll just get her microchipped! Daddy took her to her ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan.


Cousins 11-26-16


Cousins 11-26-16

11-26-16 Uncle Dan’s dad passed away last week, so we went to his celebration of life in a brewery…she saw her cousins.
11-27-16 We went Christmas shopping at a mall. Picked out her holiday outfit and got Aunt Jenny’s and Bachan’s gifts. Then, I took her to her favorite sushi restaurant because that was her reward for helping me with yoga teacher training.
11-28-16 Back to school after the holiday weekend. Max wasn’t there today.
11-29-16 Coach Arlene hurt her back, so she didn’t have her lesson today. She went with me on an appt. Max is back!
11-30-16 No ice skating lesson again today. I asked how her day from school was and her response: “Boys can be a little annoying.”

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October 1st thru 31st, 2016


Day with the Cousins 10-1-16

10-1-16 Had to skip her group ice skating lesson this morning since I had yoga teacher training and daddy played gold with a friend. Dropped her off at her Aunt Cindy’s in the morning, then daddy picked her up after golf and the cousins came to our house to spend the night. My friend, Dianna met me at the yoga studio, then we proceeded to the Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon and Tesla concert. She was asleep by the time I got home.
10-2-16 The cousins were up early in the morning. I had to leave for yoga teacher training for the day. She cleaned her room when I got home, then daddy took her to the driving range to hit some golf balls until 7:30pm. I think the yoga training is making me a calmer person, which is leading to better parenting.
10-3-16 The neighbor kids wanted her to come outside to play, but she decided to stay inside. Guess she needed some down time.

Ice Skating

Before Ice Skating Lesson 10-4-16

10-4-16 Picture Day at school. I forgot until I was in the parking lot picking her up…hope they combed her hair.She is complaining of a stuffy nose and headache. Went to her ice skating lesson then home to relax.

Isle of the Lost

The Isle of the Lost 10-5-16

Head Light

Head Light for Reading in the Dark 10-5-16

10-5-16 Still has a stuffy nose, but feeling better.  Picked her up from school and on our way to her ice skating lesson, she asked if she could order more books from the Scholastic book order. I told her she had to finish reading the last books she ordered before I would buy her more. This caused her to start whining and complaining because she wouldn’t be able to finish the books before the order was due, etc. She continued to get mouthy, so I just told her, “no”! She calmed down and we proceeded to her ice skating lesson. She again asked if she finished the books could she order a new one (she really wants one about rocks). I don’t want to deny her books, so I told her she had to finish the one’s she had, then I would purchase the book even if it wasn’t through school; she asked if she had to finish both…told her I’d think about and finish one and we’d talk about the other. I’m reading “The Heart of Yoga” for yoga teacher training, so I challenged her to a race. If she finished her book first then I’ll purchase 2 new books for her and if I finish my book first, she has to make me dinner. On the way home, she decided to get her math homework out of her backpack and do it on the way home WITHOUT me asking her! She started asking me about algorithms, etc….she’s 8! I said to her, “I think the teacher training is making me a better parent, don’t you think?” Her response: “Eh….” After dinner, she started reading “The Isle of the Lost” and for the first time, we both sat on the couch reading instead of watching TV…it wasn’t even on for background noise. When I tried on my new head light for reading so I wouldn’t have to turn all the lights on, she said, “You look ridiculous!”
10-7-16 She said the entire 3rd class lost Popcorn Friday today because some of the students would not be quiet when they were supposed to be. We went to her ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan after school, then I dropped her off at daddy’s work so I could go to yoga teacher training. Friday’s are hot power followed by a kriya class.
10-8-16 Daddy took her to her morning group ice skating class while I went to teacher training. Then he took her for a late evening public ice skate; they didn’t get home until 10:30pm.
10-9-16 She is continuing reading her book…she wants to finish before I finish mine and she wants a new one!
10-10-16 After school, she said daddy’s engineering books and my yoga books seemed complicated. I was thinking…what 8 year old talks like this?!? When I got home, she proved that she is, in fact, 8 years old (see video)!

Continue reading

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September 1st thru 30th, 2016

9-1-16 We went to meet Grandma’s attorney to go over some financial stuff and she sat quietly in a corner for the entire meeting. The attorney at the end said how great she was…she had the iPad…hours of entertainment and I’m still ok with it during our trip to Grandma’s. At night, she closed the door to the bedroom and was singing along to some of her favorite songs. Sounded like screaming coming from the door. When she came out for a break, I asked her if she would like voice lessons (she needs them!) and she said “no” adamantly because it would be too embarrassing for her. The girl needs voice lessons!
9-2-16 Went to Grand Rapids to check it out.

Future College

Her Future College 9-3-16

Indoor Water park

Indoor Water park 9-4-16

New Sneakers

New Sneakers 9-4-16

9-3-16 Went to Ann Arbor so I could get a hot yoga class in and visit daddy’s college. This is most likely where she will go since they have a figure skating team at the college.
9-4-16 She called her Aunt Jenny to wish her a happy birthday. Finally took the iPad away today. Went to the indoor water park again. Dropped daddy and grandma off and we went shopping at the outlet malls. Took forever for her to pick out a pair a sneakers she liked and they had to have memory foam. Then, we went to Gymboree to get some new school clothes…she is very picky about what she wears.
9-5-16 Flew home from Grandma’s with no delays! She should be completely brain dead by the time we get home due to the amount of time she spent on the iPad this week. Continue reading

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August 1st thru 31st, 2016


New Canon Photo 8-1-16


BFF’s 8-1-16


BFF’s 8-1-16

8-1-16 She came with me to meet the photographer of one of my listings, then we came home and waited for Ivory and Riley to come over while their mom went to the airport. I tried out my new Canon and glad I made the purchase! When daddy came home, I left for a mom’s night out…we went to watch the movie, “Bad Moms” and it was hilarious!


Lunch Buddy 8-2-16

8-2-16 She came with me to another listing to meet the buyers to walkthrough and see if they wanted to purchase any personal items from my seller. Then, she wanted to go to her favorite teriyaki restaurant for lunch. She had ice skating with Coach Arlene and due to mom, she was 15 minutes late because I got the time mixed up.
8-3-16 She came with me to a client’s house again, then we had ice skating with Arlene again. We went shopping for Daddy’s birthday tomorrow. She chose to get him a coffee mug, chocolate and a card with a cat on it.

Daddy's Gifts

Daddy’s Birthday Gifts 8-4-16

8-4-16 Daddy took the day off work for his birthday and they went to a water slide park with friends, Vadim & Aidan, all day.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating with Coach Meegan 8-5-16

Ice Skating

Ice Skating with Coach Meegan 8-5-16

8-5-16 Ice skating with Coach Meegan in the morning, then we went to the gym so I could get a Zumba class in. Took her skates in for sharpening, proceeded to the grocery store because she wanted to get ingredients needed to make chocolate chip cookie sandwiches for daddy from her new baking book. A couple of the neighbor girls came over to help make cookies. I needed a quick nap, so as soon as I tried to nap in the living room around 3:30pm, then all the neighborhood kids decided to congregate in front of my house. Every 10 seconds…SLAM, SLAM, SLAM goes the garage door in the kitchen as my kid decides she needs to get something. I finally told her in or out and quit slamming the door and she STILL slammed it a few times because she “forgot”! I finally gave up at 5:30pm, then I hear…”Mommy, can the kids play in our backyard?” So, they come trampling through the kitchen to the back yard. 33 days until school starts!
8-6-16 Ice skating in the morning. Went out for a belated birthday dinner for daddy.

Curly Hair

American Girl Curlers 8-7-16

8-7-16 She came downstairs with curly hair this morning…apparently, she put the American Girl Doll curlers in her hair & slept in them…they work!
20160808_Skating168-8-16 She went to yoga with me and the instructor let her play on the iPad while I took class. Sushi for lunch. Took her to the ice rink so she could practice for the competition on Friday. We drive 20 miles to the rink and realized that her skates were at home. Went back home, picked up her skates and went back for a 30 minute practice. In the car, she asked a boarding school was. After I told her, she said that was sad and asked if I would ever send her to one. I said no at first, but then thought it might work in my favor if I told her if she didn’t clean her room, pick up her dirty socks and put her shoes away, I might!

Ice Skating 8-8-16

Ice Skating 8-8-16


Ice Skating 8-8-16

Ice Skating

Ice Skating 8-8-16

Joi & Carly

Beauty & The Lazy Beast 8-9-16

8-9-16 Dropped her off at a playdate at her classmate, Lily’s house in the morning. They went roller skating and played until 3:30pm. Came home to relax and I took a couple of pictures with my new Canon, then ice skating with Coach Arlene after. We got home home at at 6:30pm and by 7pm, the neighbor kids were knocking on the door wanting her to go out and play. I told her to tell them, she needed to stay in tonight. She’s been putting her hair up in the American Girl doll curlers every night and she has come down three times hysterically crying because one fell out. The last one at 10:55pm I had enough. Told her it was just hair! I put it back in and told her to go to bed! She just turned 8…oh the drama of her hair not looking good the next day. She said everyone would laugh at her…really?!? It’s been a long time since I cared if anyone laughed at me…I don’t get it!
8-10-16 She went to the drop in daycare while I went to yoga at noon. Ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene in the afternoon. In between, she got upset when I asked her to get dressed for skating because her nails were still wet and would get messed up. Really?!?


Traveling to Ice Competition 8-11-16


Swimming at the Hotel 8-11-16

8-11-16 She comes downstairs and announces she needs a black dress or skirt to go with her denim jacket. On our way across the state to an ice skating competition. Arrived to the hotel at approximately 5:30pm. Daddy took her swimming and I told them only 30 minutes because she’s not supposed to swim before an ice skating competition.

Morning Practice

Morning Practice 8-12-16

Morning Practice

Morning Practice 8-12-16

Getting ready

Getting Ready 8-12-16

Getting Ready

Getting Ready 8-12-16

Getting Serious

Getting Serious 8-12-16

1st Place

1st Place! 8-12-16

8-12-16 Up early to make it to her 8:45am practice ice at the rink. She fell more than I’ve ever seen during practice ice…I was very nervous about the competition in the afternoon. We went back to the hotel so mommy & daddy could take a nap and she relaxed and watched TV. I had her do a few plank on the forearms with me to get her stomach muscles warmed up. She does well under pressure and I gave her a pep talk to focus during her program. She placed 1st! I felt like Aly Raisman’s mom at the Olympics.
8-13-16 Daddy took her to her group ice skating lesson while I went to yoga. We went to a colleagues party in the afternoon.

Staying Cool

Staying Cool 8-14-16

8-14-16 She spent the day outside playing with neighbors in the water from the hose. Our water bill should be outrageous next month, but it kept them cool on a very hot day. I told her to come in at 6:30pm and she held it together until she got inside, then let us know she was upset that we made her come in early and was yelling that we hated her. I told her to go take a bath. By the time she was finished with her bath, she was back to her sweet self.
8-15-16 Took my car in for body repairs, then she had 1st day of art camp this week. Her friend from school, Kaylin is in the camp also. After camp, she played outside with the neighbor kids all afternoon.
8-16-16 Day 2 of art camp. Afternoon ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene.
8-17-16 Day 3 of art camp, then she camp to work with me in the afternoon. I told her she couldn’t have ice cream on the way home and she starts talking back and getting mad…is this an 8-year-old girl thing because lately her attitude when she doesn’t get what she wants is pretty crappy!

Chalk Pastel Pink Elephants

Chalk Pastel Pink Elephants 8-18-16

Jungle Watercolor

Jungle Watercolor 8-18-16

8-18-16 Final day of art camp. She brought home 4 art pieces from the week. One was an abstract elephant chalk pastel and another was a jungle watercolor. I had dental work when she was at camp, so I was in pain and had to go back to the dental office to get a prescription for pain killers. She played with a couple of neighborhood friends in the evening and at 8:30pm daddy told her it was time to go in. She became angry when she came inside, yelling that we didn’t like her and why were we faking it. Told her to go take a bath and after bath, she was happy again. I told her, she needs to stop talking back and yelling at us and warned her that she would start losing privileges if she doesn’t…my problem is I forget and don’t follow through or am just too tired to deal with it sometimes. I better start following through or I’ll be sorry when she’s 12!
8-19-16 Morning ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan, then she played outside most of the afternoon.


Yoga 8-20-16

8-20-16 Free Skate 3 class this morning, then we went to yoga. She played outside with the neighbors with the hose in the afternoon since it was so hot today.
8-21-16 Daddy took her indoor swimming since the weather was cold and cloudy.
8-22-16 Playdate with her friend from her old school, Isla at the trampoline park.

Nail Polish

Orange Nail Polish 8-23-16

8-23-16 Her orange nail polish managed to get all over our new white carpet. I yelled…she got upset, said I hated her and slammed her bedroom door, then about 30 minutes later, she said she loved me and was sorry. I try to remember it’s just stuff and not get pissed, but seriously, it was hard to get out!
8-24-16 I woke up officially sick, so we stayed in our pajamas and did nothing today.
8-26-16 Morning ice skating with Coach Meegan, then she wanted to stay inside until it was time to go to her friend, Lily’s birthday party.
8-27-16 Daddy took her to her Free Skate 3 lesson this morning while I taught a class. He bought her a skateboard today…waiting for a broken bone to happen!

Sound Asleep in Car

Sound Asleep & Done! 8-29-16

8-29-16 Flying to Grandma’s in Michigan. Due to thunderstorms, we circled above Chicago O’Hare for over an hour because the airport was currently closed…I just wanted a parachute!! Finally landed over 90 mins late, missed the connection to Flint, Mi. Rebooked to a Detroit, the flight was supposed to leave at 8:15pm, but they didn’t have a crew, so delayed to 9:15pm. Landed in Detroit, our bags are in Flint. Flint baggage department closes at 10:30pm. It’s after midnight by the time we rent a car. I’m very grumpy and I think the kid was done! We arrive at our destination 2 hours later.

Cradle (Bat) Yoga 8-30-16

Cradle (Bat) Yoga 8-30-16

8-30-16 4:20pm EST and the significant other just brought my bag! Haven’t showered and am totally grunged out. Online it says there is a hot yoga class 2o miles away, so I figure I’ll shower after class. I arrive at the studio, the instructor said she’s going do to another type of yoga, called cradle yoga and use some wacky cloth hanging from the ceiling during class. I felt as if I was a bat. It was not hot and she had smelly stuff and gongs at the end. I was hanging upside down from a cloth such as the lady in the picture! The kid has been playing on the iPad nonstop and I’m ok with this at this point!

Bird Shadow

Bird Shadow 8-31-16

Water Park

Indoor Water Park 8-31-16

8-31-16 Daddy wanted to take her to an indoor waterslide park, so Grandma & I went along to watch. On the way, she said, “Look mom, it’s a bird!” She made a shadow bird on her leg. They had a fitness room at the park, so I got to work out. The craziness is starting to settle down and Grandma seems happy she made it. She’s still nonstop on the iPad and I’m still ok with it!

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July 1st thru 31st, 2016


Cousins 7-1-16

Brownie Mess

Brownie Mess 7-1-16


Jamberry Nails 7-1-16

7-1-16 She went to the gym with me in the morning…not willingly…7-year old says she’s bored at their childcare. The cousins came over and she managed to get the chocolate milk upstairs without my knowledge. Then the neighbors came over and played for a few hours. At one point, they decided to play hide and go seek and were running from the garage through the kitchen to the backyard, then upstairs…I tried to ignore them. I attempted to make brownies and when I checked on them, they cam flying off the oven rack…confirmed that I should just stay out of the kitchen! The cousins left, then I had some friends over and one is a Jamberry consultant, so she did her nails and we decided to have a Jamberry party on her actual birthday later in the month.
7-2-16 She went biking with daddy while mommy worked.


Scratches from Garage Door 7-3-16


Scratches from Garage Door 7-3-16

7-3-16 She came along to my 2 hour open house withe me while daddy went on a long bike ride. Then we went by a flooring store to get samples so I can replace the kitchen and dining room. On the way home, I told her I wanted to go to Home Depot to look at some more, but when we got there daddy wasn’t there yet. I told her she would have to come with me and she got sassy and was complaining of not wanting to go. I open the hatch to my SUV and took the samples in side and left the hatch up. She stormed in behind me and closed the garage door (being a pill) on my open hatch. When I went back to the garage and realized the garage door was closed, I was pissed! I yelled at her for scratching up my car…she starts saying I don’t like her, etc. When I told her to get her shoes on to go, she did without any hassles, she knew I was going to lose it if she said one word about not going. When we got back home, daddy was there…dropped her off and went to yoga! When I got home, she was trying to act as if nothing happened and was being sweet and talking about 4th of July. She actually asked me if she could stay up late…the answer was, “NO”!

4th of July

4th of July 7-4-16

4th of July

4th of July 7-4-16

7-4-16 Went to our friends, Ivory & Riley’s house for 4th of July. I let her do sparklers with the other kids, but it always makes me nervous that a spark is going to set her close on fire.
7-5-16 Daddy took the day off work and I had to work, so he took her to her ice skating lesson. When I got home, she had a new make up set.
7-6-16 Her 8-year old friend from the neighborhood came over, then she had a dental appointment, then I had to work, so I dropped her off at her babysitter, Avalon’s house. She loves her, so was very excited to see her.
7-7-16 She’s been playing with a could of the neighborhood girls lately, one is 8 and the other 10. Sometimes, she’ll go to the 10-year old’s house when there is a group (including boys) playing outside, then she will say they are going inside, but can only have so many kids come in. Then, the next day, she’ll come over to ask if she can play. Not sure if some catty girl stuff is starting.

Fell Asleep

Fell Asleep in Car 7-8-16

7-8-16 Took my car in to get an estimate for the garage door incident. Over $1,000, but I have a $500 deductible. The girl was being weird again when she went to play with them, so she came home; she was tired anyway since daddy let her stay up until 11pm last night. She claims they are nice. Then, we had an ice skating lesson with Coach Meegan. On the way, she fell asleep in the car, so she must have been tired!
7-9-16 I had to work all day, so daddy took her to a carnival with rides and games. She was happy that she is finally over 42 inches so she was allowed on some big rides. When they got home, she wanted to go over to the neighbors. At 8:05pm, I went out to tell her to come in and she got sassy with me…in fact, she’s been getting sassy a lot lately. I get mad and give her warnings, etc. and she says ok, but the next day, she’ll do it again. Not sure if I’m going to have to start using Love & Logic.

Neighbor Friends

Neighborhood Friends 7-10-16

BFF's Birthday

BFF’s Birthday 7-10-16

7-10-16 She played with the neighborhood kids all day…about 6pm, she came in crying because they decided they wanted to play a different game, but she didn’t want to, so they left to go play the different game anyway. She said she was upset because she wanted to continue playing with them. I told her that sometimes she has to do what others want if she wants to continue playing. Today was her BFF, Ivory’s 8th birthday, so she drew her a note for her. We’re taking her out tomorrow.

58 Days

58 Days Til Sept 7th 7-11-16

7-11-16 I had to be at the car dealership at 9am for a recall repair and this is the morning where she can’t find her glasses. She keeps asking me where they are and I keep telling her to look for them in her room because she takes them off before she goes to sleep. She can’t find them, so I tell her to clean her room and organize it to find them. She starts whining and crying. I have to get out the door, so I find her old pair from 2 years ago and tell her to wear them. She complains that they don’t fit her anymore…they do, I just needed to adjust the ears. We’re waiting for my car and I’m trying to get answer work emails on my phone and she interrupts me every 10 seconds because she needs something. I’m starting to twitch! I take her with me show a home since my clients has 4 kids, so she said it was fine. Then, I took her to the gym with me and she complains about that. 58 days until Sept. 7th (1st day of school!)
7-12-16 Had kid yoga at the same time as my hot yoga class, so I took her and she complained about going, so I told her she could go or go to drop off daycare…she chose yoga. We went to my chiropractor appointment then ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene. My MacBook Pro wouldn’t boot; I finally got it working.

Teriyaki 7-13-16

Best Teriyaki Restaurant 7-13-16

7-13-16 My MacBook died again today; spent the morning trying to get it to boot. Finally made an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar. She went with me to a couple of flooring stores so I could pick out our new floors for the kitchen and dining room. She’s complaining that she wants to do something fun…I told her that she just needs to do life with me today. We tried a new teriyaki restaurant and it was hit with her…said they had the best chicken katsu ever!  Met daddy at our attorney’s office to get our wills finally signed.

Apple Appt 7-14-16

Waiting for My Apple Appointment 7-14-16

7-14-16 Dropped her off at her babysitter, Avalon’s in the morning while I showed some homes. Picked her up and went to my chiropractor, went by another flooring store and finally decided on a laminate wood floor. Went to my appointment at Apple just to be told that since I have an older model they are not allowed to open it up because they don’t have the parts to fix it anyway. He told me what was probably wrong and how to fix it. I decided it would be better to take it to Simply Mac and let them fix it.

Taking Selfies

Taking Selfies 7-15-16

7-15-16 Ice skating with Coach Meegan in the morning, then came home and waited for the flooring installer to measure our floors. Then, she went with me on a walkthrough for a rental client from Virginia that I found a rental home for. From there, we went to Simply Mac so they could diagnose my computer…it’s in one of the outdoor malls right next to See’s Candy, so she kept asking if we could get some chocolate…I gave in. Found out, not only is there an issue with the hard drive, but the fan, battery and disk drive have issues. Decided instead of repairing it, I bought a refurbished Macbook Pro and they were able to save my hard drive. Met her BFF’s for dinner. They decided they needed to take a few selfies.

New Shoes

New Shoes with Heels 7-16-16

7-16-16 Daddy left to do his 2 day bike ride (STP). We went to yoga, the headed home to relax. She decided to start cleaning house…mopping floors, cleaning the counters and tables. Then, she wanted to go to the mall to find a fancy dress for her birthday, so we went and she picked out some heels to go with her new dress…I almost didn’t let her get them, but I didn’t have the energy to argue with her.


Traffic Jam 7-17-16

Finish Line

STP Finish Line 7-17-16

7-17-16 We drove to Portland to pick up daddy after he participated in the STP bike ride with his friend, Chris…I’m thinking if you want to go to Portland, just drive! At one point, there was a traffic jam and we both had to pee, we were running to the bathroom when traffic finally started moving again. We made it about 20 minutes before he crossed the finish line. She was very excited! On the way back, we hit 2 slowdowns and 1 accident, so our 3 hour trip turned into 4.5 hours.
7-18-16 We slept in, then she had day 1 of art camp. Her friend from school, Kaylin is in the camp this week too, so very excited to see her. Daddy picked her up while I was working and she sent me a text that she lost her loose tooth finally. I told her to save it for the tooth fairly. At bedtime, she started interrogating daddy if the tooth fairy was real and if it was me that was leaving the money. He said he didn’t know, then when I went upstairs, she told me that she knew it was me. I asked her how she knew and she said she just did. I asked her if she still wanted the tooth fairy to bring her money and she said she didn’t care. That didn’t last long…she turns 8 on July 28th!

Kaylin Drawing

Drawing From Kaylin 7-19-16

7-19-16 Kaylin made her cute drawing at art camp, then she came with me to a clients house. When I was picking her up, I told one of Kaylin’s mom that she realized I was the tooth fairy. Kaylin’s mom said the tooth fairy was real in their house, so I played along and told her the tooth fairy was real and the last time she came to our house, she was busy, so she just gave me the money to give to her. She was excited that she was real. I felt as if I should just tell her I’m fibbing, but then she said she was going to send a letter to her!

Note to Tooth Fairy

Note to Tooth Fairy 7-20-16

7-20-16 Picked her up from art camp, then took her with me run some errands. When we got home, she wrote the letter to the tooth fairy with the hopes that she would write her back. Great! Now I need to play along and pretend to be the tooth fairy and send her a letter. I should just tell her it’s all fantasy!

My Babies

My Babies 7-21-16

7-21-16 I looked up at the top of the stairs in the morning and saw my 2 babies. My friend, Genn (Ivory & Riley’s mom) picked her up at art camp today because I had to work. Daddy picked her up on the way home.
7-22-16 Ice skating with Coach Meegan in the morning, then we went to Party City to get party decorations for her birthday on the 28th. It was raining, so we relaxed at home in the afternoon.
7-23-16 Daddy took her to her group Free Skate 3 class.


Sleepover 7-24-16


Sleepover 7-24-16

7-24-16 Daddy took her swimming, then when I got home from work, we went to her friends, Ivory & Riley, so she could spend the night. This was her 1st sleepover outside of family. She packed her bedding, 3 stuffed animals and a suitcase full of stuff and took her bike.
7-25-16 I had to work, so she went to the lake with Ivory & Riley to ride bikes. Half way around the lake, I received a phone call from my friend, Genn saying she had a headache and was crying. When I talked to her, she said she wanted to go home. I left my walkthrough go pick her an bring her back to work with me. I think she was just overwhelmed from spending the night, then going with them the next day. After my walkthrough, we went home to relax.

Fingernail Polish Bottle Art

Fingernail Polish Bottle Art 7-26-16

7-26-16 She finished her fingernail polish bottle project that she has been working on for 3 days and wanted me to take a picture of it. I took her to the gym with me and she had fun in the child care, for once, then we picked out her birthday cake. She questioned me about the tooth fairy again, so I told her she wasn’t real and it was me. I asked her if she was upset; she said she wasn’t and didn’t care. She asked why parents do it.


I Can Fly! 7-27-16

7-27-16 Went to ice her ice skating practice with Coach Arlene in the afternoon. Arlene put her on the harness that helps with jumps. She thinks it’s so fun! Daddy had an early hockey game and I needed a yoga class, so I dropped her off at the drop in child care, much to her opposition, so I could go to a class. When I picked her up, she said it was kind of fun and there was a game that she liked there. She is very excited for her 8th birthday tomorrow.


Jamberry Nail Party 7-28-16

Birthday Party

8th Birthday Party 7-28-16

American Girl

2nd American Girl 7-28-16

Sno Cone Machine

Sno Cone Machine 7-28-16

7-28-16 She turns 8 today! She went on a new home walkthru with me in the morning, then we stopped by the Dollar Store to get some balloons, the grocery store to get her pink princess cake and home to get ready for her Jamberry nail party. 7 girls came and they got Jamberry nails, cake and pizza. Her aunt got her another American Girl doll! We got her the sno cone machine she wanted.
7-29-16 Ice skating lesson in the morning with Coach Meegan, then she went on another walkthru with me in the afternoon.


Cupcakes 7-30-16

Ice Skating Friends

Ice Skating Friends 7-30-16

Ice Skating party

Ice Skating Party 7-30-16

7-30-16 Daddy took her to her group ice skating lesson, then she had her ice skating birthday party at the rink. 17 kids and a few adults showed up. We had cupcakes and pizza again and everyone had a great time! My friend Genn with her kids, Ivory & Riley were there, so we dropped the kids off with daddy after the party, so Genn & I could go to a hot yoga class.
7-31-16 I took her to yoga with me so she could attend the kids class, then we relaxed at home the rest of the day. She wanted to go outside at 7:45pm, so I let her go ride her bike while I sat in the garage. The 4-year old neighbor girl came by, then her mom came to tell her dinner was ready. It was past 8pm and she wanted to go back out after the neighbor finished dinner. Her dad told her to come in and she threw a mini-fit. It’s difficult to set limits when the 4-year old can stay up until 10pm and her mom let’s her run around the neighborhood unattended.

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June 1st thru 30th, 2016

6-1-16 Picked her up early from school so she could have a lesson with Coach Meegan. Her competition is tomorrow, so wanted to get one more lesson in. She got to see her friend, Simone.

Coach Meegan

Coach Meegan Before Her Performance 6-2-16


Putting on Lipstick 6-26-16

Ice Fest

Ice Fest 6-2-16

Ice Fest

Ice Fest 6-2-16

Ice Fest

Look at That Smile! 6-2-16

Ice Fest

Spinning 6-2-16

Ice Fest

Ta-Da! 6-2-16

6-2-16 Pulled her out of school at 1pm so she could relax before her ice skating competition. She had practice ice at 4:30pm and competed at 6:45pm. First time competing at the Free Skate 1 Level. She placed 3rd out of 5 in her group. 1st place was older and was obvious she would place 1st and 2nd place was slightly older and had speed. She skated great! Her dad & I were so happy she didn’t fall doing her spin. Very proud of her.

6-3-16 Picked her up from school. Headed to my manager’s home for a work party, then daddy picked her up after work. Continue reading

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May 1st thru 31st, 2016

View at Work

View While Working 5-1-16

5-1-16 Her and daddy worked in the garden while I was out working with a client; he also bought her a new makeup kit…7-year-old with makeup…told her it was just for play! My view while working at a client’s site was gorgeous today. When I got home, we went to our friends, Genn, Ivory & Riley for a couple of hours.

Donut Art

Donut Art 5-2-16

5-2-16 Donut day at after school art class. They made donut art and were given one real donut to eat when they were done. I booked airline tickets to the Midwest at the end of May to attend my high school reunion. Daddy can’t go, so it will just be her & I traveling. She’s very excited!
5-3-16 Picked her up at school and she was very excited that a new girl transferred into her class today. She said her friend, Alena said that the girl moved to their class because the other teacher was mean to her. The new girl is Chinese and doesn’t speak hardly any English, but understands a little. We proceeded to her ice skating lesson with Coach Arlene. Continue reading

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April 1st thru 30th, 2016

4-1-16 Her cousins babysitter, Carlee picked her up from school today since I had to work. Carlee walked to her school from our house and they walked home, stopped at the park and painted nails. I had her take Carlee to her Friday ice skating lesson in the afternoon since my afternoon appointment took longer than I thought it would. First time I’ve let a babysitter drive her farther than the 2 minute drive from school. Spring Break has started!

Sunny Day

Sunny Day at Park 4-2-16

Sunny Fro-Yo Day

Sunny Fro-Yo Day 4-3-16

4-2-16 Daddy dropped her off right before my open house was finished, so he could go bike riding. It was such a nice, sunny day, so we stopped at the park on the way home. I let her stay up until 11pm to watch the World Championships: Ladies Free Skate, so she could see her favorite skater, Gracie Gold.
4-3-16 Daddy took her out for burgers, then she ran some errands with me and it was such a nice, sunny day again, so we stopped for Fro-Yo. Random thoughts of a 7-year old….Her: “Mommy, can I talk to you?” Me: “Sure.” Her: I don’t like to play tag and some other games on the playground, which is odd (very serious contemplative look on her face).” Me: “You don’t have to like everything.” The conversation goes to she doesn’t think grown ups like to play pretend with kids. Then, Mom, I love you, I’d do anything for you!


Neighborhood Newsletter 4-4-17

4-4-16 1st day of Spring Break. Mom slept in until 10am then started doing my taxes. Mid-afternoon she started complaining of how bored she was, so I told her to start boxing up all her toys to give away if she couldn’t find something to do. I made it into our neighborhood newsletter for taking out the mailboxes last month. She said, “At least they didn’t say your name, so you don’t have to be embarrassed!”
4-5-16 Ice skating with Coach Arlene. Paid the bill for March…hope this kid knows how fortunate she is that her parents can pay for this!! Continue reading

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March 1st thru March 31st, 2016

3-1-16 She had a minor tantrum because I was too tired to take her to the school fundraiser at the roller rink tonight. I realized she reacts just like I used to when I was a kid, but mine didn’t start until I was in the 7th grade…she’s in 2nd!

Girl Scout Sign

Girl Scout “Cookeis” 3-2-16

3-2-16 Delivered Girl Scout cookies to Aunt Cindy’s, then came home and made a Girl Scout cookie sign for booth sales that start this weekend. She spelled cookies wrong, so she refuses to use the sign.
3-4-16 Popcorn day at school. Sent her with extra quarters because she likes to buy popcorn for her friends that forget to be bring their money. After school ice skating with Meegan.

Joi wants the money

Joi & Cookie Money 3-5-16

Cookie Booth Sale

1st Cookie Booth Sale 3-5-16

3-5-16 First day of Girl Scout cookie booth sales at Safeway. I had to teach a class, so daddy went with her. Her troop sold 140 boxes! Have to get the cookie money away from Joi!

Car wreck

3-7-16 Aftermath of Texting & Driving


Aftermath of Texting & Driving 3-7-16


Cactus Watercolor

Cactus Watercolor 3-7-16

3-7-16 Taking Carly to school…I’m foggy from a cold…my phone dings with a message, I start to read it and take out our neighborhood mailboxes. SHOULD NOT READ MESSAGES & DRIVE! She had her after school art class and brought home her watercolor painting. I was in a hurry to get to my clients, but she wants to finish her cactus watercolor painting, so I wait a few minutes for her too finish, telling her to hurry. We stopped to get gas, I think we’re on our way, then as soon as we’re driving down the road, she tells me she has to use the bathroom. I yell at her about how she should have went before we left school and we just passed our house, etc. I stopped back at the school since we were driving by and took her to the bathroom. She gets upset and says, “You would be happier without me!” Awesome…I’ve damaged my kid for life. I asked her why she thought that and she said because I’m always mad at her. I had to remind her that I would not be happier without her and told her mommy shouldn’t get so mad, etc. “Mother of the Year Award” again! We made it to my listing and they have a 4 year old daughter that she could play with. I think it’s time for a mom & daughter fun day since I’ve been working so much lately.
3-8-16 While I was waiting for her to get out of school, received a call that she placed 2nd in the dance choreography division at the State level in the Art Reflections program. She’s much more talented than her parents! Ice skating with Arlene after school, then she went with me to show a home to a friend.
3-10-16 Brownie meeting in the evening. Apparently she sang in front of the group by herself.
3-11-16 No school today. Daddy took off work, so he took her to her ice skating lesson with Arlene at 11:45am. Continue reading

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February 1st thru 29th, 2016

Veggie Face

Veggie Face 2-1-16


Strawberry Smoothie 2-1-16


Mural 2-1-16

Self Portrait

Self Portrait 2-1-16

Happy Mood

Happy Mood 2-1-16

2-1-16 No school today, so we went to work for awhile and then she finished what she needed to do to earn her snack and art badge for Brownies. For art, she painted a self portrait, a mood and a mural. For her snack badge, she needed to make a smoothie an a veggie face.
2-2-16 Ice skating after school with Arlene.
2-5-16 Ice skating with Meegan after school. She said she’s scared to skate in her exhibition at the next event.
2-6-16 Daddy took her to her group ice skating lesson in the morning, then to cousin Zarah’s birthday party since I’ve been working so much this week.
2-7-16 I worked most of the day, so she spent the day with daddy. I had to make sure all the Brownie’s were in eBudde today…not sure about the cookie mom thing…it’s a lot of work!
2-8-16 She had after school art class and will finish their project next in the next class. Continue reading

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